Happy New Year and Giveaways!

Hi there all! I’m sorry I’ve been so absent of late–December was a hot mess of teaching, testing, COVID, and kidney stones, on top of the usual holiday busy-ness. I swear out tree wasn’t even up or decorated until December 23rd. And that was after emergency surgery and finals. I’ve been bed-bound for the better part of two weeks.

One thing I HAVE been doing is reading, when I’m conscious anyway, and I wanted to share a link to a WHOLE MESS of free novellas and some full-length reads from 70+? M/M romance authors. If you haven’t gotten this link elsewhere, or you haven’t tried Book Funnel before, you will need to make an account, but that’s so easy. Name and email address. BOOM.

Anyway, CLICK HERE to open the link for the Your Book Boyfriend’s Boyfriend group book giveaway. You can download titles straight from the website or have them emailed to you in your preferred format. I have already grabbed about 20 books of the list and read three: LUMBERJACK UNDER THE TREE by Keira Andrews, OUT IN THE SURF by Lane Hayes and WHITE HEAT by Leta Blake. All were hugely satisfying. I highly recommend them.

I hope to be blogging more regularly in 2022, and I wish all of you a happy new year and hope for health and prosperity going forward. And awesome books. I wish you all to find awesome books all year long!!

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