TOUCH ME, My Nights with Sole Regret (4/5)

Touch Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #4)Beauty may only be skin deep, but since when did rock stars care about more?
Since Owen Mitchell.
TOUCH ME, episode 4 of the One Night With Sole Regret novella series by Olivia Cunning, follows bassist Owen’s sex club fantasy-come-true: finding a woman who might want him for more than his rock persona.
Caitlyn just signed her divorce papers and she’s out to find a sexy boy-toy to prove that she’s still beautiful and to spite her cheating ex. Owen definitely fits the bill.
Shibari-practitioner Kelly, rhythm guitarist for Sole Regret and Owen’s BFF, plays a huge role in this sexy tale–he ties Owen up for a change! YAHOO!
Following a particularly sticky (yet satisfying) interlude, Caitlyn reveals she’s really not the sex club type–and Owen agrees. They and Kelly go out to eat and Caitlyn finds Owen’s unabashed playfulness as overwhelming as it is endearing.
What’s the hottest thing about this episode–Owen’s self-consciousness. Having grown from an ugly duckling into a desirable man, he still bears the psychological scars from rejection.  So, it’s all the more delicious when he finds his kindred spirit in geeky Caitlyn.
They are phenomenal together, each soothing the other’s bruised heart as well as fulfilling each’s baser urges. The sexy scenes are not just smoking hot, they are heartwarming.
In terms of overall storyline, the pre-quel SHARE ME, which takes place 6 months prior to the Sole Regret series, reveals the backstory of the sexual dynamic between Kelly and Owen. There’s Share Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #0.5)plenty of menage action in that story (Lindsay/Owen/Kelly plus Linday/Shade/Vanessa).
TOUCH ME is monogamous (only).
Just when we finally think Owen’s going to get his gal, history comes to bite his tail…and though we know he’s not likely the responsible party–he takes on that role.
Because Owen is THAT guy. The kind who will sacrifice his own needs to make everyone else happy. And that’s what makes him totally swoonworthy. (Disclosure: Owen is my FAVORITE member of Sole Regret. He’s also my new book boyfriend.)
TOUCH ME is only available as a single at this time, and it’s worth every cent. Get it for Kindle or Nook.
SHARE ME is a discounted mini-novella, and a wild, wild read. If you’re going to get both, read SHARE ME first. Available also on Kindle or Nook.
If you check either of these out, don’t forget to come back and let me know your opinion!

TAKE ME, My Nights with Sole Regret (3/5)

Take Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #3)How does the lead singer of a rock band seduce his ex-wife’s sister?

With complete abandon.

People, TAKE ME, the third installment of the One Night With Sole Regret novella series by Olivia Cunning, really swings. As in sex swings…

Jacob ‘Shade’ Silverton is notorious for his wild nights–usually involving more than one frisky lady. In fact, I’d decided to just plain hate on the womanizing bastard, but when he finds himself begging his vindictive ex-wife, Tina, for just five minutes of visitation with their daughter for her birthday that lump of “Men Suck” ice in my heart absolutely melted.

Amanda Lange, Tina’s older sister, has had a secret crush on Jacob far longer than his marriage to her sister lasted. Since his failed marriage, Jacob never builds relationships with women. Yet, his friendship with Amanda is comfortable. They tease each other and get silly. Amanda hates the way Tina abuses Jacob and wields child custody like a weapon, and offers to drive Jacob home, which turns into an extended visit–for movies. Just movies.


Unfortunately, Jacob’s home isn’t empty. One of his regular gals has let herself in, and Jacob’s desire for a quiet night with an old friend is nearly set off-kilter. Amanda is almost out the door when Jacob insists she stay and sends his sure-thing back home.

Jacob and Amanda are adorable together. He wants her, but knows he risks losing any chance of seeing his daughter if Tina finds out. She wants him and knows he risks losing seeing his daughter if Tina finds out. They nearly tumble together in their awkwardness, and then they convince each other that no one will ever, EVER, find out.

Except one thing:  Jacob’s house seems busier that Grand Central Station on Thanksgiving Eve.

The only member of Sole Regret who doesn’t witness this ‘secret fling’ is Kelly.

And yes, Gabe, Adam, and Owen all agree: Shade is one dumb dude.

Still, the passionate night between Jacob and Amanda is more than a love song. It is a power ballad EP–that’s Extended Play for the non-audiophiles. Oh, and it comes with bonus features.

Can I take a nap on Shade’s bed? I’d love to see if my butt looks big on his Jumbotron.

There’s a reason the man never takes off his eyewear, but Amanda has a knack for knocking the megastar to his knees. And he’s absolutely brilliant there.

You can pick up TAKE ME solo or as part of a TRIPLE PLAY.

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TEMPT ME, My Nights with Sole Regret (2/5)

Tempt Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #2)TEMPT ME is second in the One Night With Sole Regret erotic romance series by Olivia Cunning.

Dating an ace guitarist isn’t easy. Especially when you’re his substance-abuse counselor.

Yet, Madison can’t seem to stay away from Adam. She’s willing to love the man, not the rockstar, and I’m not sure if it really works that way.

Firstly, because as his counselor, it is wholly unprofessional for her to have a relationship with him. And, secondly, because Madison wants a monogamous relationship–after having a series of one-night stands over the course of the prior year.

One thing about this episode, Madison and Adam are VERY comfortable with each other. There are no ‘getting to know you’ interludes. From the outset they seek to dive right on each other–and they do.

Adam displays the typical prima donna behavior we come to expect from a rockstar, yet Madison is able rein in his ego and facilitate the beginning of a reconciliation between Adam and Shade–one the rest of the members of Sole Regret have been seeking for four years.

What I liked here:  There is a great deal of intimacy. Madison is eager and willing to share her fantasies with Adam. And, Adam is finally able to open his heart in a way he never has–with anyone.

Surely Adam’s lies are problematic, but he eventually confesses all to Madison–from a recent slip in his drug use to the reappearance of his addict father in his life–and they seem to become stronger in the shared trials.

About the sex–lots, and lots, and lots. I’m not a fan of all the scenes, but let’s say they are pretty compelling. If you’re into anal…

Of the five Sole Regret published novellas to-date, I think this one is my least fave. Not because I dislike the story, but there is something so magical about a NEWLY sparked romance, that Madison and Adam’s hook-up tale falls a little flat. Also, Adam is the not the most likeable character. He puts up a lot of defenses and is deliberately destructive, so it’s harder to root for him as opposed to the other guys in the band.

On the whole, it’s a solid erotic romance, a fast read, and a springboard for the other novellas which are all separate, but share characters and plot threads.

It’s on sale all over the interwebs…as a stand alone, or in one of two box sets–ALPHA BAD BOYS or TRY ME TEMPT ME TAKE ME.

TRY ME, My Nights with SOLE REGRET (1/5)

Try Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #1) Who hasn’t dreamed of turning the head of a famous rock star?

That passion, that excitement of a sexy brush with fame probably started with Elvis and it’s more than an idle dream for some women.

And that’s what I love about Olivia Cunning’s novella series: One Night with Sole Regret–she gives us the fantasy from start to finish. Each night a separate member of the band finds a woman and the passion is explosive.

The first installment, TRY ME, follows the activity of Gabe “Force” Banner, the mohawked drummer and his encounter with accountant Melanie Anderson following a concert in Tulsa.

Melanie has tagged along with her friend Nikki, a girl after the attention of Sole Regret’s lead singer, Shade. Thing is, the only way Nikki and Mel can get backstage is to convince the roadies they are up for a wild night with Shade–together–and Mel is not down with it. She’s terrified of tattooed men and ends up insulting the copiously-inked, arrogant Shade right to his face, much to the amusement of Gabe.

Gabe, his own ink covered by cap and shirt, begins talking to Mel. He’s never known a woman to turn down Shade, and is drawn to her independence. Chatting casually, Mel inadvertently mistakes Gabe for another fan and is later appalled to learn that Gabe is not only the drummer, he’s also heavily tattooed… Of course by the time she learns all this, she’s hooked by his good looks and down-to-earth nature.

What cements it all? Gabe opens up about his closet-geek status and Mel is captivated. Gabe can’t understand why Mel being attracted to him for reasons other than his fame is so potent, but it really stirs him up.

I love the way they come together. He feels free to express himself in a way he never usually does, and Mel is just as open in return. They bond, and the following morning they both know more has happened than a one-night stand.

TO BE CLEAR– this is a STEAMER!! So super hot I thought my iPad might melt.

And what’s even better?

There are four more nights with Sole Regret! (So far…)

If you check TRY ME out, please let me know what you thought in the comments!

You can pick this title up on it’s own or as part of the ALPHA BAD BOYS box set I reviewed earlier. If you buy the box set you’ll get TEMPT ME, the second novella in this series–at a discount!

Gems in the bargain bin–ALPHA BAD BOYS

So, I’m a frugal gal. I get ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) whenever I can. I download Amazon Freebies. I pick up $.99 specials. I buy secondhand books.

Before you condemn me, let me explain: I have to! Sadly, I spend more cash at Barnes & Noble or than I do on shoes…

This isn’t only how I buy books. I buy clearance everything. Yes, I’m that lady in the grocery trying to discern if the  dented can with no label marked 25 cent is corn (YEA!) … or sauerkraut (Eep!).

Naturally, being the clearance queen, the Alpha Bad Boys box set piqued my interest. It’s out for $.99 now…and I scooped it up.

Well folks, it wasn’t corn.

It was BETTER.

If they put hot fudge sundaes in cans, that’s what I would have tasted when I broke the seal on my bargain purchase!

To be clear, there are 7 books in this pack. SEVEN!! for a $1. Granted there are 5 novellas and 2 novels, but still!

Absolutely the best deal.

Why? Because Olivia Cunning. There are TWO novellas from her Sole Regret series–and they are SMOKING! Oh! Who doesn’t love tatted rockstars finding love? NO ONE!!  TRY ME is delicious. I could snack on Gabe…if I was guaranteed I wouldn’t burn my lips on his hotness. And TEMPT ME has turned me into a fangirl. Purchased separately they are $2.99 apiece. [Did I mention this boxset deal is fantastic?]

I also loved ONE NIGHT FOREVER and ASK FOR IT–both contemporary romance, and both full-length novels with strong female leads and dreamy Alpha love interests.

An erotic romance collection can’t be complete without some BDSM–and it’s front and center in TUCKER’S FALL. Not my fave, but a decent tale.

The bookends:  THEIR VIRGIN CAPTIVE and EDUCATING ANSLEY are menage novellas with virgin leads and moderate-to-heavy Dom Alphas. Personally, I feel like crafting a menage tale is 10X harder than an ordinary erotic romance. Like the act itself, describing a menage relationship is a delicate balance requiring finesse. I’ll just say (in this genre) I’ve been spoiled by the mastery that is Nicole Edwards.  I wasn’t blown away by these, but hey, they weren’t sauerkraut.

So, in total, loved this collection. And, it’s cheap. You like all variety of erotic romance?

Embrace your inner dented-can-chooser….Pick it up.