Captivated by THE BUSINESSMAN’S TIE–a Review

I picked this one up as a freebie and, well, let’s just say this…I lost a LOT of sleep reading the other three books in the series. For those who read 50SOG and are looking for the next BDSM series, Deena Ward’s The Power To Please series absolutely will.

Please that is…

The Businessman's Tie (The Power to Please, #1)THE BUSINESSMAN’S TIE (The Power to Please Book 1)
by Deena Ward
Nonnie Crawford is nearing thirty and out celebrating her divorce with a group of girlfriends when she locks eyes on the man across the bar. He’s attractive, and intense. His suit is well cut and his collar’s open. The eye contact is broken, but, while freshening up, Nonnie talks herself into approaching him.

Guess this stranger had the same idea, because when she opens the lav door he’s in the hallway. And the things they get up to in that hall are deliciously naughty.

And involve a tie…which she finds tucked into her purse the next morning.

Nonnie is awakened in a way she cannot forget. To her shame she stalks the bar on other nights to find the anonymous man who makes her dreams go nuclear. He doesn’t show but she’s befriended by another young woman who convinces her to investigate a rumored sex club. They go, and there Nonnie meets Michael Weston–a swoony playboy-type who happens to be an avid Dom. Michael makes it clear he’d like to get to know Nonnie. Intimately.

And, of course, The Businessman–aka Gibson Reeves–shows up, too.

In the meantime Nonnie’s voyeuristic cherry is popped, and she has offers from both Michael and Gibson to be their submissive. It’s heady, and hot, and Nonnie’s not sure what her friends will think of this wild side. So she keeps it quiet…

Still, she knows the things that either of these men can do will turn her inside out and sideways–in a very good way. Big decisions ahead for this novice. And they all point toward OH! OH! OH!

I just fell into this series and loved the blend of mature woman/insecure submissive that is Nonnie. She wants so much to find that all-encompassing love any gal dreams of, and the sensory overload she experiences with both Michael and Gibson take her to a place she mistakes for love, in some ways.

After I finished THE BUSINESSMAN’S TIE I went back and bought the four-book set. Right there you know I loved it.

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Let me know in the comments if you check this one out–and how you liked it.

And, as always, keep reading my friends! 🙂