Melodrama Reigns in CRAZY BEAUTIFUL LIES–Review & Giveaway

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Hi there! Today I’m sharing a review for a newly-released debut romance from Kathrun L James. CRAZY BEAUTIFUL LIES is a mistaken identity romance that puts an emotionally walled-off billionaire into bed with a sassy baker. Time and time again.

Catch the excerpt below and be sure to enter the $20 Amazon GC giveaway!

CBL 1st revisionAbout the book:
Blake DeLuca is a manwhore with a reputation to prove it.

Jenna Capwell thought she had the perfect life until tragedy happens and betrayals unfold. In a chance meeting, Blake mistakes her for the call girl from an elite escort service. Jenna wants nothing more than a carefree, reckless night of passion, so she plays the part, and plays it well. When their paths cross again, Blake stops at nothing to see her again…even uses blackmail.

She knows what kind of man he is and yet she falls for him during their angsty relationship. He reminds her time and time again not to get attached to him and he doesn’t know what he’s about to lose until the table is turned and she makes a bold decision. One that changes the rules of the game and one that brings him to his knees. Can she survive another heart break and can he survive her betrayal?

How about a little taste?

He leaned into the door frame and folded his arms across his chest. Green eyes sparkled at me with amusement as I stared, and my skin must have flushed three shades of red. He cocked his eyebrow up and his lips curved into a delicious, lazy smile. I took in his strong chiseled jaw and his messy, damp, jet black hair.

Probably just out of the shower. Him naked… just damn.

“You’re late, and I don’t like waiting.” He moved aside for me to enter.

Late? Kept him waiting? I tried to snap out of my mesmerized stupor.

“Honey, come in. I don’t bite. Unless you’re into that.” He dragged his hand through his hair. The song changed and the tune was slow and sexy.

Like the fly drawn to the spider web, I stepped inside.

Finding my wits, I managed to ask, “Is Colin here?”

“No threesome tonight, honey. Just me and you. The money’s on the bar in an envelope. Once we’re done, you can see yourself out. I only want to fuck. I don’t want to get personal. This is just a fuck. Understand?”

Money… Only want to fuck… Just a fuck… He thinks I’m a hooker!

I gazed around the room and stared at the thick white envelope on the bar. So thick, I wondered just how much he was paying.

“It’s all there.” His voice sounded cocky.

I held back a laugh and smiled. A no strings, carefree, reckless night was exactly what I wanted. What I needed.

Let the games begin…because, I’m all in.

My Review:
I must say, I was a bit disappointed by this book. The premise and excerpt were all about a girl getting her groove back in a very sexy manner–and don’t let me steer you wrong, the book is sexy–but it really wasn’t the romp I thought it would be.

Jenna loses the love of her life months before their wedding, and then finds out he was living a double life with her–sad. She tries to get over it on a trip to LA and ends up meeting Blake and being mistaken for a call girl. She rolls with it because she’s feeling low and Blake’s keen interest lights her up. Their one night is sexy and fun and completely out of character for this successful businesswoman. She leaves without a goodbye, taking the memories of that experience to bolster her self-esteem–and then runs into Blake again a few weeks later in NYC while out with mutual friends.

Blake doesn’t want to keep Jenna, he does want to have her, though, and proposes a short (three month) no-strings fling for while he’s in town. She reluctantly agrees, and the sexytimes roll!

Thing is, Jenna’s not a no-strings gal, and the more time she spends beneath Blake, the more she wants this to BE MORE. It’s kinda formulaic, and I had some serious issues with the melodrama and catfighting in the book. Plus, Blake’s a billionaire playboy sex god security firm and nightclub and sex club owning manipulative guilty conscience with daddy issues. He’s a lot to keep up with, and he’s quixotic and moody and able to jet off in his private plane at a moment’s disgruntlement. Jenna’s an orphan who pulled herself up by her bootstraps, survived the loss of love, the betrayal of love, and now she’s coddling a 6′ 3″ alpha male who won’t take no for an answer. She runs at every chance and sometimes Blake seeks her out and sometimes she fights for a second (third?) chance. If you are into books with more sex than sense, this is a book you are going to want to pick up.

Interested? You can find CRAZY BEAUTIFUL LIES on Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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About the Author:
Kathryn James lives in a southern small town with her husband and kids. Being a hopeless romantic, she loves to read and write about bad-boy sexy alpha males and a strong heroine. She weaves her characters along a roller coaster ride full of angst before they reach their HEA. The beach is one of her favorite places to relax and write. But most days, when she’s writing, you can find her snuggled under a blanket in a recliner with her sweet apricot poodle curled up beside her. She’s loves diet coke, and is certain it helped her stay awake pecking away on her laptop writing her debut novel Crazy Beautiful Lies.

Catch up with Kathryn on line on her website, Facebook, twitter and Goodreads.
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