How Nancy Drew determined my reading habits

It’s come to this. I’m addicted to series reads–and I blame it squarely on Nancy Drew. Rightfully so.

Just give an impressionable, slightly rambunctious, third-grade girl a digestible mystery with fun and friendship and the *hint* of a romance and sit back. Observe. The descent into Bonafide Series Junkie is inevitable.

I didn’t stand a chance.

But, I’ve had a rather good course as far as addictions go. I started young with Christoper Pike and V.C. Andrews books. I inhaled C. S. Lewis. As a parent I fell into Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. As an adult I began re-reading with Outlander–of which I purchased two sets and had to donate them to others in order to get anything done in my house. I own both Highlander and Fever Series from KMM. MindJacker Trilogy. Hunger Games. Even the Beauty Trilogy by Anne Rice, if I’m to be totally honest here.

There are others, assuredly, but this is enough to demonstrate the common thread here: I can’t get enough of characters I adore. I’ve enlisted help from support groups at my libraries for decades now and if I’ve dumped money into feeding my habit it’s all for the good.

Currently, I’m awaiting Allegiant, Fifth Grave Past the Light, Burned and Written in my Own Heart’s Blood…in addition to falling in with some new up-and-coming authors.

When I see all the books/book deals that are coming out it seems to me that there will be fewer and fewer stand-alone books out there. And, while this totally rocks for the series addict in me, I’m a bit troubled that there won’t be enough John Greens or Judy Blumes or Sarah Dessens to write the books that need writing because everybody is looking for that killer hook that will land the big multi-book/movie rights contract.


But I’m going to continue searching that new arrivals table for the unique, too.  Help me find great reads–series or not–by listing your favorites in the comments!