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Hi there! I’m sharing a review for the first book in a new erotic series from Laura Kaye. You know I’ve really enjoyed her HARD INK books, and I was excited to hear that she’s spinning into a new BDSM series, involving the Masters who run Club Blasphemy. HARD TO SERVE is the first of many stories to come, and boy is it HAWT.

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11_1001_2016_Laura Kaye_300dpiAbout the book:
To protect and serve is all Detective Kyler Vance ever wanted to do, so when Internal Affairs investigates him as part of the new police commissioner’s bid to oust corruption, everything is on the line. Which makes meeting a smart, gorgeous submissive at an exclusive play club the perfect distraction…

The director of the city’s hottest art gallery, Mia Breslin’s career is golden. Now if only she could find a man to dominate her nights and set her body—and her heart—on fire. When a scorching scene with a hard-bodied, brooding Dom at Blasphemy promises just that, Mia is lured to serve Kyler again and again.

As their relationship burns hotter, Kyler runs into Mia at work and learns that he’s been dominating the daughter of the hard-ass boss who has it in for him. Now Kyler must choose between life-long duty and forbidden desire before Mia finds another who’s not so hard to serve.

A tasty teaser…

Kyler had tried to stay away from Mia. When he’d seen her across the club, he’d walked away and stayed away. Despite the fact that her dress made him want to unwrap her, that the updo of her lovely brown hair bared that beautiful throat, that his body was making demands of him that his brain didn’t want to answer.

And then she’d made it worse. First, by walking away from the Dom who was clearly interested in her. Second, by waiting at the bar—for him—Kyler had no doubt that’s what she’d been doing. And third by not only giving up on Kyler, but finding a possible replacement in Master Quinton.

And when Quinton had taken her hand—had touched what Kyler’s body screamed was his—Kyler hadn’t been able to stay away anymore.

And now, here they were. Kyler in a dark mood. And Mia seemingly all the more turned on for it. It was almost like she knew what he needed her to be, or do, to ease him. And that felt like a really fucking dangerous thing.

That danger didn’t have him walking out of the room though, did it?

No, instead, he was tying her to the cot-style bed in the basement-themed room. She was kneeling with her legs spread wide, which allowed Kyler to secure her hands and ankles behind her using rope tied to the iron. She could only lean so far forward before the rope would catch her. He tied another rope around her waist, with loops around each of her upper thighs, and attached that one to the almost equally high footboard—this rope would not only keep her from leaning back, but it would keep her from being able to sag down onto her calves. The two sets of ropes largely immobilized her so that she had to take whatever he did. After he arranged everything else he needed, he turned to her.

“What are your safewords?” he asked. She gave him the right answers. “And if you’re gagged?”

Mia shook her head three times while humming, “Mmm, mmm, mmm.”

“Very good, Mia. Are there any words or names you don’t like to be called while role-playing?”

“No, Sir,” she said, her voice so aroused that he could’ve thrown her down and skipped all the build up.

But she deserved better than that. He nailed her with a long look, giving her—and himself—one last chance. But they were doing this. “Scene.” Grabbing the medical scissors and a strap, he approached her, his persona shifting to fit the dark role he had in mind. “Well, what do we have here?”

My Review:
This book was 4.5 Stars, for me, and the great start to a very sexy new series.

Kyler Vance is a Master Dom at Club Blasphemy, an exclusive BDSM club in Baltimore that he owns with 11 other friends/Doms. He’s also a full-time police detective that’s recovering from a gunshot wound, and is under investigation as a person of interest in a corruption scandal throughout the police department. He’s innocent, but part of his story has been carefully written by the CIA, as part of a larger case in the Hard Ink novel series. (It’s not critical to have read those for this book to make sense…)

Mia Breslin is an art gallery curator, and artist in her own right, newly working in Baltimore. She’s excited to be near her beloved father, the police commissioner. She’s also jazzed to check out Club Blasphemy, now that her temp membership has been awarded. On her first night she meets Master Kyler–and they hit it off. Mia most desires a man who will want her to serve, and be a dedicated Master, but Kyler makes it clear that he’s not looking for a permanent partner–life in the police force isn’t conducive to a marriage. That’s what he learned when his grandparents, and parents divorced, anyway; both his father and grandfather were cops.

Over the time Mia has, Kyler wants her more and more. He captures her time there–and lets her leave when her temp membership is up…much to the frustration of Mia and Kyler’s Master friends/partners. Boy does Kyler get an earful.

It looks like things might turn up, but then Kyler learns Mia’s father is his boss, and that’s another crisis. I think the only thing that Kyler can do to fix this is absolutely drastic. And, wow, does he manage to wow his dedicated, dejected, frustrated sub. Mia’s such a sweet gal, and I’m glad that Kyler FINALLY treated her the way she deserved. In their scenes, he’s a great Dom, it’s just what happens outside of that realm that is hugely disappointing, again and again, until he gets it right. I also liked the realistic portrayal of dangerous kinks; Mia loves breath play, which can be VERY DANGEROUS, and some of the Doms she meets are unwilling to even consider it. Due to his training, Kyler is better able to handle this desire, and it helps Kyler and Mia bond in the short time they know each other.

The book is short and sexy and sweet and sexy. Did I mention it was sexy? It’s pretty straight-up erotica, and I found it a satisfying read. I’m looking forward to more in this series, that’s for sure.

Interested? You can find HARD TO SERVE on Goodreads and Amazon.


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Introducing…BLASPHEMY – the club first introduced in Hard to Serve

From the ruins of an abandoned church comes Baltimore’s hottest and most exclusive BDSM club. Twelve Masters. Infinite fantasies. Welcome to Blasphemy…

Bound to Submit is coming September 13, 2016. Pre-order on Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo.

Laura Kaye - author picAbout the Author:
Laura Kaye is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over twenty books in contemporary and paranormal romance and romantic suspense, including the Hard Ink and upcoming Raven Riders series. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.

Catch up with Laura on her website, Facebook, Twitter, or her newsletter.


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