Confrontation Connection: CONNING COLIN-Review & Giveaway!

Hi there! Today I’m sharing a review for a new M/M contemporary romance from Brad Vance and Elsa Winters. CONNING COLIN is a savvy new adult romance between a cash-strapped college grad turned sex worker and the newly-out, newly-divorced voice actor who wants to learn all about the gay sex from a cultured, sexy man–even if he is a high-dollar escort. It was sweet with interesting twists, and I haven’t read a Brad Vance book I didn’t adore. Catch my reviews for WEREWOLVES OF BROOKLYN, WOULD I LIE TO YOU? and STRENGTH IN NUMBERS to see why.

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About the book:
Hamilton Dillon is a high class Manhattan escort, polished, well dressed, and cultured. Colin O’Neill is recently divorced, questioning his sexuality, and disappointed by his first fumbling gay hookups. So he figures, why not hire the best of the best to show him the ropes?

What he doesn’t know is that Hamilton Dillon is really Henry Davis, yet another New Yorker living on the financial edge, cobbling together several jobs to make a living. “Hamilton” has one great suit he can wear on an overnight date, but Henry’s got a good friend at GQ who makes a nice side income renting designer men’s wear for weddings, job interviews, and oh yeah, high end escorts on long weekend assignments. The “top agency” that represents “Hamilton” is really just a smartass lady in India with a Skype account, whose face Henry’s never seen. Oh, and Henry’s also the gruff and very unpolished New York Straight Man “Dillinger,” a solo porn star.

In other words, he’s not at all who Colin thinks he is. Which is just fine, until their relationship gets… complicated.

How about a little taste?

Colin O’Neill hung up the phone, dizzy with excitement and fear. He’d done it. He’d called the number, talked to the agency, and booked a “date” with Hamilton Dillon.

He’d looked at Hamilton’s ad a hundred times, at least, over the last three months. He’d looked forward to new profile photos the way a kid keeps an ear cocked for the ice cream truck. Even though all the profile pictures had been beheaded for discretion, it didn’t matter. Hamilton Dillon had a way of posing that expressed more personality with his body than most other guys ever did with their faces.

The way he sat on a park bench in nothing but a pair of running shorts and Nikes, shirtless, manspread, his arms thrown over the back of the bench, his strong graceful neck taut, telling you that the face just out of frame was tilted up towards the Central Park sunshine, that the man was reveling in his easy beauty, the unique joy that comes from being young and hot and free in New York City…

Then the way he floated in the air in those same shorts and Nikes, leaping for a football, the camera capturing him from behind in the moment the ball touched his fingers, the imminence of his success apparent, ordained, the muscles in his back bunched, the mass of his shoulders gathered together, sweat flying off his brown hair, in the seconds before you knew he landed on the lawn, arms curled around the ball, surely to rise in triumph and be slapped on the back by all his equally hot and shirtless buddies…

The way he sat at a café table, in a slim fit navy blue polo shirt, one of his sculpted vascular arms holding open a well-worn copy of The Fortress of Solitude and the other just toying with a cup of espresso as if it was the back of another man’s hand…

Colin often did something that very few men did anymore, which was to masturbate furiously and successfully to a series of still photos. And with no penises in sight, to boot. He’d done it so often over the last three months that he’d stopped donating his old t-shirts, because he needed them for cleanup duty, at least until they became hopelessly stained.

He had been divorced for six months now, amicably, from a wife who’d pretty much always known he was gay but had decided to let him figure it out for himself. Elspeth was a career woman whose need for a husband was seasonal, from the company picnic in July to the company Christmas party in December, with various client dinners in between.

He was twenty seven years old, and had engaged in sexual intercourse with one woman and two men. Intercourse was pretty much the word for it, he thought. It sounded less like passion and more like, well, cars merging on the freeway, and all three partners had been just about that exciting. (Actually less so, since on the freeway there was always the thrilling risk of death at the hands of someone who’d rather kill you than let you merge.)

Then one night, half drunk and inhibitions lowered, he’d thought, Fuck it, let’s hire a professional and see how it feels when it’s done right.

He’d paged through the escort ads on Rentmen, hundreds of them in Manhattan alone. It was mind numbing, the diversity, and it was overwhelming, the number of choices. He knew he didn’t want to visit Master Bob in his safe and private play space, and he knew he didn’t want to party with Anaconda Joe. The ones who caught his eye were, well yeah, the ones who looked… classy. The one thing he knew he didn’t want was to get ripped off.

And he didn’t want it to feel… He didn’t want to feel like he’d got a burger in a fast food drive through. He wanted it to be special, if that was really possible with a paid companion and not just something that happened to teenage boys in Hollywood movies.

But even the upscale-looking ones, well, there was something about them that… He knew it was good business, to offer yourself up as “versatile,” and available for “mild to wild,” but… Well, the more he saw what he didn’t want, the more a picture began to form in his mind of what he did want. He didn’t want someone who looked like an investment banker but whose profile also said, “Hey I look classy but I can drop it if you just want a dirty pig fest and you’ve got the money for it.”

No. He wanted someone who was one thing. Who wasn’t whoever you wanted him to be. But who was what he said he was. Classy, for real. Not “up for anything.”

And then he found Harrison Dillon.

Thoughts from Author Brad Vance on his new book and more…

Tell us something about your character’s friends.
Henry Davis has some great friends. He’d never manage his high end escort career without the help of Benjamin, who works at GQ and loans Henry the designer suits he can’t afford on his own. And Cameron, who runs the website Straight Guys of New York, where Henry picks up a little extra cash pretending to be rough-and-tough guy “Dillinger.” I really wanted to highlight how many people are dependent on a side hustle, just to make ends meet in an expensive city.

What is your character’s favorite meal? Favorite dessert? Favorite snack food?
Henry loves to curl up with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, especially Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream. He snuggles on the couch and watches White Collar for the seventh time, and doesn’t worry about dripping ice cream on his Mets t-shirt. As “Harrison Dillon,” he’s got to be immaculate, but as Henry, he can be a slob.

What activity does your character absolutely hate?
Well, dressing up! Henry’s not really a suit and tie guy. Only watching Matt Bomer in White Collar taught him how to wear those clothes comfortably, naturally. In normal life, he’s just a dude, in cargo shorts and a T.

What’s your character’s secret fantasy?
Henry’s always wanted to be a screenwriter. Becoming an escort was a way for him to literally “buy time,” to escape the hamster wheel of Cubicle City and write. He’s found that time alone isn’t always enough, but without the time, well, it would be even harder.

What’s your favorite decade and why?
This one. Because I’m still alive, I’m still engaged in what’s going on around me in art, culture, style, humor. I’d hate to be stuck in the past! Once you start rattling on about how much better things were in Decade X… you’re old. I don’t plan on getting old, I mean, what’s in it for me?

My Review:
Henry Davis is a recent college grad with a degree in English and writing, and no desire to work for peanuts in the cube-world. He aspires to be a screen-writer, if only he can find his muse. In the meantime, being an escort paid all his college debts, and he’s supporting himself and a family member in need with his earnings. That is a really awesome part of his story, but I don’t want to spoil it–so trust me! Henry’s pretty much as selfless as they come. And boy, do they come!

Okay, Henry has two personas he adopts for his sex worker roles: Hamilton Dillon is a cultured and stunning man in thousand-dollar suits he rents from a pal who works in the fashion pages of GC magazine. The other, “Dillinger” is a “straight” Queens bro who jacks his junk to make bank in solo porn shoots. It’s quite the interesting juxtaposition. Henry tends to lose himself in his roles, and is baffled when his interactions with his newest client, Colin O’Neill, blur the lines between his professional persona as Hamilton, and Henry’s own need for intimacy and connection.

Colin is a newly divorced voice actor who doesn’t have a lot of disposable income. He gets an allowance from his ex-wife, with whom he had an amiable, mutually-beneficial arrangement. She wanted a husband because it helped her image at work, and he accepted her proposal, mostly because they got along. He’s never had a passionate relationship and they barely shared more than a few sexual encounters over their six years of marriage. He took acting classes and bonded with a classmate, however, and it was the beginning of Colin recognizing that he is likely gay–something his wife had long suspected, and wasn’t the least bit upset over. Thing is, Colin has crippling stage fright, and he’s a timid man by nature. He missed out on telling his pal how he’d felt, but he’s not going to waste too much more time in the “figure out Colin” phase of life.

Buoyed by a big payday for a voice-over spot, Colin FINALLY dials the number for Hamilton Dillon’s escort services. He’s stalked Hamilton’s web advertisement for several months and has definite fantasies that the cultured, attractive man he sees online will be the best tutor for Colin’s fledgling bedroom skills. He’s only tried to date a couple guys since his divorce and both were abject failures. So, Colin’s willing to pony up the fee for expert Hamilton’s tutelage.

And, naturally, Henry is ready to be his very best Hamilton for Colin. It’s a heady experience for both men, even when it isn’t physical. Colin is more than a little gone for Hamilton, and the lines are increasingly blurred the more “dates” they arrange. Henry is captivated by Colin’s vulnerability and the intimacy they continue to develop. It’s really so very sweet, and so very inspiring–Henry has found his muse, in the combination of Hamilton and Colin’s developing relationship. Meanwhile, Colin’s sessions with Hamilton leave him feeling elated and confident enough to try live auditions for the first time in years.

What comes next is something they hadn’t planned for, and it brings moments of heartbreak and rejection, but that’s just reality. The fun part of reality, as opposed to the fantasy they had been experiencing, is that Colin and Henry can find a common ground that actually exists and build something true and real. Which, I was happy to discover, they do. I’m used to the grand, twisting plots of Brad Vance, and I wasn’t disappointed here. Henry is a complex man, with his debts and his desires and his personas. Colin isn’t complicated. He wants a true partner, even if it isn’t convenient. They each grow a lot in the time they spend together, and that was awesome to experience as a reader. They also have some yummy hawt sexytimes, and some incredibly tender moments, times that have both men confused about the roles they are supposed to be playing. That said, the HEA exists, and it felt genuine. Highly recommend.

Interested? You can find CONNING COLIN on Goodreads and Amazon.


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About the Author:
Brad Vance writes romance stories and novels, including the breakout hits “A Little Too Broken” and “Given the Circumstances.” Keep up with Brad on his website, Facebook, twitter or email him. at BradVanceAuthor AT gmail (dot) com.

The Quest: STRENGTH IN NUMBERS–Review and Giveaway!

BannerTemplate(7)Hi there! I’m so excited to share a review for a thrilling contemporary M/M romantic suspense novel recently released by Brad Vance. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS is the sequel to WOULD I LIE TO YOU, and you all know how much I liked Jesse and Marc. Two brilliant computer programmers who want to take down the high and mighty billionaire conservative puppetmasters? Yes, sir I would like another!

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StrengthCoverAbout the book:
They’re back! In their first adventure, Marc Julian, software billionaire, and Jesse Winchester, hacker extraordinaire, survived the evil plans of the Krom Brothers and Jesse’s first lover, Chip. But Jesse has old debts to pay to Russian gangster Leonid Ivanov. Now Leonid is calling in those debts, demanding that Jesse find a great treasure for him, and a new game is set in motion…

The mysterious “Satoshi,” creator of the cybercurrency Bitcoin, has been hiding $400 million worth of the currency for years. But now, he has chosen to start a quest for the keys to the Hoard, and he who controls the keys controls the fortune. And this will be a quest that will test the strength, the will, and the character of those who pursue it.

But Marc and Jesse aren’t the only ones on the hunt, as old enemies resurface to try and beat them to the treasure… And even if they reach it first, they must ask themselves – do they really want to give a Russian gangster $400 million to pursue his deadly enterprises? And what would be the consequences if they don’t?

The pursuit will take them through the museums of Tokyo, the streets of Buenos Aires, and the coast of Mexico, in a desperate and dangerous race to keep the fortune in digital gold from the hands of all their enemies…

How about a little taste?

Marc smiled as he made clinking sounds in the galley of his private jet. He already had the black slacks on, so it was the work of a moment to take off his polo shirt and slip into the white epauletted button-down short-sleeve shirt of a steward. The wings were already attached to the lapels, and he’d even had a name tag made.

“Here you go, sir,” he said as he handed Jesse his drink on a tray. Jesse was already involved in something on his phone, and he absentmindedly reached for it.

Then he paused, sensing that something had changed. He looked up to see Marc dressed as an airline steward, his eyes dancing with heat.

Marc didn’t smile as he said, “Is there anything else I can get you, sir?”

Jesse swallowed. “Maybe a warm blanket.”

Marc took the drink from his hand. He pressed a button on the side of Jesse’s chair.

“The seat fully reclines into a bed, sir. Let me make you comfortable.”

As the seat back flattened and the base lifted Jesse’s feet up, Marc pushed another button, and the chair’s arms lowered out of the way, which gave him room to straddle Jesse’s hips.

He put his hands on Jesse’s chest, and Jesse reached up to finger his collar. “How did you earn those wings, steward?”

Marc idly stroked Jesse’s hand where it lingered on the wings. “Oh, those, sir? For achieving membership in the Mile High Club. Are you a member?” Marc began to grind his ass against Jesse’s crotch, feeling the transformation below his slacks.

“You know, I am not. I’ve never been invited to join.”

Marc leaned in to whisper in his ear. “Let me be the first to welcome you, then.

My Review:
This is the second book in a series, and should be read in order.

Marc and Jesse are back in action, together, on the trail of a half-billion in Bitcoin. I am NOT a tech-heavy person. I have little interest in the intrigues of hackers etc, but I really enjoyed this National Treasure-type escapade. Bitcoin is a digital currency that was invented and invested by “Satoshi” whomever that may be. Thing is, Satoshi’s Bitcoin is anonymous but fully traceable. It’s also a criminal’s paradise as it’s unregulated and can pay for any good or service from vendors who will accept the digital transfer into their digital wallets. It’s an ACTUAL thing IRL, for folks to Google, should they like to. In the book Satoshi maintains a cache of Bitcoin that amounts to a street-value of a half billion dollars. It’s destined to end up in the wrong hands unless Marc and Jesse can intercept it.

Problem is, Jesse’s honor-bound to retrieve this treasure for a criminal mastermind, Leonid, who assisted him to gain his “early release” three years in on a 35 year sentence. Leonid has recently orchestrated his own release, and he is calling in his marker on Jesse to get him the Bitcoin so he can pay his way back to Russia. Problem is, two bad dudes from the previous book, Chip and Walt, are also on the trail to Satoshi’s Hoard.

So, there’s a bit of Japanese-inspired cryptography filled with haiku clues and Matrix-style leads. Jetting all over the world, Marc and Jesse uncover the clues in this tech-heavy scavenger hunt. Also, to my great delight, we get to see Jesse and Marc enjoying the passionate side of their partnership. We do have some extended flashback chapters that bring Marc’s youthful foray into cryptography and his darker side. That was unexpected, and showed Marc’s Avenging Angel mentality in Kodachrome. Expect to be surprised, and to have a bit of sorrow for Marc’s loss of a good friend, and a kid who was boxed in to a bad experience.

I was honestly getting riled by Chip and Walt’s ability to pretty much turn up whenever there was a clue to be decoded, and then the end happened, and I was really so satisfied! Justice was served cold, and I wasn’t even a little sad. I’m a little confused regarding Jesse’s status. He had been a fugitive to the US government (aka Snowden) but then he is able to travel at will and not get captured. I think it’s because he keeps turning in bigger fishes than himself, but I’m just a little fuzzy on it all.

As for Leonid and the Bitcoin, it’s unclear what happens to Leonid, but the Bitcoin is destined to make a difference in a scheme masterminded by Marc and sure to bring wrath upon himself and Jesse. This story ends with an HEA and the promise for further mayhem. To which I say: sign me up. I like these guys and their kinky games and bright minds.

Interested? You can find STRENGTH IN NUMBERS on Goodreads and Amazon.


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About the author:
Brad Vance writes gay romance, erotica and paranormal stories and novels, including the breakout hits “A Little Too Broken” and “Given the Circumstances.”

Keep up with Brad on his blog, Goodreads, Facebook, Google+ and twitter.


Dire Events: WOULD I LIE TO YOU?-A Review

Hi there! Today I’m sharing a review for a contemporary M/M romance from Brad Vance. WOULD I LIE TO YOU is the first in a cybercrime series that features a software billionaire and an ex-com hacker in a battle against the Good Ol’ Boys of the Grand Old Party.

Would I Lie to You? (The Game Players, #1)About the book:
Software billionaire Marc Julian’s orderly life is shattered one night by a cyber-intrusion into his company’s servers. He’s always surrounded himself with the best people, but finding the culprit behind this might require a real expert…and sometimes it takes a thief to catch a thief.

Jesse Winchester and his team of “grey hat” hackers are suddenly available to Marc. Marc doesn’t know if he should trust Jesse with the keys to his company’s kingdom. After all, Jesse’s a convicted felon, sent to prison for violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. A felon sentenced to thirty-five years in prison, who mysteriously served only three years before being released.

Marc’s first company, his whole life, was shattered because he trusted the wrong person. This time there’s even more at stake, but few other options. Especially when his evil enemies, the billionaire industrialist Krom brothers, are revealed to be the source of the intrusion.

Is Jesse there to help Marc, or does he have his own history with the Kroms, his own score to settle? As Jesse and Marc spend more time together, their growing intimacy is at war with their need to win their respective battles. Soon the game they start to play with each other, against each other, becomes more exciting, more exquisitely frustrating…and more dangerous.

My Review:
Marc Julian’s been burned before. A bipolar software programming savant, Marc’s first company was bankrupted when his partner walked off with the venture capitalist’s money. He never forgave Walt, who used and abused him, but Marc grew up a lot in the process of rebuilding his fortunes. Now CEO of Imperat, he uses his genius to devise programs that assist mankind. He has a new empathy for people and has developed steady relationships, though he never dates. He has a bond with a discreet escort who provides the kind of rough play and domination that Marc craves for release. And Marc certainly needs release when he learns his newest project has been hacked and stolen.

This brings ex-con master con artist/hacker Jesse Winchester into Marc’s life, and oh it’s a mixed bag, that. Marc doesn’t want to lust after Jesse, and Jesse doesn’t want to be attracted to Marc, but thems the breaks. They’re able to be mostly professional, and determine the source of the hack: the Kroms, wealthy, Republican, untouchable…also the reason Jesse spent three years (of a 35 year sentence) in prison.

The book is mainly centered on the hack-back of the Kroms database, and the revelations of the dirty deeds these unsavory old bastards perpetrate on the unwitting populace. Think: Treason. But, as with many books from this author, there are extended flashback chapters that reveal the backstory for both Marc and Jesse. Neither Marc nor Jesse can bear to trust another man with his heart, or his history. Can he? They’ve each been violated, but the key to beating the Krom’s rests on their complete honesty, and that might be a step to far for either man. Well…maybe. I will say the story ends with a bang, and I don’t only mean the explosion that nearly kills Marc and Jesse. No, it ends with a manhunt and an Andorran escape plan.

I really liked the tech elements, and the thriller aspect. I love how Jesse and Marc interact, and how the whole “Hollywood Hacker” mystique is humorous to them. As with all the work I’ve read by Vance, the pace tears along and the sexytimes are minimal. There is a romance brewing, but it’s not the focus, and won’t be. Revenge is the objective and the connection that builds between Marc and Jesse is an intriguing and delicious slow burn. This story ends well, with a Happy For Now vibe, and there’s a sequel that puts Marc and Jesse into connection again, against foes which remain.

I think people who enjoy some light M/M domination elements, tech thrillers and cyber crime plots will find this book to be a knockout. I enjoyed it, and only wished for a bit more sexytimes for Marc and Jesse before I turned the final page.

Interested? You can find WOULD I LIE TO YOU on Goodreads and on $.99 sale over at Amazon.

About the author:
Brad Vance writes gay romance, erotica and paranormal stories and novels, including the breakout hits “A Little Too Broken” and “Given the Circumstances.”

Keep up with Brad on his blog, Goodreads, Facebook, Google+ and twitter.

Joining the WEREWOLVES OF BROOKLYN–Review and Giveaway

WoB-bannerHi there! I’m so excited to share my review of Brad Vance’s WEREWOLVES OF BROOKLYN, a historical, paranormal, M/M adventure/romance. I really dug the new mythology Brad’s unleashed, and look forward to more stories in this series.

WoB-CoverAbout the book:
Darien Mackey wasn’t looking for an adventure. For ten years, he’d been happy living in Brooklyn, working as a butcher in the same job, living in the same apartment, dating some “nothing-special” guys. Until one night his buddy Jacob talked him into taking ayahuasca, the soul-changing drug. And Darien had a vision…of a wolf, its all-too-human eyes on him, its paws on his chest, its enquiring mind in his own…

Darien Mackey is changing. He’s more confident, more assertive, hungrier, hornier. And his world is changing around him – his job, his home, his beloved Mechanic’s Library all falling victim to the predations of unscrupulous developers, bent on demolishing the old Brooklyn he loves and replacing it with a forest of condos. But he’s no longer a passive observer of his own life, and as this thing, this power, grows inside of him, he resolves to fight back, to preserve the way of life he loves.

And he’s not alone in the fight. The Lipsius Preservation Society of Brooklyn stands ready to assist in the battle, even though it seems like a bit of a joke to Darien, with its King and its Duke, Marquess, Earl and Viscount.

But there’s nothing funny about his growing attraction to Albeus Finley, King of this mysterious Court. And when slumlords and condo-mongers start to die mysterious, violent deaths at the hands of savage animals, Darien begins to realize that something is afoot in Brooklyn – something supernatural.

And it’s afoot in him, too…

A little teaser:

The wolf’s eyes were lava-yellow with hate. His growl and his snarl were meant to terrify Darien, to freeze him in his tracks, prepare him for his death.

Then something rose up in Darien, rage, frustration, primal energy. And his own lips curled, his own growl met the enemy’s.

The Duke retreated a pace, taken aback. Darien felt sharp pains in his palms and looked down. Where he’d had fingernails, he had claws, long and sharp, and the fists he was making were digging them into his flesh.

He smiled, exhilarated, wild. He lunged and snapped at his enemy, knowing that his canines had become…literally that, elongated spikes ready to tear out a neck.

Darien’s ears were ringing, something surging in him beyond mortal feeling – like testosterone but stronger, more powerful, the smell of victory, immortality.

“The King is mine,” Darien declared. “And I am his.”

He knew he’d taken a step from which there was no turning back. He was the King’s man, the King’s consort. He would open to Albeus and take him, and be taken by him, and he would be alone no more.

He was one of the pack.

And it curdled the blood of men for miles around when he raised his face to the full moon, and howled.

My Review:
I must admit, I’m addicted to shifter stories. I’ve read dozens by now, and I was so engaged in this one. It’s not the normal “guy gets bitten” story, though. In fact, the mythos regarding transformation was completely new to me and gave the story a freshness I didn’t expect.

Darien is a man out of time. He lives in contemporary Brooklyn but he doesn’t have a TV or a computer. He has restored his apartment to it’s Old World charm, and has learned to be a craftsman butcher, traveling to Italy, Poland and other areas to learn from the masters. He’s an apprentice to Mr. Nowak who is more father than employer. Every Sunday he sits to dinner with the Nowak’s and Darien is a part of their family–well, until money comes into the matter. Mr. Nowak is offered $12 million for his property, including his business and Darien’s apartment above it. The Nowak family is clamoring to sell, but Mr. Nowak is holding out for Darien to find a new job, a new home, and the family is growing impatient.

Also impatient are the real estate developers who cannot wait to carve the history and soul out of Darien’s once down-rodden Brooklyn slum, as expertly as Darien would carve a side of beef. Gentrification is ripping the heart right out of the area, and the historic Mechanic’s Library is on the chopping block, as well. Invigorated by an experience with Amazonian medicine, (read: psychadelic trip) Darien cannot sit on the sidelines any longer. Becoming an activist for the first time in his life, Darien meets all the members of a community he’d lived in yet hardly experienced. Among them the Court.

Darien thought the Lipsius Preservation Society would be a consortium of billionaires who’d never worked a day and had money to blow–and he was so, so wrong. Their Old World manners belied a secret world that Darien was only beginning to experience. And, as his hungers become more and more primal, Darien knows that Albeus, King of the Court, is the secret to understanding his brave new world.

I really was taken by Darien–such an old soul. His attraction to Albeus is immediate, and Albeus senses this, but the physicality comes so much later. Darien doesn’t understand the full ramifications of his dabbling in the spectral plane, but he does get that he is forever changed, and that his transformation is not complete. His energy is through the roof, he’s ravenous, and his sexual appetite is far more physical than previously. Albeus is a bit stunned by the rapid pace of Darien’s transition, but he’s grateful–it seems clear the connection between them is more than camaraderie, in contrast to that with the bulk of the Court. No, Albeus and Darien believe they are mates–and move all the more slowly to cement a permanent bond.

In the backdrop are the realty haggles, personal tragedy, and Albeus’ own transformation story. The book is so well-developed and richly textured I could see it all unfold through Darius and Albeus’ eyes the entire time. I really loved the slow burn, but I’d have liked a bit more sexytimes, too.

Young male fashion model posing outdoors against rustic background

Interested? You can find WEREWOLVES OF BROOKLYN on Goodreads and Amazon.


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About the author:
Brad Vance writes gay romance, erotica and paranormal stories and novels, including the breakout hits “A Little Too Broken” and “Given the Circumstances.” Keep up with Brad at, email him at, and friend him on Facebook at

You can catch up with Brad online on his website, Goodreads, Facebook, email, twitter, and Pinterest