My review of: As You Wake (In Your Dreams #2)

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

In this sequel to IN YOUR DREAMS we meet up with Zip McKee and Kieran Lanier right where they left off…grounded. And, that’s okay. In fact, it’s where I expected to find them. Pretty much that’s the end of ‘expectations being met’, however, because the story far exceeded my already high expectations.

Sometimes I feel as if I know where a story will go, the subtle (or not-so-subtle) foreshadowing leading me exactly where I think the story must end. And, particularly in romance, that’s acceptable. Expected, even. But, in reading AS YOU WAKE, I was led a merry chase by That Amy Martin! Kidnapped, as it were, and held hostage to a plot that continued to careen forward down unexpected paths.

Now, while the story moves forward, the main characters move in opposite directions–Zip to her Dad’s and Kieran on a runaway adventure. Just when I thought we’d get a break from the tension good old Kayla tries to make it right, guilty she hadn’t been more watchful at Prom. Of course, her idea reunites Kieran and Zip, but now the parental units are involved, and this is both good and bad. Good because the air clears between the two families, bad because it brings new problems to mix: stalker anyone? As the stalker issue gets resolved, we learn more about Kieran’s medical history, and begin to hope that the end of his dream-vision doesn’t portend the end of Kieran…

So….I’m a fan-girl. I eagerly await (notice I didn’t say PATIENTLY!) the final conclusion of this trilogy. Thanks Ms. Amy Martin for upsetting my sleep patterns.

Lastly, can I say I love Zip just as much as Kieran? Is that allowed? IDK, but it’s true. She is smart, thoughtful, and concerned about her future–qualities I would hope all teen girls would aspire to be. And, Kieran, he’s the right mix of awkward teen male hormone angst. He’s kind, and funny, and not pushy about the sex…though he’s quietly desperate to have it, at least once. So as a couple they match desire with respect, and what better example could we hope for in YA fiction?

I would recommend this to all teen and YA readers.

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