LEANING INTO TOUCH–Audiobook Review and Giveaway!

Hi there! Going back into my WAY BACK mode, I missed this M/M romance from Lane Hayes, which came out several months back…but this week it dropped as an audiobook! LEANING INTO TOUCH is the fourth book in her Leaning In series, and follows the love story of Josh, the most sensitive of the Stanford besties, finding love with an Irishman keeping secrets. I really liked LEANING INTO THE FALL, LEANING INTO ALWAYS, LEANING INTO A WISH, LEANING INTO THE LOOK, so I was eager to round out my experiences with these Bay-area romances.

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About the book:
Josh Sheehan is unlucky in love and now… newly unemployed. He’s not sure what to do next, but he’s sure he should give up on romance. Especially after last time. His friends warned him that falling for the hunky Irishman was a bad idea. Josh can’t help feeling torn even though he knows it’s best to move on. But when an unexpected dose of family drama blindsides him, Josh finds himself leaning on the one man he’s supposed to forget.

Finn Gallagher is driven by success. He makes no secret that building a name for his tech company is his number one goal. Finn left home a decade ago with a ton of regret, a heavy heart, and a vow to never repeat the same mistake twice. However, there is something undeniably appealing about the self-deprecating man with the silly sense of humor that makes it difficult for Finn to remember why falling for Josh is a bad idea. It soon becomes clear they’re both in deeper than they intended. There is no way to remain untouched. And there is so much to gain, if they’re brave enough to lean in.

My Review:
Josh Sheehan and Finn Gallagher met a year ago at a party and really hit it off. That started up a friends-with-benefits plan for a bit, but Josh’s friends warned him off Finn–who they said wasn’t the type to settle down. Plus, that’s exactly NOT the type of man Josh wants. He’s looking for a partner, like his pals have all found. Still, seeing Finn and his female fiance at the museum where Josh works–on his very last day of employment–seems like kismet. And running into him again twice more that week after not seeing him in months is more than a coincidence, right? Josh had swooned for Finn’s thick Irish brogue, but he’s also addicted to his touch. And Finn’s not as engaged as the world may think…

Turns out his fiance is engaged to a woman–Finn and she serve as mutual beards–and Josh is thrilled by the idea that Finn’s single, essentially, but he’s not thrilled that Finn’s comfortable in his public closet. As Josh’s world seems to implode, with new family challenges and needing to get his career back on track, Finn’s a constant support. Their attraction is intense, but they also build a friendship this time around. Josh keeps his growing relationship from his pals, though, not wanting them to warn him off–or have to explain Finn’s secrets–again. Unfortunately, Finn’s determination to be uber successful impacts his relationships, not only with Josh. He’s had some serious family troubles and has been hiding from them for more than a decade, but being with Josh opens his eyes to his guilt, and helps him move past the shame of his history.

The narration of this audiobook is fantastic, with excellent pacing and great quality. I love the different voices, and how Mr. Russo captured Finn’s lush brogue. There are plenty of steamy bits and Russo’s voice captured those just as well as Josh’s moments of acute emotional distress. He’s fells very much alone, isolated due to estrangement from friends and unexpected difficulties connecting with his father–who has made some big revelations and moved in with a new partner after a decade of bachelorhood following the divorce for Josh’s mother. I found myself really transported into the story, and was easily able to connect with Josh. I like Finn a lot, and hoped that the’d get his own life together. It ended well, with Josh taking charge and Finn making the commitments he’d feared for too long.

Interested? You can find LEANING INTO TOUCH on Goodreads, Amazon ebook, and Audible (audiobook).


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About the Author:
Lane Hayes is grateful to finally be doing what she loves best. Writing full-time! It’s no secret Lane loves a good romance novel. An avid reader from an early age, she has always been drawn to well-told love story with beautifully written characters. These days she prefers the leading roles to both be men. Lane discovered the M/M genre a few years ago and was instantly hooked. Her debut novel was a 2013 Rainbow Award finalist and subsequent books have received Honorable Mentions, and were winners in the 2016 Rainbow Awards. She loves red wine, chocolate and travel (in no particular order). Lane lives in Southern California with her amazing husband in an almost empty nest.

Catch up with Lane on her website, Facebook, twitter, and Goodreads.

About the Narrator:
Nick Russo is an award winning narrator with a fan following for his work in fiction, specifically in the romance genre. His performances in two of Amy Lane’s books, Beneath the Stain and Christmas Kitsch, made him the recipient of Sinfully M/M Book Review’s Narrator of the Year – 2015. When he’s not in the booth, Nick enjoys spending time with his wife, Jessica, and kids, (aka their beagle Frank and cat Stella), drumming in his cover band, exploring rural back roads with his wife on his motorcycle, or being enthralled in a tabletop role playing game with his friends.

Catch up with Nick on Facebook and Twitter.

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