Serially Addicted…to Serials–SOCIAL MEDIA and DEBT COLLECTOR–Reviews!

Hi all! Today I want to ramble a bit on some great serials I’ve enjoyed and new ones I’m gearing up to read. I’m a fan of the serial–which I have mentioned before–because I’m a busy gal. I do not always have a week to devote to a book (I’m looking at you, Diana Gabaldon!)

I can generally finish a 300 page paperback in a day or less. Still, I work, and I’m a mom, and a blogger and a writer, and, well, you get it–all this other stuff of life cuts into my reading-time, the one thing that I do only for myself.

So, a novella, or serially-written novel series, allows me to wedge in a bit of escapism between my kid’s practices, or while waiting at the doctor’s office, or on a lunch break. Serials aren’t new, they have been around since the printed word existed. They were most often printed in magazines or newspapers–and some still are. For me they like a TV series–one I don’t have to present for every week at the same time to enjoy.

I’m currently reading two fantastic serials: The six-part SOCIAL MEDIA series by JA HUSS and the nine-part serial, DEBT COLLECTOR: SEASON TWO by Susan Kaye Quinn.

Follow (Social Media, #1)You can check out my review of the first two Social Media episodes HERE. This is a contemporary erotic romance series between moviestar extraordinaire Vaughn Asher and event coordinator with a horrific past, Grace.

Here are my reviews for FOLLOW, LIKE, BLOCK and STATUS. Check them out to see if this serial is for you. I can tell you, I’m eagerly awaiting the next, penultimate, episode: PROFILE.

The fifth episode, PROFILE, drops on Wed Oct 22. As with all the Social Media episodes pre-orders are $.99–which increases to $2.99 after release day. A small aside, pre-orders are so fun! I love waking up and finding a new book waiting in my iPad! 😀

Susan Kaye Quinn’s DEBT COLLECTOR: Season One was one of my fave books last year. Please check out my series-long review. for more info on this future noir, dystopian series.If you haven’t read the first season, however, you can STILL jump into Season Two.

What is IMPORTANT TO KNOW: in this futuristic world a debt collector has unique ability to absorb and harness the life energy of a human. One can draw the energy through any skin-to-skin contact, and drawing energy will shorten the life span of the people they touch. They also have the ability to transfer the life energy they collect to others. In the world of Debt Collectors, they are licensed by the government to draw life energy from dying adults and transfer it (legally) to high-potential peoples who can live longer to solve the world’s problems. Of course, there is HUGE black market for this skill–and lots of rogue debt collectors exist on illegal life energy collections….

Wraith (Debt Collector 10)My Review of WRAITH: Debt Collector Season Two, Episode One:
Alexa Sterling is heiress to Sterling Cybernetics–and she’s not happy. Mostly because her father was murdered, presumably by debt collectors, only three weeks ago. What Alexa’s anti-debt collection crusader father didn’t know? That Alex herself is a debt collector.

Yeah. Alexa has an alter ego as Wraith. She discovered her Debt Collector ability inadvertently, it seems, and it hurt someone close to her. Believing that Debt Collectors killed her father, she is averse to dealing with them. She does have a physical need to transfer life energy–as doing so is a bit of a high and not doing so leads to severe depression.

So, Alexa/Wraith is a bit Robin Hood. She takes energy from people she knows to have gotten life energy pulses illegally, and donates them to sick individuals–giving them the strength to survive their diseases. It’s an admirable use of a deleterious skill, which make Alexa/Wraith an anti-hero of my favorite sort.

The read is intense, picking up in the throes of a life energy hit. Alexa is creative and utilizes her power in the best way she can, but she’s also impetuous, and this leads not only to a bad collection, but also puts her on the radar of a rogue Debt Collector network, Gehanna. She is being recruited against her will–with exposure of her secret life as a Debt Collector in the offing.

So looking forward to the next episode!

WRAITH releases Oct 20th. Now’s your chance to get in at the beginning. Preorders being taken at Amazon and for those people who want to read the WHOLE BOOK ALL AT ONCE, they can pre-order Season Two for release on Dec 15–just in time to rock your Christmas reads!

Please also consider checking out Season One. Every person with whom I’ve shared this book has come back with RAVE reviews. I seriously swooned for the anti-hero, Lirium, as he fought to keep himself free of the mafia and save the lives of terminally ill children. Yeah. I still get melty remembering…

Thanks for popping in my friends, and keep reading!

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