My Weekend With HELLER

So, my hubby was away this past weekend. And, it’s rather lonely when he’s gone. Empty bed, and all.

Naturally, I sought out some companionship. My sis introduced me to HELLER, and yes, he’s all she said he would be.

How so? you wonder.

Well, when I first heard of JD Nixon’s series I thought…meh. Silly girl gets tied up in mysterious powerful man’s web of zaniness. Kinda old. I could smell the acrid fumes of a microwaved plot. In fact, I had it on my iPad a bit before I ‘broke the seal’. But, when my beloved sister tells me I should READ THIS! I do.

And, squee!

The HELLER series is a funny, heartwarming set of yarns that follow trouble-magnet Matilda “Tilly” Chalmers in her love-hate relationship with Heller, owner of HELLER’S Security.

Telling a reader that a book is funny is easy. Getting them to believe it? More difficult.

Say I mentioned that HELLER began with Tilly being told she was now let go from her current job because she refused to date her boss. Not funny, right? Especially as she’s flat broke and figures the only way to pay her rent is to have sex with her repulsive landlord. NOT FUNNY. But, what if I told you Tilly’s job was to act the part of a slice of watermelon in a children’s play. And, what if she needed help getting out of her watermelon costume, but the only one available was her lecherous boss. And, what if he told her the costume’s zipper was broken and she had to ride three public buses clear across town to get home—dressed as a watermelon slice–in the summer heat. And, when she finally manages to get home she’s exhausted, soggy with sweat, and must wait hours for her flat-mate to arrive and rescue her from the costume–only to learn that the zipper wasn’t broken after all!

Oh, poor Tils!

Her luck seems to turn around when Tilly applies to Heller’s as a receptionist/liaison who also provides companionship/security for wealthy female clients visiting the city while their husbands conduct business. Unfortunately, the ladies are often very hard to handle outside of their husband’s tight leases. Tilly finds herself caught up in capers, ranging from hilarious to downright dangerous. Our plucky heroine seems to collect stitches faster than a cheetah catches prey.

There is a lot of body comedy, and a definite attraction develops between Tilly and Heller, but, having been burned previously, she spurns his advances. No big. Heller’s drop-dead gorge and has no trouble finding available women. Much to Tilly’s chagrin.

I found the Australian slang charming and fell in love with Tilly from the first chapter. Which is how my weekend became ensconced in HELLER…so much so that I read HELLER’S REVENGE, HELLER’S GIRLFRIEND and HELLER’S PUNISHMENT, too.  I did manage to sleep. Yesterday.

Good thing the fifth installment, HELLER’S DECISION, comes out next month. I have time to plan another trip for the hubby…

You can check out HELLER for free, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or iTunes Bookstore.  The sequels are cheap, and enjoyable. The sexual tension continues to build and the Tilly’s misfortunes get more outrageous. If you need another recommendation, try this one. HELLER is currently Book-of-the-Week at Apple’s iTunes Bookstore.

Let me know if you check them out and what you think!