Girl With Guitar–Get it!

Product DetailsI had the pleasure to pick up Caisey Quinn‘s debut novel, GIRL WITH GUITAR, and all I can say is:  yes.


I mean…YES!

This fast-paced tale follows sassy, nearly-nineteen y/o, Kylie Ryans on her quest for stardom. Rendered homeless when her step-mother kicks her out, Kylie takes the money she’d saved to buy her daddy a headstone and travels from Pride, Oklahoma to Nashville praying she’ll be able to survive the two week wait for an open mic.  Along the way she lucks into a job and makes a great friend at the club where she’s due to sing. Kylie works hard and distinguishes herself–which is admirable–but her talent is there, too.

Performing brings out the sass in Little Miss Kylie, and she rocks the house at her open mic, propelling her into alignment with country star Trace Corbin, a bad-boy on his last-chance bar tour. Kylie joins the tour, knowing this is her big break, and knowing that attraction to Trace could end her career before it even begins.

On the road, Trace’s bad behavior causes big problems, but feisty Kylie won’t let his drinking scuttle her chances–even when it means dumping thousands of dollars of liquor down the tour bus sink. Animosity and admiration are subtly woven into a budding romance that brings both heat and heart.

Complications ensue–naturally–and yet the narrative never seems forced. Caisey Quinn’s deftly woven plot and rich characters will leave you wanting more of Kylie. (And, Trace! Yum!)

This New Adult romance is intended for mature readers, but the heat isn’t scorching.

Thanks Caisey! Loved GIRL WITH GUITAR and looking forward to the sequel.

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