A BEAR WALKS INTO A BAR–Cover Reveal, Review and Giveaway!

bear--BannerTemplateHi there! Today I’m reviewing an erotic M/M poly romance between oodles of sexy shifters. A BEAR WALKS INTO A BAR sounds like a bad joke, but, whew! It’s seriously erotic. The dominance, the sexytimes, the unexpected tenderness… I loved.

Catch my review and enter to win your own copy below. But first, the COVER. Yum. Looks a bit like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, amiright?

A Bear Walks Into A BarAbout the book:

It takes one strong alpha with a tight grip to keep a mountain full of shifters under control. Sawyer Ballantine’s contending with an uppity wolf leader and a herd of shifter elk bound and determined to take over. He might be the lone bear on the mountain, but he’s not going to allow another four shifters to just move in, especially not when they whiff of power. They’ll either be his in all ways, or they’ll be gone.

Dillon, Jerry, Kevin, and Brad have no one but each other since their shifter groups kicked them out. The young bear, wolves, and fox make a merry ménage, pooling their meager shifter skills and serving beer. They’ve stumbled into more than they understand, caught in the dispute between the Urso of Ballantine Mountain and the elk. But winter’s setting in, and they don’t know how to keep Dillon safe for hibernation.

And then a bear walks into their bar.

A delicious teaser….

“Where exactly are you going? Would you at least tell me that?”

“A town nobody’s heard of about thirty-five miles from home.” If Sawyer needed to hide, he’d find a similar out of the way spot. Too bad this particular spot sat on the border between elk and predator. Just because they lived off vegetation didn’t mean his rivals weren’t a threat—an expert marksman had joined the herd a few years ago. He’d been tough and stringy, but ceased being a problem.

Conversation grew impossible when Sawyer fired up his bike. Mother Moon, but he loved the rumble of the big Harley between his thighs, the wind on his face, tempting his sensitive nose with a million different scents: moss, pines, rabbit, clover, chicken barbequing on a grill at a campsite downhill, all awaiting him once he reached his mountain.

Fluffy clouds overhead cast shadows over the scenery, and the crisp scent of snow drifted over the highest mountaintops. Colorado. No greater place existed on earth.

Occasionally he caught a whiff of human emotions: anger, fear, sorrow, lust. Especially lust.

Damn, he needed to get laid.

My Review:
This is an erotic M/M menage/poly shifter romance that is HEAVY on the sexy. It features regular interspecies sex and multi-partner scenes.

Dillon is a bear shifter who was banned from his sleuth for being gay. In the years since, he’s has collected two outcast wolves, alpha Jerry and his cousin beta Kevin, and Brad a sexypants fox shifter to become a happy family for each. They’ve scrounged and scraped to get the money to buy a bar on Ballantine Mountain in Colorado. Together these four work the bar and frolic in bed. And out of bed. And anywhere, pretty much. Especially Brad who–as a fox shifter–is totally promiscuous.

Sawyer Ballantine is an Urso bear–he should be leading his own sleuth of bears, if they hadn’t been massacred a decade previously. Now, Sawyer leads the many shifter packs on his mountain with a ruthless manner, subduing all by violent or sexual means. He keeps the alpha of the wolf pack, Rudy, as his second-in-command, recognizing that the elk shifters are encroaching and wolf politics could turn against him at any time. But first, Sawyer must deal with the four rogues taking up space on his mountain. With sexy results.

This is a COMPLETE erotic adventure of shifter politics and hierarchy. There is so much sex, of all M/M varieties–partners, triads, foursomes, orgies–some of (initially) dubious consent that I’m reminded of a category on a Book Review Blog called “Books you read one-handed.” A BEAR would most probably fall into this category. The book fairly steamed up the screen of my iPad.

Despite all the multi-partner and non-monogamous action on the page there is no abdication of emotion. The players involved are thoroughly invested in what’s happening, and reveling in true hedonistic fashion. Even where there are partnerships, the inclusion of others is welcomed, and understood. For one, a wolf-fox partnership, Sawyer attempts to inject a dose of reality. Foxes, in this world, have no concept of monogamy, but he counsels both parties to “play together” to foster intimacy even as partner-sharing will be expected.

As to the plot, Sawyer’s domination of the shifters on his mountain has become a stress and burden, one he’s willing to share with Dillon. Thing is, being with Dillon, and observing Dillon’s management of his merry band of sexy shifters, Sawyer begins to recognize that domination isn’t always necessary and that mutually beneficial partnerships might could be the best policy. It’s worth exploring, in any case, as a cougar threat looms on the horizon.  Also, this hardened Urso surely benefits from the TLC he gets from Dillon and his buddies. Furthermore, the traditional ban on interspecies loving seems antiquated in this new progressive management strategy; it’s removal is fully applauded by those randy foxes!

Expect roughly 65% of the book to be sexytimes. And the rest is a rather simple plot that’s engaging and interesting. I’d re-read this in a hot second.

Interested? You can find A BEAR WALKS INTO A BAR on Goodreads, and pre-order it in advance of the Jan 16th release on Amazon and AllRomance.


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About the Author:
You will know Eden Winters by her distinctive white plumage and exuberant cry of “Hey, y’all!” in a Southern US drawl so thick it renders even the simplest of words unrecognizable. Watch out, she hugs!

Driven by insatiable curiosity, she possibly holds the world’s record for curriculum changes to the point that she’s never quite earned a degree but is a force to be reckoned with at Trivial Pursuit.

She’s trudged down hallways with police detectives, learned to disarm knife-wielding bad guys, and witnessed the correct way to blow doors off buildings. Her e-mail contains various snippets of forensic wisdom, such as “What would a dead body left in a Mexican drug tunnel look like after six months?” In the process of her adventures she has written fourteen m/m romance novels, has won several Rainbow Awards, was a Lambda Awards Finalist, and lives in terror of authorities showing up at her door to question her Internet searches.

When not putting characters in dangerous situations she’s a mild-mannered business executive, mother, grandmother, vegetarian, and PFLAG activist.

Her natural habitats are airports, coffee shops, and on the backs of motorcycles.

Where to find Eden online:  Facebook and twitter.


Reaching the BREAKING UP POINT–A Review

Hi there! Today I’m sharing my review for BREAKING UP POINT, a contemporary M/M romance out today from Brian McNamara. I reviewed the previous book in the series, BOTTLED UP SECRET, and liked it, so I jumped into the sequel when it came on offer.

Breaking Up PointAbout the book:
Brendan Madden is starting his freshman year of college and, although excited, he is sad to say good-bye to his high school boyfriend, Mark. After a rough transition, Brendan carves out a place for himself at school, where he has new friends and newfound independence. With the added strain of distance, however, he now finds it hard to maintain his relationship with Mark, especially due to the fact that Mark still must hide the relationship from most of his friends.

Brendan’s college life allows him to be open and honest about who he is. He debates whether he is willing to compromise this for Mark, especially since staying in the relationship means forgoing the possibility of finding new romance at college.

My Review:
This book is the sequel to BOTTLED UP SECRET, and better enjoyed if the books are read in order.

To sum up from the previous book:  Brendan came out to his mother, one of his five sisters and his cadre of friends seven months ago. He has a closeted boyfriend, Mark, who is a senior in high school–though Brendan is just entering his freshman year at the Ohio State University. Mark and Brendan had shared some intimate experiences in the previous book, and Brendan is not eager to move things farther as he’s rather set on saving his virginity for marriage, but he’s not happy keeping the secret of Mark from their mutual friends, or in general.

As Mark begins his new life away from home he is open about his sexuality–to everyone, with positive results. He joins a musical theater group and slowly makes friends. At times I felt the prose dragged. For teens, this may seem like a roadmap regarding the initial college experience, but it was too telling, with little advancement. I struggled to emotionally connect with Brendan until the second half of the book.

Brendan does come out the rest of his family in this book–with mixed results. Three of his sisters are cool with it, two are NOT cool, bordering on homophobic, and his mom is on the fence. She still thinks his “situation” is a phase. I really began to engage with the book when all this started happening. Brendan’s interactions with Mark show advancement in terms of physicality, but not emotion. They are separated by distance, and different objectives. Brendan gets the (accurate) sense that Mark will never “come out” and he fully acknowledges that Mark had only dated girls before him.

As Brendan flails in his relationships, his new friendships thrive. In particular, Andres–a project partner from his business class–becomes a close confidante. It turns out that Andres provides very good counsel, and helps Brendan through the rocky issues with both Mark and his family. I liked Andres quite a bit. He’s a little older, and more mature than Brendan, but very compassionate and fun.

There are two sexy scenes in the book that are a little more graphic than fade-to-black, but they are not hot-and-heavy. Mark is exploring himself, and his boundaries. He talks a bit about the physical features of guys he likes (most specifically penis features), but this seemed in keeping with the character’s age and did not feel inappropriate for the audience. (Straight teen guys get graphic about the female body features they enjoy after all…)

I think I did enjoy this book more that the first, but it ends on a more bittersweet note. It explores the morass of coming out, and dealing with disapproving friends or family. It felt very honest, if a little naive. Brendan certainly owns his feelings regarding his family’s response to his news–and this was very engaging. The writing, at times, seems a little clunky, with stilted dialogue and too much description of stuff that was not central to the plot. That said, I do like Brendan, and I am intrigued about his future.

Interested? You can find BREAKING UP POINT on Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  I received a review copy via NetGalley.

McNamara, BrianAbout the Author:

The youngest of six kids (and the only boy!), Brian McNamara was born and raised in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. His favorite hobbies growing up were tennis and musical theater. He obtained a degree in finance in 2009 and moved to New York City shortly after to work for a management consulting firm. While pursuing his true passions of writing and acting on the side, he decided to quit his corporate job to focus all his energy on what he loved.

Brian can be contacted at BrianMcNamara.

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The World Between INK AND SHADOWS–A Review

Hi there! Today I’m featuring a new urban fantasy–which I’m sure will become a series–from Rhys Ford. INK AND SHADOWS is my first book from Rhys Ford, and I’m glad to saw it was a stellar read. This is a M/M book, but there is little romance and no sex. It really only has gay characters, some of whom want relationships and others who do not…but the STORY is about the Veil and what lies in wait behind it.

Ink and Shadows (Ink and Shadows, #1)About the book:

Kismet Andreas lives in fear of the shadows.

For the young tattoo artist, the shadows hold more than darkness. He is certain of his insanity because the dark holds creatures and crawling things only he can see—monsters who hunt out the weak to eat their minds and souls, leaving behind only empty husks and despair.

And if there’s one thing Kismet fears more than being hunted—it’s the madness left in its wake.

The shadowy Veil is Mal’s home. As Pestilence, he is the youngest—and most inexperienced—of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, immortal manifestations resurrected to serve—and cull—mankind. Invisible to all but the dead and insane, the Four exist between the Veil and the mortal world, bound to their nearly eternal fate. Feared by other immortals, the Horsemen live in near solitude but Mal longs to know more than Death, War and Famine.

Mal longs to be… more human. To interact with someone other than lunatics or the deceased.

When Kismet rescues Mal from a shadowy attack, Pestilence is suddenly thrust into a vicious war—where mankind is the prize, and the only one who has faith in Mal is the human the other Horsemen believe is destined to die.

My Review:

The Four Horsemen, Death, War, Pestilence and Famine are immortals who live on earth, hidden behind the Veil which shrouds the Fae, Darkfae and other immortals, like the Vitues: Faith Charity, Peace and Hope (among others like Gluttony, Lust and Luck…) from the sight of mortals. Except crazies and seers can sometimes see them. Kismet is likely crazy, but he’s had the “gift” of sight since childhood. He is terrorized by his constant observations of wraiths and ghosts, including that of his younger brother who was inadvertently poisoned by their addict mother. Kismet is crippled by his visions, and self-medicates with heroin to keep the wraiths from attacking his mind.

Kismet sits at the center of an intricate plot to remove some immortals from their Calling. See, if people need help crossing planes, Death can be summoned. If someone is in need of Hope, she must appear–and this is a tiring existence for an immortal. Some want to settle down, have a “normal” life, perhaps even fall in love, and Kismet’s ability to see through the Veil may hint at deeper abilities. Spiking his heroin dose with an agent of magical origin kicks off the action.

Pestilence, known as Mal to his Horsemen, is lonely. He wants a partner outside of his group, and he’s too inexperienced as a Horseman to properly wield the Veil. War (Ari) yearns for more than kinship with Death, the eldest and most powerful of the Horseman. Ari is indefatigable in his pursuit, and Death welcomes his closeness, but keeps it platonic, fearing the loss of his soul if he should lose Ari, his best friend and confidante, for any reason.

Ari and Mal encounter Kismet while on patrol, and he’s in serious trouble–a powerful wraith has been summoned and is nearly finished killing him…except, Kismet survives the attack in the same fashion that an immortal might. It freaks both Mal and Ari out, and Mal insists on bringing him to Death for advice. Pretty much things get bad right after that.

As I mentioned, this isn’t a romance, though the background is set for advancement of romance in a later book. Also, this book fully resolves, while still leaving plot arcs available for a sequel, or series. Through it all we have good guys acting badly, “bad” guys behaving with honor, new friendships (Kismet and Mal) and deepening ties (Ari and Death). I really enjoyed the back-and-forth banter between the Horsemen, and also how committed they are to holding each other up. This book is almost exclusively told from behind the Veil, with the immortals carrying most of the POV. I did have some issue with the rapid POV shifts–this is a particular peeve of mine. I like to stay in one character’s head for a scene, but the POV jumped constantly. It was less jarring than other books I’ve read, but still detracted from my enjoyment.

On the plus side, the prose is stellar, really wrapping the reader in this world within a world. The emotional landscape is rich and I had a great experience feeling Death’s pain, Ari’s deep love, Mal’s isolation and Kismet’s fear. The action is fast and fierce, with copious attacks, rescues and near-death experiences for far too many immortals. Looking forward to the next installment! (Fingers crossed for a some love scenes!!!!)

Interested? You can find INK AND SHADOWS on Goodreads, DSP Publications, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. I received a review copy of this book via NetGalley.

About the Author:

Rhys Ford was born and raised in Hawai’i then wandered off to see the world. After chewing through a pile of books, a lot of odd food, and a stray boyfriend or two, Rhys eventually landed in San Diego, which is a very nice place but seriously needs more rain.

Rhys admits to sharing the house with three cats of varying degrees of black fur and a ginger cairn terrorist. Rhys is also enslaved to the upkeep a 1979 Pontiac Firebird, a Toshiba laptop, and an overworked red coffee maker.

Find Rhys online here:  website, Goodreads, twitter, and Facebook.

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Happy Book Birthday to LESSONS FOR IDLE TONGUES–A Review

Hi there! Today I’m sharing my review for a book just out! Hot from the ebook press is LESSONS FOR IDLE TONGUES, Charlie Cochrane’s 11th book in the Cambridge Fellows Mysteries series. It is historical fiction set in 1910 England and features a pair of amateur sleuths Profs Jonty Stewart and Orlando Coppersmith. I read and enjoyed LESSONS FOR SUSPICIOUS MINDS and jumped at the chance to read the next installment.

Lessons for Idle Tongues (Cambridge Fellows, #11)About the book:
Cambridge, 1910

Amateur detectives Jonty Stewart and Orlando Coppersmith seem to have nothing more taxing on their plate than locating a missing wooden cat and solving the dilemma of seating thirteen for dinner. But one of the guests brings a conundrum: a young woman has been found dead, and her boyfriend is convinced she was murdered. The trouble is, nobody else agrees.

Investigation reveals that several young people in the local area have died in strange circumstances, and rumours abound of poisonings at the hands of Lord Toothill, a local mysterious recluse. Toothill’s angry, gun-toting gamekeeper isn’t doing anything to quell suspicions, either.

But even with a gun to his head, Jonty can tell there’s more going on in this surprisingly treacherous village than meets the eye. And even Orlando’s vaunted logic is stymied by the baffling inconsistencies they uncover. Together, the Cambridge Fellows must pick their way through gossip and misdirection to discover the truth.

My Review:
This book is the 11th in a series of historical mysteries solved by amateur sleuths, Dr. Jonty Stewart and Dr. Orlando Coppersmith. While they all have recurring characters, each can be read as a standalone.

Jonty and Orlando are lovers, on the down-low because there are no openly gay men in 1910 London. They are professors at Cambridge and have excellent relations with Jonty’s parents–who know and accept their relationship. Often Jonty’s parents get involved in the solving of the mysteries, either by societal connections or interviewing witnesses/suspects. They have a minimal,role in this book, which centers on the mysterious death of a young woman.

Jonty and Orlando are asked by an acquaintance to investigate his friend’s love’s suspicious death. Lucy was meant to meet Mr. Joyce, for a clandestine stroll, as her family did not accept him as a suitor, but instead, she was found dead of a presumed brain hemorrhage. And, Mr. Joyce was made unwelcome at her funeral. He has other secrets, however, which include the suspicious circumstances of Lucy’s brother’s death–who was Joyce’s close acquaintance in school.

The more that Jonty and Orlando scratch at this issue, the more connections seem to be drawn to other mysterious deaths in the locale, with serious gossip being bandied regarding Lucy’s neighbor, the reclusive Lord Toothill. The level of scurrilous gossip seems to stymie the investigation, until they begin to realize, it is the gossip which is the biggest part of the case. As with previous cases, the answer always lay close to home.

I do enjoy these cozy-type mysteries. They are always well-written and have interesting insight, plus I adore the realistic historical settings and details. I wish there was a bit more loving on the page, but I am satisfied that Jonty and Orlando are loving, supportive partners who do the best they can within their societal constraint.

Interested? You can find LESSONS FOR IDLE TONGUES on Goodreads, Amazon, Riptide Books, AllRomance and Barnes & Noble. I received a review copy of this book via NetGalley.

About the Author:
As Charlie Cochrane couldn’t be trusted to do any of her jobs of choice – like managing a rugby team – she writes. Her favourite genre is gay fiction, predominantly historical romances/mysteries, but she’s making an increasing number of forays into the modern day. She’s even been known to write about gay werewolves – albeit highly respectable ones.

Her Cambridge Fellows series of Edwardian romantic mysteries were instrumental in seeing her named Speak Its Name Author of the Year 2009. She’s a member of both the Romantic Novelists’ Association and International Thriller Writers Inc.

Happily married, with a house full of daughters, Charlie tries to juggle writing with the rest of a busy life. She loves reading, theatre, good food and watching sport. Her ideal day would be a morning walking along a beach, an afternoon spent watching rugby and a church service in the evening.

You can catch up with Charlie on her website, Goodreads and twitter.

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Hi there! Today I’m sharing my review for Karen Stivali’s MOMENT OF TRUTH. This contemporary New Adult M/M romance is the second of a three-part novella series following the developing relationship between Collin and Tanner. If you remember my review for the first book, MOMENT OF IMPACT, you know there are sexy times, ahead. (Adult read!)

Moment of Truth (Moments In Time #2)About the book:
Collin expected to spend another summer fixing cars and working at the college pizzeria. Instead, he’s living in a beach house on Fire Island, waiting tables at a hip seaside restaurant and, for the first time since he and Tanner got together, they can publicly be known as boyfriends.

Being “out” takes some getting used to, but with the help of new and old friends, Collin is happier than he ever imagined. And more in love. But newfound freedom brings unexpected challenges, and when friends get flirty, old insecurities arise.

Moments of doubt and jealousy threaten their happiness, and Collin and Tanner must confront the truth or risk losing it all.

My Review:
This is the 2nd part of a novella series. It’s best to read them in order.
4.5 stars for this contemporary M/M romance

Collin and Tanner are two college roommates who recently began a gay relationship. They had been friends long before becoming lovers, but Collin was closeted and Tanner is bisexual. Collin came out to his mother, a devout Catholic, who disowned him. He is now staying in a house with Tanner and several others on Fire Island to work and earn money for his college as all funds have been cut off.

Collin has never been out. Being on Fire Island, which is very gay-friendly, is a startling experience for him. He has a lot of fear regarding encountering homophobia, and spends his summer taking baby-steps with Tanner. Tanner has collected quite a harem of women who fawn all over him, one who continually pops over to their rental house to mooch a meal with the object of her obsession. It frustrates Collin, as he fears Tanner may swing back to the ladies–leaving Collin isolated and alone. Plus, Collin’s crazy for Tanner:

He kissed me, soft at first, then deeper. I forgot there was anyone else in the world, let alone on the same beach.

Thing is, all of this is so new for Collin. He’s never had a relationship, and he’s now with Tanner but they are both being hit on by women. Plus, Collin’s having problems with a housemate who has serious boundary issues–and he’s dealing with more fall out from his family’s ostracism. He makes a friend at his job, Jason, who has also been cut off. The summer winds on with some serious housemate issues, but Collin only has eyes for Tanner, and who is chasing him.

I think we all know his goes pear-shaped. For a bit, anyhow. As in the first book, the name is prescient. There is a moment of truth, and this time it happens on a beach at sunrise.

“Do you realize that tonight’s the first time you’ve said that to me since the night of the accident?”
“Said what?”
“I love you.”
Wait. No. That’s not possible. Is it? I struggled to remember another time. Tanner had said it to me a bunch. Have I really not said it back? Ever? My heart sank into my stomach. I hadn’t. I’d thought it eight million times a day, but I hadn’t said it out loud.
“I’m sorry.” My voice cracked. “I’ve loved you every fucking second since then. I didn’t know I wasn’t saying it. I didn’t realize.”
“How can you not realize something like that?”

Collin tells this tale, and we have a close-up look at his self-consciousness and trust issues. He’s a good guy who acts too impulsively at times. I wasn’t happy with his inability to discuss his feelings. I want to kiss Tanner for being the WAY bigger man, here. Though, reading the blurb for book three, I’m not sure if I should touch up my lipgloss just yet.

I’m gonna call this a HFN, with realistic angst and thrilling smexytimes. Collin is definitely more secure in his sexuality on Fire Island, but both he and Tanner acknowledge the very real possibility that returning to college in the fall will also mean returning to the closet.

Interested? You can find MOMENT OF TRUTH on Goodreads, Dreamspinner Press, Amazon, AllRomance and Barnes & Noble.

Moment of Impact (Moments In Time, #1)MOMENT OF IMPACT, the first book in the series, is a fast-paced Gay-For-You romance that really hits all the feels in a short format. (Check out my review!) It is currently on sale for $.99 through 3/7/15. Time to snap it up cheap…

Amazon, Dreamspinner Press, AllRomance and Barnes & Noble.

Karen stivaliAbout the author:
Karen Stivali is a prolific writer, compulsive baker and chocoholic with a penchant for books, movies, and fictional British men. She’s also the multiple award-winning author of contemporary and erotic romances. Her lifelong fascination with people has led her to careers ranging from hand-drawn animator, to party planner, to marriage and family counselor, but writing has always been her passion. Karen enjoys nothing more than following her characters on their journey toward love. Whether the couples are m/f or m/m, it’s guaranteed that Karen’s novels are filled with food, friendship, love, and smoking hot sex–all the best things in life.

When Karen isn’t writing (and often when she is), she can be found on Twitter attempting witty banter and detailing the antics of her fruit-loving cat, BadKitteh. She loves to hear from readers (and other writers), so don’t hesitate to contact/follow/like her at twitter, Facebook, her website, Pinterest, and Goodreads. You can also email her here.

They Breached The MOMENT OF IMPACT–Review and Giveaway


Hi there! Today I’m sharing a review for first-time M/M author Karen Stivali. I just loved MOMENT OF IMPACT, and it’s a steamy read–for adults.

MomentofImpactCover-KarenStivaliAbout the Book:
Outside Collin Fitzpatrick’s dorm room is a dangerous place. Beyond his door the students of his small, conservative college think he’s straight, as does his Catholic family who’d disown him if they learned the truth. Inside, he’s safe with his incredibly sexy roommate Tanner D’Amico. Their room makes a perfect place to hide away and fall in love.

The moment they cross the line from roommates to lovers, Collin becomes caught between their heavenly passionate encounters and the hellish reality that someone might find out and destroy everything. Tanner’s not used to being so confined, and wants to show the world how much he loves Collin. But Collin’s not sure he’s ready for the impact stepping outside will make.

Collin is a closeted gay man who has a secret crush on his roommate, Tanner. They are both juniors in college and have been friends for two years. Collin feels really awful about his sexual attraction, not only because he doesn’t believe Tanner would welcome his interest; Collin was raised by his uber-conservative, uber-Catholic mother to believe all sex (even self-love) was bad, unless it was sanctioned by marriage. And homosexual marriage does not qualify.

Tanner has a regular Monday night hook-up with a female friend, Wendy, and Collin usually pretends he’s asleep so he can hear Tanner have sex. One Monday night Tanner comes home alone and Collin watches him pleasure himself–with unexpected–but wonderful–results. Turns out Tanner is bisexual, and has a crush on Collin.

This confession opens a new, scary chapter in Collin’s life–one where he has all the best of love…which he must hide from everyone around him. Tanner isn’t out at school, but he’s open to the possibility. Colin knows what will happen if he comes out–his mother will disown him. As Collin and Tanner become closer, however, it becomes more and more difficult to keep their secret–and doing so may just cost Collin the man he truly loves.

This book is equal parts hot man lovin’ and delicious feels. The pace is brisk, and the sex is copious. And scorching. Collin is a complete novice, and enthralled by Tanner’s openness and experience. They are a good match for each other, and conscientious of each other. Their main conflict, remaining closeted, is a big hurdle which is well managed.

I truly enjoyed, and had my heart engaged from page one.

Interested? You can find MOMENT OF IMPACT on Goodreads, Dreamspinner Press, Barnes & Noble, Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon AU.



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Karen stivaliAbout the author:
Karen Stivali is a prolific writer, compulsive baker and chocoholic with a penchant for books, movies, and fictional British men. She’s also the multiple award-winning author of contemporary and erotic romances. Her lifelong fascination with people has led her to careers ranging from hand-drawn animator, to party planner, to marriage and family counselor, but writing has always been her passion. Karen enjoys nothing more than following her characters on their journey toward love. Whether the couples are m/f or m/m, it’s guaranteed that Karen’s novels are filled with food, friendship, love, and smoking hot sex–all the best things in life.

When Karen isn’t writing (and often when she is), she can be found on Twitter attempting witty banter and detailing the antics of her fruit-loving cat, BadKitteh. She loves to hear from readers (and other writers), so don’t hesitate to contact/follow/like her at twitter, Facebook, her website, Pinterest, and Goodreads. You can also email her here.

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RISE & FALL (Book 4 of the THIRDS series) Cover Reveal, Excerpt and Giveaway!

Hello all! Welcome to the Rise & Fall (THIRDS, Book 4) cover reveal! I’m super excited to share with you the cover for the latest THIRDS book by the fabulous L.C. Chase! There’s also a giveaway, and Rise & Fall is now available for preorder!


The bigger they are, the harder they fall.


Book Details

Title: Rise & Fall (THIRDS, Book #4)
Author: Charlie Cochet
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: L.C. Chase
ISBN eBook: 9781632167699
ISBN Paperback: 9781632167682
Length: 236 Pages
Genre: M/M Romance, Shifters, Paranormal,
Science Fiction, Mystery/Suspense


After an attack by the Coalition leaves THIRDS Team Leader Sloane Brodie critically injured, agent Dexter J. Daley swears to make Beck Hogan pay for what he’s done. But Dex’s plans for retribution are short-lived. With Ash still on leave with his own injuries, Sloane in the hospital, and Destructive Delta in the Coalition’s crosshairs, Lieutenant Sparks isn’t taking any chances. Dex’s team is pulled from the case, with the investigation handed to Team Leader Sebastian Hobbs. Dex refuses to stand by while another team goes after Hogan, and decides to put his old HPF detective skills to work to find Hogan before Theta Destructive, no matter the cost.

With a lengthy and painful recovery ahead of him, the last thing Sloane needs is his partner out scouring the city, especially when the lies—however well intentioned—begin to spiral out of control. Sloane is all too familiar with the desire to retaliate, but some things are more important, like the man who’s pledged to stand beside him. As Dex starts down a dark path, it’s up to Sloane to show him what’s at stake, and finally put a name to what’s in his heart.

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February 2nd, 2015


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“YOU’RE GOING to get us fucking killed!”

Dex ignored Ash and hit the gas, speeding after the ambulance heading up route 9A toward NY Presbyterian Hospital, its wailing siren and flashing lights an unyielding reminder of what he stood to lose. The ambulance had left before them, but Dex was in his Challenger with its own THIRDS installed lights flickering and sending out a warning to everyone around him to get the hell out of his way.

When Ash finally released Dex from his iron grip, Dex had stood on the sidewalk in front of his house, amidst the smoke and burning car parts unable to believe what had happened. He’d been at a loss, watching the chaos unfold as emergency teams and THIRDS agents flooded the scene. Orders had been shouted, the area evacuated, blue and black THIRDS tape marking off his personal disaster zone. And then a bright orange beacon parked near the end of the block gave him clarity.

Dex maneuvered through four lanes of traffic, changing gears and working the pedals. No one knew how to drive his baby like he did, and nothing on God’s green earth was going to make him lose that ambulance. Not with Sloane in the back of it fighting for his life.


No matter how hard Dex tried, his head kept replaying the scene like a goddamn looped video: Dex bolting for the front door, not caring what might be on the other side—getting to Sloane had been all that mattered. He has to be okay. Please God, let him be okay.

Clouds of thick black smoke. The sidewalk in front of his house looking like a war zone, littered with debris and pieces of twisted car parts. The trees on fire. Dex tackled to the ground, the breath stolen from his lungs. Ash on him keeping him safe. Bullets flying. Sloane under a piece of mangled door. Screeching sirens and uniformed bodies rushing in. Blood everywhere. Sloane unmoving. A jagged piece of metal sticking out of his side. Blood, so much blood.

It should have been me.
“Fuck! Mother fucking asshole son of a bitch!” Dex slammed his hand against the steering wheel before swerving around some bastard going the speed limit. He was losing his shit. It was fast approaching much like the yellow—soon to be red—light ahead of him, yet he was helpless to stop it. The Challenger flew past the red, missing an oncoming taxi by inches.

“Enough!” Ash snapped at him. “You’re gonna get us fucking killed! Keep your shit together and get us to the fucking hospital in one goddamn piece, or I swear to Christ I will fucking knock your ass out and drive us there myself.”

Dex wanted to tell Ash where he could stick his threats, but he didn’t. He heard Ash suck in a sharp breath, and Dex eased his foot off the accelerator just enough to keep the ambulance’s flashing lights in sight a few cars ahead. Ash held on to the passenger door with one hand, his other pressed against his side to ease the pain along with the slow trickle of blood seeping through his torn stitches. Stitches he’d torn saving Dex.

“Sorry,” Dex said through his teeth. They were almost at the hospital, which meant more traffic. “Sorry for being an asshole and for what I’m about to do. Hold on.” He hit the gas pedal again, and the engine thundered as he raced forward. After a couple of close calls, they got to the hospital before the ambulance. He skidded into valet parking, put the Challenger in park, jumped out, and tossed the keys to the valet guy. Ignoring his teammate’s bitching, Dex called out over his shoulder for Ash to take care of it. The ambulance arrived seconds later, and Dex ran up to it, watching with his heart in his throat as the backdoors swung open and the EMTs rushed out. The gurney swiftly emerged with Sloane strapped down on his uninjured side, an oxygen mask covering his nose and mouth, and the jagged metal piece jutting out from the right side of his torso. Removing it without surgery was clearly out of the question.

Dex followed the EMTs as they rushed Sloane through the huge open glass doorway into the hospital, shouting out codes and medical jargon Dex couldn’t make out. One of the EMTs said something about the THIRDS, and a Therian nurse behind the desk snatched up a phone and rambled something off. Within seconds, a handful of Therian doctors and nurses came running, joining the EMTs as they stole Sloane away into a wide, brightly lit corridor. Dex attempted to follow only to have his path blocked by two male Therian nurses.

“He’s my partner,” Dex pleaded, trying to get around them.

“I’m sorry, sir, but you can’t go in there.”

“The hell I can’t. He’s my partner!” Dex grabbed one of the nurses when a pair of beefy arms wrapped around Dex’s waist, lifting him off his feet and away. “Fuck off, Ash! Get off!” He couldn’t leave Sloane in there all alone. Sloane hated hospitals as it was. What if he woke up and freaked out? What if he didn’t know where he was? What if something happened and Dex wasn’t there? He couldn’t lose Sloane now. It wasn’t Sloane’s time. They hadn’t had enough time!

“You’re not the only one who needs him.”

Dex stilled. It wasn’t so much Ash’s words, but the subtle desperation behind them. Ash put him down, and Dex turned, the look on Ash’s dirt-smudged face taking the fight out of Dex. He’d never seen the gruff agent looking so helpless, and despite clearly having his own fears, Ash met his gaze.

“He’s all the family I’ve got. Just let them do their job. It’s the best we can do for him.”

Dex swallowed hard and nodded. He had to get a hold of himself. It was only when Ash winced that Dex remembered the guy was slowly bleeding out. “Shit, Ash. Come on. We need to get you fixed up.”

“I’m fine,” Ash muttered, wiping the sweat from his beaded brow.

“Yeah, you look fine.” Dex refused to give in to his teammate’s stubbornness. He called over a nurse who took one look at Ash and ran off to get assistance. Ash continued to argue when Dex spotted his dad marching their way. Tony stopped beside them, his gaze dropping to Ash’s hand against his bleeding side before he barked out an order.

“Keeler, get your ass in there and get those stitches seen to.”

Ash looked like he wanted to argue but knew better. With a resigned sigh, he headed for the anxious looking nurses. As soon as Ash disappeared, Tony put a hand to Dex’s shoulder, concern in his deep brown eyes. It was too much for Dex right now.

“Hey. I’m going to take a walk. Call me if anything happens.”

Thankfully, his dad knew him well and gave him a nod. He removed his hand from Dex’s shoulder and let him go. Right now, Tony had to be his sergeant. Anything else would break Dex’s tremulous hold on his emotions. He walked off to gather his strength. He was going to need it.

About the Author

Charlie_Cochet_by_madison_parker150Charlie Cochet is an author by day and artist by night. Always quick to succumb to the whispers of her wayward muse, no star is out of reach when following her passion. From Historical to Fantasy, Contemporary to Science Fiction, there’s bound to be plenty of mischief for her heroes to find themselves in, and plenty of romance, too!

Currently residing in South Florida, Charlie looks forward to migrating to a land where the weather includes seasons other than hot, hotter, and boy, it’s hot! When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading, drawing, or watching movies. She runs on coffee, thrives on music, and loves to hear from readers.

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | THIRDS HQ | Tumblr | Pinterest
Email: charlie@charliecochet.com

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Out Now! BRIT BOYS: ON BOYS A Gay Romance Anthology


Hi there! Today I’m celebrating the release of Brit Boys: On Boys! It’s a collection of 8 M/M novellas written by 8 top British M/M authors. I’ll be sharing a review next week, but you may want to scoop this one up right away if you like M/M at all.

From east to west and north to south, these British boys are having a blast in and out of the bedroom with the men of their dreams. They’re topping and bottoming from London to Cardiff, living out fantasies in the wildest fells and hooking up while serving HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

With passion and lust the name of the game, nothing is off limits. Throw in honed muscles, high-strength testosterone and an accent to die for and there is nothing they can’t do and no one they can’t get in this world or another.

bb-box_jpeg - Copy

By Ashe Barker
Alex is doing okay. His body repair shop makes enough to live on, he has a decent apartment, life is fine. That all changes when he runs into Graham in a supermarket car park – literally. He offers to fix the damage to Graham’s car free of charge. The sparks soon fly, and the heat between them has nothing to do with welding equipment.

Breaking the Marine
By M.K. Elliott
Brandon Rosen hadn’t planned for his final night before enrolling in the Royal Marines to involve a hot stranger and a pub car park. And he certainly hadn’t planned for that same hot stranger to turn up at the barracks in the form of his Drill Instructor, Corporal Will Stewart. In the testosterone fuelled environment of the training camp, can Brandon and Will overcome past pains and face up to what they really want? Or will the Royal Marine Commando School break their relationship before it even gets started?

Love on Location
By Lucy Felthouse
When Theo Samuels heads off to film on location in the village of Stoneydale, he’s expecting drama to take place on camera, not off. But when he meets gorgeous local lad, Eddie Henderson, he struggles to ignore his attraction. A relationship between the two of them would be utterly impractical, yet they’re drawn together nonetheless. Can they overcome the seemingly endless hurdles between them? Or is their fling destined to remain as just that?

By K D Grace
Alonso Darlington has a disturbing method of keeping landscaper, Reese Chambers, both safe from and oblivious to his dangerous lust for the man. But Reese isn’t easy to keep secrets from, and Alonso wants way more than to admire the man from afar. Can he risk a real relationship without risking Reese’s life?

The Chase
By Lily Harlem
Steve’s killing time working in a comedy club. Why not? It makes him laugh and both the clientele and the comedians are not just fit but also great company. One stand up joker decides to create a wild goose chase for Steve and his ex Robert. Cavorting around Cardiff on a frosty night, however, does more than just show them the way to a threesome, it also reveals the reasons why they should give each other one more shot.

Dish of the Day
By Clare London
Richie’s sunk all his hopes and savings into a new restaurant in south London promoting British ingredients and recipes. His best friends Craig and Ben should be around to help him celebrate the grand opening, but it looks like it’s all heading for disaster – until his friends step in to tell him some home truths. Then they’ll help him relax and enjoy their loving, intimate menu instead.

By Sarah Masters
When Archie meets Dan after The Change, he realises there is no such thing as a random meeting of soul mates, it’s all mapped out in the stars. Now all he’s got to do is hope those orbiting planets stay in alignment and true love finds him again.

Locked Out
By Josephine Myles
Getting accidentally locked out of his hotel room on Valentine’s Day night is embarrassing enough for teacher Martin Cooper, but the fact he’s stark naked makes it even worse. It doesn’t help that the one person he runs into is Rod, the gorgeous man he’d been checking out earlier in the hotel pool. But when Rod offers Martin a refuge, the night heats up. Now if only Martin could get the hang of this seduction business…

Interested? You can find BRIT BOYS: ON BOYS on Goodreads, Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon AU, Amazon CA, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo. This smokin’ hot box set is initially available at the bargain price of 99c/99p, that’s a steal for 147,000 words/440 pages of unforgettable M/M erotic romance that will leave your eReader, and you, burning up. Be sure and grab your copy fast, as the price will be increasing at the end of January!

Awesome British M/M Authors
Go on and check out these fab writers! Ashe Barker, K. Elliott, Lucy Felthouse, K D Grace, Lily Harlem, Clare London, Sarah Masters, Josephine Myles

Need more Brit Boys? Hang out with the authors on Facebook by joining the dedicated Brit Boys: On Boys group and pin with the authors on Pinterest.  If you enjoy Brit Boys: On Boys then please leave a review and tell all your friends. Happy reading.

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The LONE WOLF Finds Love–A Review

Hi there! Today I’m reviewing a contemporary gay romance from the writing team of Aleksandr Voinov and LA Witt. I’ve enjoyed other books of theirs int he past, and LONE WOLF is no different.

Lone Wolf (Bluewater Bay #4)About the book:
Hunter Easton is screwed. Fans, producers, and his agent are all chomping at the bit for the next book in his wildly popular Wolf’s Landing series, but he’s got epic writer’s block and is way behind deadline. Then he reads The World Tree, a fanfic novel by his online friend “Lone Wolf.” It isn’t just a great story—it’s exactly what the series needs.

Kevin Hussain is thrilled when “Wolf Hunter” wants to meet up after reading The World Tree. When Wolf Hunter turns out to be Hunter Easton himself, Kevin is starstruck. When Hunter tells him he wants to add The World Tree to Wolf’s Landing, Kevin is sure he’s being pranked. And when their online chemistry carries over—big time—into real life, Kevin is convinced it’s all too good to be true.

The problem is . . . it might be. The book deal, the sex, the money—everything is amazing. But fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and Kevin is left wondering if Hunter really loves him, or just loves his book.

My Review:
Hunter Easton is a multi published, best seller author of a paranormal shifter book series called Wolf’s Landing. He’s horribly blocked on book 8 of the series and frittering away his time and advance with no real forward motion. He’s been a member of a fandom website for a few years, and corresponds regularly with the website’s adminstrator, Lone Wolf, and Lone Wolf has sent Hunter bits and pieces of fan-fic, and slash (porn scenes), based on the characters in Wolf’s Landing. This has all been anonymous–Hunter posts under a pseudonym–and though the men have never met in person they do feel a kinship for each other.

Well, Lone Wolf writes a fanfic novel, half out of desperation with the delay in getting a new book in the series, and sends it to his online friend, aka, Hunter. Hunter LOVES it. Unequivocally. He arranges a meeting with Lone Wolf, knowing he’ll break his cover, but desperate to somehow adopt Lone Wolf’s story into the Wolf’s Landing series.

Kevin thought he was meeting another fan of Wolf’s Landing–not the creator of the fiction universe he adores. His excitement over meeting with the notoriously reclusive Hunter Easton in public is only eclipsed by the attraction Kevin feels for the silver fox at his cafe table. Then, Kevin remembers all the gay slash he’d written and unwittingly sent to Hunter, and he’s almost too embarrassed to breathe, let alone absorb all the chat about how great the book is, and can Hunter share it with his agent…

I REALLY loved all the banter between these two.

Kevin held his gaze. “Uh, well, for one, the part where it turns out I was sending explicit slash porn to my favorite author.”
Hunter laughed. “Fair enough.”
“Which I guess explains why you never sent me any of your racy stories.” Kevin groaned and pressed his elbows against the table as he buried his face in his hands. “Oh my God . . .”
“Kevin.” A gentle hand squeezed his arm. “Do you think I would’ve kept asking to read them if it bothered me?”
“Well, no.” Kevin lowered his arms, and as Hunter took his hand back, added, “You weren’t, uh, laughing at them, were you?”
Hunter’s cheeks reddened. “Laughing isn’t the word I’d use.”
“It’s—oh. Oh. You weren’t kidding about that part.”
Good God, if the man’s face got any brighter . . . “No. I wasn’t.” Hunter watched his thumb run up and down the handle on his mug. “Honestly, I kind of wanted to put more explicit stuff into the Wolf’s Landing books, but that was pretty much moot once the TV series came around.”
“Yeah, I guess they didn’t sign up for Fifty Shades of Gray Wolves.”

And the steam?

Kevin laughed softly, and suddenly his startled expression turned to something a little different. Sly, maybe. Devilish. Shit, yes. Definitely devilish. He met Hunter’s eyes. “Let’s just say you’re really, really good at describing settings.”
“Huh?” Hunter glanced around. He’d never used this place in any of the Wolf’s Landing books. In fact, he’d completely wasted the opportunity to use this as a setting for anything except—
“This is where you set All In, isn’t it?” The playful lilt in Kevin’s voice had an undercurrent that made Hunter’s heart race.
He gulped. Then nodded. “Yeah. I’d forgotten all about that.”
“Forgotten?” Kevin took a step closer to Hunter. “I don’t see how you could forget about that scene.”
“Well, it’s been a long time since I wrote it. I wrote that one, um, years ago. I think. It’s been—”
“You think the light fixtures would really support handcuffs?” Kevin looked thoughtfully at one of the sconces and its faded bare bulbs. “They do seem pretty solidly anchored.”
“I . . . I’ve never tested them.”
Well that was just asking for it.

Like real life, there are so many pauses in this book. Wait for the agent. Wait for the editor. Wait for the publisher. Contracts. Advances. Good thing the time is filled with a smoking hot passion between silver fox Hunter and 20-something Kevin.

Kevin has a lot of adjusting to make. Selling a book into a best selling series means lots of money, and insta-fans. He and Hunter work well, rewriting his book together to create two books out of one, and spending their downtime in bed, or wherever, together. But, Hunter’s never had a relationship, and Kevin feels like he’s getting too attached and overwhelmed by the whirlwind that is Wolf’s Landing. He doesn’t tell this to Hunter, because he doesn’t want to admit the depth of his feelings and risk being rebuffed–little does Kevin know that Hunter’s been quietly rearranging his life and priorities to accommodate Kevin, for keeps.

I super enjoyed the honesty of character, and the fun “insider” scoop on writing, and publishing, which are TWO very different things. Hunter is a delightful curmudgeon, and Kevin’s bright shiny outlook is seriously blotted out as he learns how the wheels turn. Also, we get not just an age difference to overcome, but a racial diff, as Kevin is of Middle Eastern descent, and Muslim.

Interested? You can find LONE WOLF on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Riptide Books. I haven’t read other books in this series, but they look great, and I’m inclined to grab them, now, to get into the Bluewater Bay world. I received an ARC via NetGalley.

About the Authors:
“Aleksandr Voinov is an emigrant German author living near London, where he works as a writing coach, complementary therapist and freelance corporate editor. At 39 years of age, Voinov has written more than a dozen novels and commercially published five print books with German publishers. After many years working in the horror, science fiction, cyberpunk and fantasy genres, Voinov is now primarily writing contemporary and historical erotic gay fiction. A recurring theme in his fiction is “the triumph of the human spirit” or an individual rising to challenge the status quo in a world gone bad.”

You can connect with Aleksandr on his website, on Facebook and/or join his Facebook group here. He has an author forum at Goodreads and is active on twitter.

L.A. Witt is an abnormal M/M romance writer who, after three years in Okinawa, Japan, has recently relocated to Omaha, Nebraska, with her husband, two cats, and a three-headed clairvoyant parakeet named Fred. There is some speculation that this move was not actually because of her husband’s military orders, but to help L. A. close in on her arch nemesis, erotica author Lauren Gallagher, who has also recently transferred to Omaha. So, don’t anyone tell Lauren. She’s not getting away this time…

Visit her website, Facebook, and twitter.

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They Were Brought to RACK & RUIN–A Review

Hi there! Today I’m sharing my review of Charlie Cochet’s RACK & RUIN, the third book in her THIRDS series. (Ha!) Anywho, I’m a devoted fan of this yummy M/M, paranormal, police, shifter series. You may recall I reviewed the first two books…HELL & HIGH WATER and BLOOD & THUNDER and found them thoroughly awesome. There’s police activity, and M/M lovin’ and shifting, and a whole lot of plot that is only helped by the romance and humorous antics of Dexter J Daley, human member of the Destructive Delta THIRDS team and main character of the books.

Rack & Ruin (THIRDS, #3)About the book:
New York City’s streets are more dangerous than ever with the leaderless Order of Adrasteia and the Ikelos Coalition, a newly immerged Therian group, at war. Innocent civilians are caught in the crossfire and although the THIRDS round up more and more members of the Order in the hopes of keeping the volatile group from reorganizing, the members of the Coalition continue to escape and wreak havoc in the name of vigilante justice.

Worse yet, someone inside the THIRDS has been feeding the Coalition information. It’s up to Destructive Delta to draw out the mole and put an end to the war before anyone else gets hurt. But to get the job done, the team will have to work through the aftereffects of the Therian Youth Center bombing. A skirmish with Coalition members leads Agent Dexter J. Daley to a shocking discovery and suddenly it becomes clear that the random violence isn’t so random. There’s more going on than Dex and Sloane originally believed, and their fiery partnership is put to the test. As the case takes an explosive turn, Dex and Sloane are in danger of losing more than their relationship.

My Review:
Here’s the thing: this book is gooooood. But the end made me FREAK the F@CK OUT.

Dex and Sloane are having a covert relationship. Which makes for lots of fun stealth hook-ups. About the relationships: Sloane and Ash are both Therian shifters who actually grew up together in the pre-THIRDS program. They suffered a lot, as the Powers That Be examined them, learned how the Therians worked, how they shifted, and taught them to control the beast within. It was terrifying, and Sloane is scared that Dex will leave him if he knows the truth about his history.

Thing is, Dex couldn’t care less. Well, that’s not entirely true. He cares about Sloane being happy. If Sloane’s past makes Sloane pensive, or angry, closed off, well then Dex cares. But details about Sloane’s mistakes as a scared child? Pfft. Nada worries.

Can I say I love Dex? I may be a human woman, and therefore thoroughly unattractive to this fictional gay man, but I swoon for him, nonetheless. He is just so fun, and flirty and intriguing. I guess that’s why everyone (excepting Ash) adores him. #GuiltyAsCharged

In this episode we also have Cael, Dex’s foster brother, revealing his deep affection for Ash–and Ash being a bigger total D-bag than usual. Which is saying a lot because Ash is a D-bag all the time.  Okay, I do love Ash, too, because I understand that he’s been broken, but it takes a good bit of love to consider that his turn-coatery is actually much more than it appears. And, his repulsion of Cael’s affection is for Cael’s own good. Mostly because loving Ash is more difficult and painful than hugging a Saguaro cactus.

The plain truth is, rogue Therians are executing humans who did a whole lot of Therian killing in the big skirmishes years ago, and it’s up to Dex, Sloane and Destructive Delta crew to ride point on the capture. This is made more complicated by the revelation that a mole exists within THIRDS and all the opportunities to apprehend the offenders result in chasing smoke on the wind.

This thoroughly realized action-adventure-shifter-police procedural-gay-romance is sure to satisfy the most genre-confused among us. And, I’m so eager for the next novel in the series I’m having trouble holding back the begging to Ms. Cochet. Good thing she throws out short THIRDS vignettes every Thursday on her blog. It’s like a weekly hit of my fave fictional drug, which softens the withdrawal symptoms just enough to manage.

Back to my post-book freak out… here’s how I felt when I ended the book:  SLOANE!!!!

Interested? You can find RACK & RUIN on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Dreamspinner Press. In fact it’s on sale at Dreamspinner (25% off) through today–as are all the books in the THIRDS series.

CCochet100Charlie Cochet is an author by day and artist by night. Always quick to succumb to the whispers of her wayward muse, no star is out of reach when following her passion. From Historical to Fantasy, Contemporary to Science Fiction, there’s bound to be plenty of mischief for her heroes to find themselves in, and plenty of romance, too!

Currently residing in South Florida, Charlie looks forward to migrating to a land where the weather includes seasons other than hot, hotter, and boy, it’s hot! When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading, drawing, or watching movies. She runs on coffee, thrives on music, and loves to hear from readers.

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