Book Review: In Your Dreams

Synopsis (unspoiled [mostly]): In this first-person single point-of-view contemporary YA romance we meet Zara “Zip” McKee–a 16 y/o point-guard on her school’s varsity basketball team. Zip isn’t much into boys–because, in her small town, she’s known them all since preschool and they’ve always been ‘friends’. At the opening, two new kids have arrived; brother and sister Kieran and Kayla Lanier. Kieran isn’t just new, he’s someone very different from anyone Zip has known–which she learn in first period English when she bores him to death…or he passes out. [Spoiler: he lived but he had to carried to the nurse.]

This auspicious beginning sets into motion big reveals by Kieran and the Lanier family–all intensely private people. And the bombshells–even for Kieran, who has suffered a variant of narcolepsy since childhood–are well-developed and plot-driven. As the root cause of Kieran’s condition becomes known it is Zip to whom he clings, and she’s not too sad over it. Especially when it mean s a boyfriend and date for the prom. <br /><br />But the darkness in Kieran’s past reaches out from unexpected places, coming through both his and Zip’s dreams and straining their budding relationship. They don’t know who to trust, and won’t risk losing each other, resulting in an exciting climax. Zip fights to help Kieran, but neither of them have the ability to solve this problem alone. Good thing they don’t have to.

Critique: This is a well-paced novel with some suspense and elegantly-placed red herrings. The romance reads true and is compelling, and the science behind Kieran’s malady is well-conceived. Zip and Kieran are a fun couple, and I can’t recall the number of times I laughed when poor Kieran passed out at just the wrong moment–but there were many.

I would recommend IN YOUR DREAMS (Amy Martin) to any person who enjoys YA romance…and anyone who enjoys a good YA story.

Looking forward to the sequel.

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