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Hi there! Today I’m sharing an excerpt, exclusive author notes and giveaway in support of MOONDANCING, a contemporary romance for the rest of us…

Moondancing_by_CeliaJ_Anderson-500About the book:
Together since their teens, Molly and Jake have four children, a house in a sleepy village and jobs that bore them to distraction. Their marriage is an accident waiting to happen. When Nick arrives in Mayfield, young, disturbed and in desperate need of mother-love, Molly doesn’t realise that he will be the catalyst that blows everything apart.

Add a headmaster whose wife doesn’t understand him and Molly’s unpredictable, frustrated best friend to the mix, and the blue touch paper has been well and truly lit.

Thoughts from Author Celia Anderson….
It’s still dark as I write this, and the rain is lashing down, but the day you read this will be… (drumroll and crash of cymbals) LAUNCH DAY! So the weather and the gloom don’t matter, because my fourth book has taken a long time to be born and to me at least, is very welcome. The second, third and fourth were written in no time at all, it now seems, but Moondancing has been in the pipeline for the best part of twenty years off and on. It’s been a complete labour of love, although the process wasn’t without its sweary moments. Here’s a rundown of how Moondancing came to be:

1996: During a refresher course at college before diving into teacher training, I had to write the first chapter of a novel. It was then called ‘Something for Molly.’

1997 – 2000: The book creaked along slowly, time being taken up with studying, juggling a job and pre-teens.

2000 – 2006: The early years of teaching were very absorbing and holidays were almost all taken up with husband and children activities. The book moved on slowly.

2006: My husband died suddenly. Writing became a temporary escape from sadness. The book absorbed some very bad moments.

2008: I married again, and, now part-time at work, began to seriously try to finish the book (now renamed ‘Start Again’.)

2010: Discovered that meeting other writers was the key to motivation for me. Book edited by RNA New Writers’ Scheme reader. Report mixed!

2011: I met and joined the brilliant Romaniacs, https://theromaniacgroup.wordpress.com/

2012: First book (Sweet Proposal) published after a competition win with Piatkus Entice.

Since then, two more books and a full time job as Assistant Head later, I was encouraged by my lovely current editor, Christine McPherson at Tirgearr, and also by the brilliant Mandy James, to revamp the first book and send it in. The rest is history. So I hope you get to read Moondancing and enjoy it. The labour has been long but in the end, the birth was almost pain free!

A bit of MOONDANCING to whet your whistle…

Glancing at the kitchen clock, Jake bellows at everyone to hurry up, and runs upstairs two at a time to check on his wife. He’s not surprised to find Molly still curled up under the duvet, eyes tightly shut, the window opened wide to let in the sweet morning air. Tears of self-pity and frustration are trickling into her pillow.

Jake can’t ever remember Molly getting so blind drunk before, even when they were teenagers experimenting with cider from the corner shop. Tipsy, yes. Slightly merry now and again at a party, even wobbly on her feet sometimes and a bit giggly. But last night she’d staggered in from the pub after a night out with her three best friends, cackling like a lunatic and singing something about wind beneath her wings.

What was all that about? Jake had just been building up to seeing if she was up for a bit of a cuddle when she’d lurched off down the corridor and thrown up in the bath. It had been a long night. It’s a wonder all four kids didn’t wake up. Luckily, their huge Victorian semi is fixed up so Theo, Sam and Hattie can have the loft conversion to themselves. Max, in his boxroom on the first floor, is quite able to sleep through a tornado or a herd of elephants stampeding through his bedroom.

‘Can I get you anything?’ Jake says, loudly. Molly shakes her head without opening her eyes.

‘Do you want me to phone work for you to say you won’t be in, Moll?’

‘No, I can’t miss today. They’d kill me. It’s the playgroup cake sale.’

The thought of food is clearly too much for Molly, and she flings back the duvet and hurtles into the bathroom. Jake listens to the hideous noises, rolls his eyes at his reflection in the wardrobe mirror, and goes downstairs to muster the troops. The words ‘only yourself to blame’ roll around his head, but on reflection he decides not to say them right now.

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celiaprofile copyAuthor Bio:
Celia J Anderson teaches English in a small South Derbyshire town and dreams of living by the sea. Having her previous books published (Sweet Proposal, with Piatkus Entice and Little Boxes and Living the Dream with Tirgearr) has whetted her appetite for the author’s life, but at the moment she is juggling her love of junior drama and writing classes, reading thrillers and drinking too much wine/eating too much cake while she keeps on top of the marking pile. One day…

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