Out Today! MOSAICS: Stories by Women–Review and a Giant Giveaway

Hi there! I’m so glad to share a release day review for MOSAICS: A COLLECTION OF INDEPENDENT WOMEN, an anthology of poems, short stories and art that celebrate womanhood in all it’s terrible grace. All proceeds will be given to the Pixel Project to support the production of films that will highlight, and hopefully end, violence against women.

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A project focused on bringing women’s voices to readers and celebrating the stories they have to tell. Including stories by Keyan Bowes, Carol Cao, Chelo Diaz-Ludden, Sarina Dorie, Naomi Elster, Jordanne Fuller, Ari Harradine, Karen Heuler, L.S. Johnson, Tonya Liburd, Kelsey Maki, Julia Ray, Patty Somlo, P.K. Tyler, Deborah Walker, Keira Michelle Telford, Kim Wells, Elizabeth Wolf, and Sylvia Spruck Wrigley

https://widget-prime.rafflecopter.com/launch.jsMosaic CoverMosaics: A Collection of Independent Women will inspire and shock you with its multi-faceted look at the history and culture surrounding femininity. If gender is a construct, this anthology is the house it built. Look through its many rooms, some bright and airy, some terrifying- with monsters lurking in the shadows.

Mosaics Volume One features twenty self-identified female authors writing about Intersectionality, including women of color, and members of the disability, trans, and GLB/ GSD* (Gender and Sexual Diversities) communities. We have curated amazing short fiction, flash fiction, poetry, essays, and art. It’s personal, political, and a great read.

This collection includes Hugo Award Nominees, Tiptree Shortlists, Pushcart Prize Winners, USA Today Bestsellers, indie superstars and traditionally published talents alike. The anthology combines leading and new voices all proclaiming their identity as Women, and their ability to Roar.

My Review:
This is a collection of stories, poems, and art from female authors collected into an anthology for charitable sale. All proceeds will be given to The Pixel Project to support the production of films that will highlight, and hopefully end, violence against women.

The stories are not related in any way. They are diverse, with characters who are of color, disabled, of varying ages, and in various states of control regarding their lives and opportunities. All together these stories represent many people, all female, who are taking steps toward empowerment. The tone varies from story to story, but you should expect all of them to resound with desire to better their situation. From the African woman whose husband abuses her and her daughters finally taking a stand, to the wheelchair-bound woman fighting Social Security to get her due benefits, to the elderly woman, shamed at the lack of interest she receives from her only child–the one she continually sacrifices herself for, these women want a life free of drama, and pain, and suffering. And they deserve it. And they take it, make it happen.

These are very uplifting messages. The characters empower themselves. Oh, how I gloried with the octagenarian stealing her own car back from her shiftless daughter. Oh, how I giggled when Captain Obvious had to cool his heels so the narrator could tour with Star Girl. Oh, how I felt the rage of gamer girls /deleted by hate speech, or Lilith’s impotence when Ya gave Adam the power to name all in creation. There are so many points of view to experience in this collection.

Length of each offering varies from short poems to longer stories. There’s a little bit for everyone.

Interested? You can find MOSAICS on Goodreads and Amazon.


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