Her Life is TEQUILA & TEA BAGS–Review and Giveaway

Facebook Cover PhotoHi all! Today I’m sharing in the blitz for a quirky contemporary New Adult romance. Laura Barnard’s TEQUILA & TEA BAGS is a hoot sure to be enjoyed by lovers of Bridget Jones… This is ADULT read.

Tequila and Tea BagsAbout the Book:

Sent to live with her cousin Elsie in the Yorkshire countryside, Rose has only one thing on her mind; joining her friends as a club rep in Mexico.

When she hears about a council incentive offering the promise of free flights to the person who clocks the most volunteering hours at the local care home, she’s got her plan set.
But she doesn’t plan on bonding with the old ladies, going after the village bad boy and trying to persuade Elsie not to become a Nun.

Soon she’s questioning who her real friends are and whether her old life is one she wants to return to.

Can the village win her over and will she win the chance to leave it behind? Will she even want to?


My Review:

Well! I do love me a funny romance, and Bridget Jones is a go-to for my feel good times, so I was destined to enjoy this!

23 y/o Rose is given a serious wake-up call when her parents cut off all her allowance and force her to move from the London suburbs to a hamlet in the Yorkshire countryside. She’s now sharing a flat with her cousin Elsie–who is trianing to become a nun.

This party girl is bereft, until she learns that volunteering in the local retirement home will garner the chance at a holiday. Her BFF is currently in Mexico, and Rose is desperate to join her. Naturally, the center’s director–the infuriating, yet good-looking Will–is an impediment.

Rose finds trouble without even trying–by basically lying about her skills. Barmaid? Sure! (Cue the beer flood) Horse-minding? No problem! (OMG–even Bridget never caused this kind of havoc!)

Along the way, Rose becomes the shag-buddy of Will’s younger (disreputable) brother James. through the month of Rose’s visit, she and Will get to know each other very well. Much like BJ, Rose is involved in a love triangle she never intended, but I think we can all guess this girl has a whole lot of hilarious self-discovery in her future. And, a good-looking, compassionate man at her side!

The book moves quickly and is peppered with interesting side characters. I loved how Rose and one of the retirees, Betty, bonded. They had a far better relationship than even Rose and her parents. It’s fun to see a character grow when loved and respected, instead of pitied and reviled.

Interested?  You can find Tequila & Tea Bags on Goodreads and Amazon (US and UK).


Like my FB page and that of Laura Barnard, then come back and tell me you did in the comments. One lucky commenter will get a book! Yay! Thanks, Laura!

Laura BarnardAbout the Author:

My name is Laura Barnard and I am an author from Hertfordshire, UK. My first chick-lit novel, The Debt & the Doormat was an Amazon number 1 best-seller and won Best Laugh Out Loud Book of 2013. It is available via Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks. Barnes and Noble, The Book Depository and many more.

In my spare time I enjoy drinking my body weight in tea, indulging in cupcakes the size of my face, drooling over hunks like Jamie Dornan, Ryan Gosling and Leo Dicaprio…oh and my husband of course! I like wearing yoga clothes and reading fitness magazines while I sit on the sofa and eat chocolate. I’m a real fan of the power nap and of course, READING!

I write not to get rich or famous, but because I LOVE writing. Even if one person tells me they enjoyed my book it makes the midnight typing worth it!

Catch up with Laura on her website, Goodreads, Facebook, and twitter.

Thanks for popping in, and keep reading my friends!

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