Finding Himself With MR. NAUGHTY LIST

Hi there! Today I’m sharing a review for a contemporary Christmas M/M romance from Leta Blake. MR. NAUGHTY LIST is the second book in the HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS series. This book features RJ Blitz, a rock guitarist returning to his Knoxville roots and connecting with his high school crush: his English composition teacher! Oh, how his teenaged brain had delighted in fantasies of bending that sexy young teacher over a desk and spanking his lucious bottom. Yes, it’s a very kinky Christmas romance. I liked reconnecting with Casey and Joel, from MR. FROSTY PANTS too, through RJ’s band connections.

About the book
Can this teacher’s former student spank some holiday spirit into him?

Is Aaron allowed to want a hot holiday fling with his young former student? Even more forbidden, is he allowed to want this student to spank him?

It’s another Christmas, and Aaron is still in the closet as a gay man and a natural submissive. With one youthful indiscretion blacking his ethics record, he can’t afford to indulge his desires no matter how pent up and needy that leaves him.

Until his former student comes home for the holidays.

Dominant and charming, RJ knows what Aaron needs—intense, steamy encounters and a firm hand. As Christmas nears, RJ helps Aaron unlock his true self. But family and fallout await, and all good things must end.

Or can their hot holiday affair turn them into lasting lovers?

Mr. Naughty List is a steamy Christmas MM romance set in the Home for the Holidays series that began with Mr. Frosty Pants, but can be read as a standalone. Featuring light D/s, spanking, an older sub with a younger Dom, former student/teacher dynamics, and, of course, warm, sweet holiday feels complete with a strong happy ending.

My Review:
Aaron Danvers is a closeted English teacher whose had some bumps in his career. A few years back he got caught hooking up with a gym teacher/football coach at his high school–after hours in the coach’s office. Aaron was given an ethics reprimand and fired–and the only school that would hire him was the middle school where his mother is the principal. She’s not exactly supportive, though, insisting that Aaron never come out, or bring a boyfriend to meet her. This leaves Aaron a bit desperate to satisfy his sexual needs with strangers, and often out-of-town. He has a kink for submission, and that makes finding random partners all the more risky.

Out at a bar to meet a Grindr hook-up, Aaron is stunned to see the lead singer and guitarist of the band playing that night is a former student, RJ Blitz, who is now a full-grown and very sexy man. RJ was a senior in Aaron’s high school composition class nearly seven years ago, and they had no sexytimes contact way back then–but now Aaron can appreciate how well RJ has grown. At 24, he’s taller and far broader than Aaron, and his commanding growl on the mic is doing dangerous things to Aaron’s libido. Aaron’s first hook-up bails out, as does his second. Frustrated with his rotten luck, he’s leaving the bar when RJ waylays him with the offer of a drink. This turns into a conversation that is enlightening, destroying the old image of RJ as a greasy-haired teen, and further spinning Aaron into dangerous levels of attraction. He’s even a bit turned on at the taboo nature of their connection–which RJ feeds by continually referring Aaron as “Mr. Danvers” and revealing how attractive RJ had found him way back in school.

Aaron and RJ share a kinky-sexy night that seems epically stupid, albeit completely sexually fulfilling, to Aaron in the cold light of day. RJ isn’t giving up on his attraction, however. Having Mr. Danvers bent over his lap for a spanking only stoked his teen attraction into a blaze. He wants more, though he only plans to stay in Knoxville over the Christmas holiday–and he planned to spend it reconnecting with his mom and getting to know his young half-siblings. But surely, there’s time for a holiday love affair, right?

I really loved the D/s dynamic here, and there are plenty of kinky sexytimes–where RJ helps Aaron see the kind of love he deserves–no matter how his mother interferes. It provides clarity for both men, as they build trust and rapport, meeting one another’s families and sharing precious Christmas moments. It becomes obvious that Aaron can’t keep working with his mother, or enduring their toxic relationship, but he’s not sure what he needs in order to walk away. RJ has never trusted that love could last, but seeing his mother in a healthy marriage helps him to discover that he could also build a loving relationship–maybe with Aaron. Their path won’t be easy, but Aaron is ready to explore the world, and RJ’s traveling musician lifestyle might be the route they can both walk, together.

The D/s involves intense spanking scenes, a naughty elf, a dirty Santa, and a LOT of Mr. Danvers bending over objects to take his punishments. I loved how these became really tender and intimate moments. Aaron’s self-loathing seemed to melt with RJ’s continued attention, admiration and growing affection. Aaron’s able to build stronger bonds with his father, and his father’s accepting family, which eases the pain of the situation with his mother. The end is a STRONG happy ending, with an epilogue that satisfies.

Interested? You can find MR. NAUGHTY LIST on Goodreads and Amazon.

You can also find MR. FROSTY PANTS on Goodreads, Amazon and Audible.

About the Author:
Leta Blake is the author of the bestselling book Smoky Mountain Dreams and the fan favorite Training Season, Leta Blake’s educational and professional background is in psychology and finance, respectively. However, her passion has always been for writing. She enjoys crafting romance stories and exploring the psyches of made up people. At home in the Southern U.S., Leta works hard at achieving balance between her day job, her writing, and her family.

You can find out more on her website, Patreon, Facebook and twitter.

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