At What Cost For FAMILY JEWELS–A Review for Joyfully Jay

Hi there! Playing a bit of catch-up shouting out my review for MJ O’Shea’s FAMILY JEWELS. I am a total swooner for Brit men, and especially the underdog. This book has a bit of both. It features an Interpol art crimes inspector and the thief who steals his heart!

Family JewelsAbout the book:

Corbin Ford, aka the Nightwatchman, named for the antique pocket watches he leaves behind at jobs, has been in the cat-burgling business for years. His father was. His grandfather was. His mother is still one of the most renowned thieves. Corbin likes his high-profile heists, priceless paintings from private collections, artifacts from museums, but his favorite? Jewels. Sparkly, beautiful jewels. If they’re famous, better yet.

Interpol agent Luke Eldridge has one goal and one goal only: to catch the Nightwatchman. Luke’s been after him for months, but getting the slip time and again is getting embarrassing. Luke has never even laid eyes on the bastard, but he’d happily strangle him. And then arrest him.

When Luke meets Corbin, the man of his dreams, he falls hard and fast… only to catch Corbin red-handed with his hand in a jewelry case at the scene of the highest-profile murder that’s rocked the international world in years.

I really enjoyed the tension that built between Luke and Corbin. They had some real chemistry. Plus, they made themselves so vulnerable. They are together for several months before the inevitable happens–long enough to know their relationship is real, and worth fighting for. Even when Luke knows all about Corbin, he’s torn between duty and his heart’s desire.

You can check out my entire review over on Joyfully Jay.

Thanks for popping in and keep reading my friends!

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