They Found Love RIDING IT OUT-Release Day Review Blitz


Hi there! Today I’m joining the release day celebration for RIDING IT OUT, a contemporary romance from Jennifer Foor.

About the book:
One woman
One man
An empty bed and breakfast
A summer storm
One night they’ll never forget – so they thought…

When my aunt passed away and left me her dilapidated bed and breakfast it was all so surreal. I hadn’t been back to that beach in many years, and the idea of revisiting left me sad and vulnerable.

I never planned on having guests. In fact, I just wanted to close up the place and sell it, so that I could move on with my life.

Then the storm happened.

Taken by surprise, I planned on waiting for it to pass. The house creaked and the power went out. That’s when someone knocked on the door.

He was a stranger, dripping wet, cold, and looking for shelter. I couldn’t turn him away…

What happened next between us opened new doors, changing everything I thought I wanted for myself. The only question is if I can trust him, or will his secrets destroy it all?

My Review:
Erica is youngish career-focused woman who has inherited her beloved aunt’s B & B on the Maryland coast. She plans to sell the sprawling house and return to her job in Baltimore, but must check out the property, first. Erica is isolated when a tropical storm blows in.

The house is battered and loses electric with the ferocity of the storm, and Erica is even more spooked to find a soaked stranger on the doorstep. Reluctantly allowing Reed a room, she’s lucky to learn he’s got the skills she needs–mainly carpentry, on account of freak storm damage. But, Reed’s also interested in more. Erica’s a bit of a “prude” and won’t have anything to do with Reed’s sexual challenges, well, until she does. In a single night she finds the companionship she’d always wanted, but put off, with a virtual stranger.

The morning’s light brings restored power and more passion—until they anger each other with questions of trust…and split. For a bit. The first part of this book is told from Erica’s POV which wasn’t terribly sympathetic. The language is verbose and stilted to my ear, and Erica seemed whimsical and erratic for a self-professed career-minded gal. I had a bit of trouble connecting with the story, as a result. I also could have done with a few more specifics in her backstory–for example, what was her job? How old was she, exactly? The story suffered, I thought, from too much telling. The smexytimes were decent.

Part Two of this series tells more story from Reed’s POV, and we learn that Reed isn’t the man he says he is. Literally. The big secret of his history is something he’d rather never confess, but the ill woman and unclaimed child on the doorstep of his and Erica’s B & B are not easy to explain away. We get some confused meanderings and soul-searching and as HEA as one can imagine for a couple in the midst of a huge transition. Less smexy in this book, and what there is is awkward. I had liked Reed a bunch in Book One, and a lot less in Book Two. Still, he’s okay. He’s trying to do the best he can repairing his mistakes in this world. Erica went up in my esteem the second go-round, so there’s that.

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About the Author:
Jennifer Foor is an award winning Contemporary Romance Author. She’s best known for the Mitchell Family Series, which includes ten books.

She is married with two children and spends most of her time behind a keyboard, writing stories that come from her heart. You can find her on her website, Facebook, twitter and Amazon.