Sleepless night? TELL ME About it!

imageDamn you, Olivia Cunning!
I’m a working mother. I gotta be at work by 7am every morning come hell or crying children.
And, yet, I gave away my sleep for Gabe and Melanie. Again.
I am such a sucker.
But, I got a smile on my face.
In fact, I’m feeling bulletproof right now–and that’s not tequila talking. That’s the delicious afterglow of a great read, my friends.
Here’s what happened: the email came in that my pre-order of TELL ME had arrived at 2:37 am. I sparked up my iPad and boy howdy, I had me a piece of fantastic fiction to keep me solidly awake until my alarm, had I bothered to set one, would have blared.
Oh, wait…that’s what happened to me.
Here’s what happened in the story: Gabe and Melanie met way back when in TRY ME, which I reviewed in a week-long Sole Regret lovefest. In their world, it’s five days later and Gabe can’t wait another night to have Mel in his bed. Or the shower. Or wherever he doesn’t have to just phone-sex-her-up. He convinces her to join him a night early so they can have three nights together. Mel’s on board—the plane—when her bestie Nikki shows up even though she’s been completely disinvited from this rendezvous. Melanie’s pissed, but she can’t tell Nikki no—not while she’s in the plane, anyhow.
Still, the heat sizzles between Gabe and Mel. So much so that they practically meld with each other. They leave Nikki to enjoy Gabe’s empty suite in New Orleans while they visit his ranch in Austin for the weekend. Mel loves everything about her kinky drummer—his passion, his house, his dogs—even his parents who pop in unexpectedly.
Just when things really start to get emotional, Nikki calls for yet another rescue. And Gabe’s left in the cold. Quite literally. I nearly tossed my iPad (but I forged on!) and WOW. I’m over the moon—at daybreak, Ms. Cunning.
Some favors, if I may?
Write faster?
Or, maybe, get Amazon to release your preorders at a more human hour?
I’m desperate for TEASE ME, so if you could release it…soon?
Pretty please, with Owen on top?
Thanks. You’re a peach, dear.
You want a sleepless night, too?  TELL ME is live on AMAZON and B&N… Probably other places, but I’m too tired to track them down just now…

TIE ME, My Nights With Sole Regret (5/5)

Tie Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #5)How long does a heart need to heal?

That’s the big question in TIE ME, the fifth installment of the One Night With Sole Regret  novella series by Olivia Cunning.

Guitarist Kelly Jamison has loved, and lost. So much so he’s not sure he can ever love again, even five years after his fiance Sara died. He promised to only love her. To never have sex with another woman. And now every member of Sole Regret has a woman to cherish, except him.

Conflicted by guilt and need, Kelly decides it’s time to say goodbye to her ghost. Maybe.

Visiting Sara’s oceanside house hoping the memory of happier times will give him the strength to let her go, Kelly catches the faint notes of a haunting melody on the sea breeze.

Dawn O’Reilly is a Grammy-winning pianist who’s creatively blocked on her latest project. Isolated by choice, she’s overwhelmed by the stranger she finds lurking outside her rented cottage. Of course, the overwhelming part is how attractive she finds him.

For the first time in years Kelly is attracted to a woman unlike Sara. Dawn’s musical genius turns him on and, without Owen to chaperone, desire overtakes his promises. Even tied up in Kelly’s signature Shibari art, Dawn is too much temptation for him to resist.

For me, this novella was the definition of bittersweet. The entire time I wished, like Dawn, that Kelly would breakthrough his guilt and grasp the love he so deserved. And when their night ended and his guilt surged?

OH!  I wanted to hold him just as tight as Dawn had.

But no woman can hold Kelly Jamison, right?


This episode was thoroughly satisfying. Kelly’s passion was finally unleashed and his naked heart was gently handled. Kelly and Dawn are definitely a couple I’d like to read more of.

You can pick up TIE ME for Nook or Kindle.

One thing I’ve found in the Sole Regret series that I adore–all the women the band members fall for are mature, professional gals. They have careers and independence, yet indulge in a single night of unchained passion that becomes more than a one night stand.

I wonder how this will impact the repeat visits–as each of these lovely couples is destined for a second night, (and maybe a third) based on Olivia Cunning’s plans.

Looking forward to those sequels!