Right Place, Right Time: BITTEN BY FATE, A Review and Giveaway!

Hi there! Today I’m sharing my review of a new paranormal M/M romance from Annabelle Jacobs. BITTEN BY FATE is the 6th book in her Regent’s Park Pack series featuring an alternate universe where werewolves are very much a part of everyday life around London. You all know I really enjoyed BITTEN BY MISTAKE and BITTEN BY DESIGN the first two books in this series. I’ve read nearly all of them and am sad that the series is come to a close!

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About the book:
Daryl plays with fire and gets burned by fate…
Former Primrose Pack member Jason Black happily accepted his role as beta in the new Regent’s Hill pack, knowing that merging the two was the best decision for everyone involved. Daryl Easton is loyal and honest but wary of change. The joining of the two packs wasn’t his preferred outcome, and he’s struggling to see all the newcomers as pack, including those now working alongside him.

When the alpha council proposes a two-week pack-building course to help improve troubled relationships, Jason and Daryl are sent along as backup. It soon becomes clear that the unit members and their betas won’t be the only ones taking part in tasks—Daryl and Jason will have challenges of their own to complete.

With the full moon adding to the rising tension, emotions are volatile, and tempers flare among the unit members. Jason and Daryl become closer than either of them expected, but with such opposing views on relationships, a messy outcome seems inevitable unless Daryl can let go of the past.

My Review:
This alternate world features wolf shifters who have specific pack domains within contemporary London. Daryl has been a lifelong member of the Regent’s Park park, and trusts his alpha and the shifters he’s known for years, but he knows his role. He’s a beta in the pack, which has expanded to include members of the Primrose pack, now that their traitorous alpha was killed and the pack beta imprisoned. So, when his alpha send Daryl to chaperone two other beta units having team building training to better incorporate their Primrose members, Daryl won’t refuse. And, when he finds out he’s sharing quarters with Jason, a new beta from the Primrose pack, well, he’s also not going to refuse. Both Daryl and Jason need to get to know one another better and build some trust so they can help with pack duties.

Of course, the pack bonding activities extend to Jason and Daryl. They have specific tasks that have an erotic tinge to them–especially as they share a mutual attraction. Jason has made no secret of wanting a mated bond, but Daryl shies away from this. He has bad memories of his father and mother–who had a good marriage–getting messed up by his mother inadvertently finding a potential bond match with another male. So, Daryl isn’t willing to get physical with Jason until he’s sure they won’t form a bond. It’s rough on Jason, who can’t understand Daryl’s aversion to bonds.

As they spend time and space with one another, their attraction grows–and Daryl’s tentative explorations at physical love don’t seem to bring on the tingling, bonding hormones. Jason is still wary of falling too hard for Daryl, and being left with a painful unrequited bond. But, he also recognizes the chance he has with Daryl, whose taciturn demeanor changes completely when they are behind closed doors. There he’s passionate and loving in ways Jason didn’t anticipate.

There’s drama with the new pack members clashing with longtime members, but this seems to wane as the team challenges continue. It’s going so well that they plan to leave the camp early and return home–which is good because a potential bond has arisen despite Daryl’s most ardent efforts to contain his emotions. It’s painful and frustrating for both Jason and Daryl, yet it’s nothing compared to how hard it gets when tragedy strikes on their final team bonding day. A crossroads opens between Daryl and Jason with the imminent danger sparking more than a comrade-response. The rush to get home is overshadowed by the suspicion that the accident had been planned. For these guys, their hardest moments come at the very end. And, they do fall headlong into a bond, which Daryl learns to embrace after having some wise counsel from key players in his life.

This is planned to be the final book in this series, not sure if there will be spin-offs; there’s already been one. I’ve enjoyed the journey through all these characters’ experiences and falling in love even when they haven’t planned, wanted, or expected it.

Interested? You can find BITTEN BY FATE on Goodreads and Amazon (US and UK).

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Good luck and keep reading my friends!

About the Author:
Annabelle Jacobs lives in the South West of England with three rowdy children, and two cats. An avid reader of fantasy herself for many years, Annabelle now spends her days writing her own stories. They’re usually either fantasy or paranormal fiction, because she loves building worlds filled with magical creatures, and creating stories full of action and adventure. Her characters may have a tough time of it—fighting enemies and adversity—but they always find love in the end.

Catch up with Annabelle online on her website, Facebook, twitter or email at ajacobsfiction (at) gmail (dot) com.
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