COVET–My Fave Sin? a Review

Hi there! Welcome to a new review in my pre-Halloween SPOOKTACULAR. Today’s feature is an urban fantasy–again from JR Ward, but not of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

Covet (Fallen Angels, #1)In COVET, our return to Caldwell, New York has more celestial implications.

As my buddies in Ghostbusters would say:

See, God’s kinda bored with the centuries-long battle for souls. The deal:  Seven people must choose God or Evil in a winner-take-all. If the majority end up choosing God, humanity and the universe win, we go on, no more evil…

If the other side wins? It’s the end…of everything.

The players: Jim “Zacharias” Heron has come to Caldwell on a mission to reinvent himself. He’s a military operative who’s grown weary of the assassin life. While blending in, he’s befriended by Adrian and Eddie–two Harley riding individuals who sometimes don’t throw shadows in sunlight…

Jim’s path becomes diverted by electrocution–yeah, he dies. Not good form to kill your MC in the first few chapters, but it works here. We get to meet angels and Jim gets his purpose: to save the soul of Vin diPietro–a multimillionaire developer under the control of a powerful demon.

This task is made somewhat easier when Vin sets eyes on Marie-Therese, a prostitute with a cause. She’s been through the wringer following a brutal divorce and kidnapping of her son. Now that she has Robbie back, her one goal is to pay off the costs of his recovery–being a high-priced hooker has been key to that purpose.

Vin is struck by her, but also by the need to protect her. His clairvoyance has revealed Marie-Terese is the target of a dark presence and the cost may be her life. And, she’s freakin’ hot, so Vin has two reasons to keep close tabs on her.

As Jim and Vin both work to save Vin’s soul, Vin’s girlfriend Devina proves to be a dangerous connection; one that might be the end of this game.

In the end, COVET is a fast-paced, Good-v-Evil smackdown that has a fantastic romance arc and plenty of smexy bits. It’s a giant departure from the BDB novel series, and yet, with the same location and some cross-over characters, I felt engaged from the start.

If you’re interested in COVET, you can find it in your local library, on e-Loan from a library, GOODREADS, AMAZON or Barnes & Noble.

Let me know if you’ve read this one–and if you liked it. 

And, as always:  keep reading, my friends.

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