Cocktails and Dreams–two of my favorite things!

Cocktails & Dreams Reading in the summer isn’t easy.

Kids are home, but I’m still working.

And, I have writing to do.

And, the garden is sorely neglected.

You know, the usual excuses…

But I’ve made a commitment to myself to squeeze in some time for new books. I was glad to run across COCKTAILS AND DREAMS by Autumn Markus (@AutumnMarkus).

In this New Adult Contemporary Romance, Jena Baker and Nicolas Cooper–two who had admired each other in college but were unable to link up due to a sudden separation–meet again on New Year’s Eve seven years later. And the sex, though it’s not described, is EPIC. Except for one thing:  Nick was too drunk to remember who his Angel is.

Haunted by dreams of the escapade, he is stunned to learn Jena was his special someone. Meanwhile, Jena, stung by Nick’s poor memory is hesitant to enter an actual relationship with the object of her college crush.

What follows is an unsteady game of Misunderstanding as both Jena and Nick realize they are supremely attracted to each other, while having very little knowledge of the other. Their tentative dating results in a passion-fueled couplehood–complete with jealous bar fights, empty liquor bottles, disapproving parents, scheming friends, and lots and lots of hurt feelings. Pretty much dead-on for a realistic relationship, IMHO.

Told in alternating first-person, this tale gives the reader a window to both Jena and Nick’s insecurities and certainties–because when the dust settles they’re definitely *almost* sure they really might belong…together.

What I really enjoyed about this novel:  the passion between Jena and Nick, the love of their friends, and the steadfast belief that they didn’t know what the heck they were getting into.

For all that this is a contemporary romance the heat is tepid. Lots of discussion about sex had or to-be-had but no graphic smexy bits to make your hands steam up the reader screen. And, that’s okay too.

If you happen to pick this one up, let me know your take.

And ALWAYS recommend me a can’t-miss title.