Time to EMBRACE!! Giveaway Alert

My dear friend, Cherie Colyer, is gearing up to release the second novel in her EMBRACE series, HOLD TIGHT. As gracious authors are wont to do, she’s offering up some delicious EMBRACE swag and building buzz for the new novel.MktgEmbraceQuotes3

I have already finished HOLD TIGHT and will release it’s review in time with the release date, August 20, but in the meantime I want to share some info about EMBRACE and links to contests that are currently running.

Madison is experiencing dramatic changes in life, school and relationships. The most cherished people seem to disappear from Madison’s life, leaving her scared to invest herself in any new relationships.

MktgEmbraceKissAs a new threat nearly kills her best friend Kailee, Madison must rely on Issac, a new boy in school who has powers that she can’t explain, to find the help Kailee needs. And, in the process, to save herself.

EMBRACE is contemporary paranormal YA. The pace is appropriate, language rich and clear, and the story makes a great read for anyone who likes teen romance mixed with their witchcraft.

Anyone who’d like to catch up with EMBRACE can pick it up on Amazon HERE!

 Now…you want to get some free stuff?

You got three opportunities!!

1.  Embrace Series Swag Package

2.  eCopy of Embrace (ends Wednesday)

3.  Goodreads’ Giveaway 

Please leave me a comment letting me know if you enter any of these contests!

And, good luck!

2 thoughts on “Time to EMBRACE!! Giveaway Alert

  1. Pippa says:

    This is awesome! Cherie’s novels are amazing – and thanks for the chance to win swag. I lurve swag especially when it’s good, really really GOOD swag.

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