Serious Trouble With The TWISTED SISTERS! Review and Giveaway

Twisted Sisters Blog Tour
Hi there! Today I’m so excited to share my review as part of a blog tour for Kimber Leigh Wheaton’s new release, TWISTED SISTERS, a contemporary YA paranormal mystery. I really liked TORTURED SOULS, so I jumped at the chance to read the sequel. These are epic ghost stories, not for the faint at heart.

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TwistedSisters_500x750About the book:
It’s a child’s toy—what could go wrong?
While playing with a spirit board, two sorority sisters summon the vindictive spirits of three women brutally murdered by a psychopath. Join Logan, Kacie, and the rest of the Orion Circle as they delve into the disturbing events of the past to find the key to freeing the spirits.

But this isn’t any ordinary haunting. These ghosts were banished before, and now they have returned more powerful than anyone could have imagined. Anger breeds hatred and hatred leads to darkness—these phantoms are on the verge of losing their last spark of humanity and becoming completely lost to the shadows.

Can Logan and Kacie convince the tortured souls to embrace the light and move on, or will the spirits succumb to the hypnotic pull of evil, leading to an eternity of torment and suffering?

How about a little taste?

“Huge EMF spike!” Carl shouts, waving the EMF detector in the air.
That’s it. I can’t wait for Raven any longer. Mr. Kincaid’s voice echoes in my mind, calling me stupid for rushing in not knowing what’s in there. But I’m in charge of this fiasco… I never should’ve let her run in without more information. Steeling my shoulders, I cross the threshold into the house.
I stop and survey the scene in seconds, taking in the ridiculous amount of damage. The living room is trashed: sofa overturned, lamps broken on the floor, and the front window shattered by the flying armchair. No sign of Raven, but the girls said they were using the board in the kitchen. As I walk down the hall toward the back of the house, a ceramic figurine flies at me. I duck just in time, and it grazes the top of my hair. I’m finding it difficult to believe spirits summoned from a spirit board by amateurs could be this powerful.
The family room is in a similar state to the living room. When I spy the sixty-inch TV on the floor in a smashed mess my heart thumps faster. These are powerful spirits or maybe even a rogue gang. That TV had to weigh over one hundred pounds, and it’s a good twelve feet from the entertainment center. No sign of Raven in here either.
A fierce wind blows from the kitchen, slamming me against the wall. So much power. None of this makes any sense!
“Raven.” I try to call out, but my voice comes out a hoarse croak.
My body is freed as the wind dies down, and I race toward the kitchen. Something shoves me from behind, sending me reeling across the tile floor. I manage to rotate myself at the last second so my shoulder impacts the wall instead of my head. The wind stops the moment I hit the wall. As I rub my sore shoulder, a loud scream pierces the silence. My stomach drops at the sheer terror in that scream. Raven.
Leaping to my feet, I search the large kitchen for her. When my eyes land on her, I blink a few too many times. This shouldn’t be possible.
“Hang on, Raven,” I call out to her form suspended in midair near the ceiling.
“Hang on? Really?” Her arms are splayed out to the sides, her long, black hair floating around her like a mermaid underwater. Though she tries to project confidence with her words, I can tell from her face that she’s terrified.
“Release her at once!” I yell at the invisible spirits. “She has done nothing to you.”
“Don’t you think I already tried that?” Raven bites out in between gasping breaths.
“St. Michael, the archangel, def—” I start the prayer, but something crashes into me, knocking the wind from my lungs as I’m slammed into the floor. It takes a few dazed seconds to realize it’s Raven’s body crushing me. “Can you move?”

My Review:
This is the second book in the Orion Circle series, and should be read in order. 4.5 Stars

Kacie, Logan and Daniel are back, this time dealing with a severe sorority house haunting. 40 years ago four members of a sorority were drugged by a psychology professor, and three of them were murdered. While time has passed these three souls have been maturing and getting stronger. Their sense of loss and fury has been harnessed into severe aggression.

When two of the current residents decide to “play” with a Ouija board, they unleash a boat-load of malevolence.

Logan’s injured, and not just by the ghosts. Nope, he’s pretty sensitive that Kacie (his girlfriend) and Daniel (his best friend) are starring in the school play that forces them to have a big ‘ol kiss. This distraction leads Logan into unnecessary peril–and he’s lucky to get help when he needs it.

Kacie’s channeling the spirits, but also dealing with the survivor’s guilt. How would it feel to know that your mistake led to the torture and death of three of your good friends? Living with that burden is rough.

I liked the teamwork displayed in the Orion Circle. They have excellent communication, and intriguing talents, from telekinesis to psychic powers, to spirit mediums, to persuasion, these kids (and their adult assistants) are a motley but interesting bunch. I sometime think there are TOO many characters, but the author does a good job of only focusing on 1-3 of them at a time. This story was less about Kacie (like TORTURED SOULS) than Logan, and I expect another book will focus more on Raven and Blake (vampire huntress and werewolf, respectively).

The story rolls on, with excellent pacing and vivid descriptions. Expect to have the horror flick vibe, this reads like a movie in many ways. This is a YA paranormal adventure, with a DASH of romance, so it’s clean of all but kisses, and filled with blood-thirsty villainy and dangerous ghosts.

Interested? You can find TWISTED SISTERS on Goodreads, and Amazon.

You should definitely read TORTURED SOULS, which I highly recommend, first. Check out my review and find the buy links, there!


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192a5-kimberleighAbout the Author:
Kimber Leigh Wheaton is a bestselling YA author with a soft spot for sweet romance. In addition to writing, she works as an editor for two publishers, as well as select indie authors. She is married to her soul mate, has a teenage son, and shares her home with three dogs and lots of dragons. Kimber Leigh is addicted to romance, video games, superheroes, villains, and chocolate—not necessarily in that order. (If she has to choose, she’ll take a chocolate covered superhero!) Winner of the 2014 Rising Star Award at the BTS Red Carpet Awards in NOLA & a Silver Medal for YA Mystery/Horror in the 2015 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards.

You can find Kimber Leigh on her website, twitter, Goodreads, Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon and Instagram.