To Be UNMADE–A review (New Adult Horror)

Continuing on with my pre-Halloween SPOOKTACULAR, I’m offering up a horror novella. I’ve reviewed a lot of Urban Fantasy and vampires and even work on reapers and Satan’s son…

But this one is a killer-thriller.

UnmadeNew Adult horror novella UNMADE by Carol Oates is short and unsweet. A savory mix between Ray Bradbury and Stephen King.

Here’s what happens:

On prom night Lincoln Dowling attempts to save a wounded dog–and is struck by a car. His prognosis is bad–traumatic brain injury with days to live–and his mother seeks the help of renown neuroscientist, Dr. Matthew Baker, to save her only child.

Mrs. Dowling and Dr. Baker have a past–as in they were lovers years before–and Dr. Baker agrees to help, knowing that he saves the child of his rival.

Lincoln’s recovery is astounding. Within a year of the accident he’s fit and healthy, but his personality is changed. He’s no longer the fun-loving, gentle young man who’d save a wounded dog. Now, he’s agitated and aggressive at times, plagued by nightmares of a clawed creature tearing his friends to pieces. Soon these nightmares become reality. Kids are dying. The children of any person who ever wronged Dr. Baker way back in high school, in fact.

As Lincoln struggles to find the answers to the murders locked within his dreams, he’s sure the ‘cure’ he’d been given wasn’t worth the price he’s paying.

The resolution leaves the reader satisfied with a delicious Bradbury-esque twist.

UNMADE is a new release and cheap–$.99 at the e-tailers.


If you check it out, don’t forget to tell me if it gives you the creeps, too!

And, as always, keep reading my friends.

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