Their Fates Are ENTWINED–Review and Giveaway

Hi there! Today I get to help celebrate the release from a friend and fellow author, Cherie Colyer. ENTWINED is Cherie’s fourth YA novel, and the third in her Embrace series.

EntwinedAbout the book:
Only a few months after embracing her magical powers, defeating a dark witch, and banishing a faerie prince back to his realm, sixteen-year-old Madison Riley is back in book three of the Embrace series—and doing the bidding of a demon. She has no choice but to do so if she wants him to honor the deal they made to save the life of someone she loves. Twenty years of service to a creature of hell is a big price, but one she’s willing to pay. And it sure beats the alternative: selling her soul.

But life gets complicated when you’re the beck-and-call witch of a crossroad demon. Caden, the demon she serves, wants to become master of Death Himself, and with Madison at his side he has the means to do it.

It’s up to Madison and her coven to foil his plans, but Caden’s intentions aren’t entirely evil—and the kisses he seals his deals with aren’t too bad either. As Caden’s motives test Madison’s trust, his shameful flirting tries her boyfriend Isaac’s patience. But being caught between two supernatural hotties is perhaps the least of her concerns when the coven’s interference in Caden’s plot might just cost Madison her life and unleash hell on earth.

My Review:
This is the third book in a series and is best enjoyed by reading the previous books.

Madison has been working on her powers, but no one in her coven was strong enough to save her younger brother from dying, so she sold her powers to Caden, a crossroad demon. Now she’s his “beck-and-call” witch much to her dismay. And her boyfriend Isaac isn’t wild about this arrangement either. Caden calls Madison at all times of day, particularly relishing in disrupting her plans with Isaac…so there’s a LOT of friction.

Caden’s most recent tasks involve Madison helping him to collect the four pieces of a Binding chain which, when united, will allow the wearer to control the actions and powers of any being, even a supernatural one. It’s too much power to trust int he hands of a demon, but Madison must comply with Caden’s demands or risk him no holding up his end of the bargain—essentially causing her brother to die.

Madison does seeks some help coping with her new “job,” mostly confiding in her BFF Kaylee who inadvertently raises the dead. Yep. Zombie. (Well, sorta….) Plus, it seems that Caden’s big brother has some serious designs on the binding chain, or Madison, or both.

I must admit, this book took directions I wasn’t expecting. Madison, Isaac and their coven are determined to thwart Caden’s attempt to unite the binding chain pieces, yet, in the process of working against Caden, Madison learns that Caden’s motives aren’t what she expected. No, he proves time and again that his behavior isn’t that of a typical demon. That doesn’t mean he’s all good. He does take advantage of Madison’s physical vulnerabilities on more than one occasion. Clearly, Caden would love to explore a more physical partnership, but he stops short whenever Madison puts him in check.

For her part, Madison is keeping too many secrets, and all of them will drive a wedge between herself and Isaac–if he ever finds out. There’s a lot of tension, mortal and emotional, with lots of bargaining and some re-drawing of Madison’s agreement with Caden. The resolution is one fast ride to avoid eternal damnation. Without the trust developed between Madison and Caden there would be no happy. And, while this story ends clearly, the door is open to another book in this series. Yay!

Interested? You can find ENTWINED on Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. I received a review copy of ht is book from the publisher, OmniFic Publishing, for an honest review.

Check out my reviews for EMBRACE and HOLD TIGHT, the previous books in the series, so you’re all caught up!


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Good luck and keep reading my friends!

Cherie ColyerAbout the Author:

Cherie Colyer writes young adult and middle grade novels. She loves finding new stories that keep her up late reading. While her favorite genre is fantasy, if the book is beautifully written with characters that come alive she’s all over it. She’s published three young adult paranormal thriller/romances CHALLENGING DESTINY and the Embrace Series: EMBRACE (bk1) and HOLD TIGHT (bk2) with ENTWINED the fourth book out in the past three years.

Find her online here:
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