It’s My Birthday–and I’m (Over)Sharing the Love

Hi there! Gosh! I never thought I’d see this day. But here it is I’m 40.

Doesn’t seem momentous?

I’ve suffered depression more years than I can count. Seems odd, for a gal like me perhaps. I’m educated–in science and medicine no less–and I have a great family, and a solid job in a good career, I’ve never done drugs (ever) and I’m a seldom drinker–but that’s the thing about depression. It’s an equal opportunity destroyer.

I never thought I’d BE 40, because I didn’t figure I’d live that long. It’s hard to see down the tunnel of depression. Everything feels so hard to manage, such a trial. Even breathing. There were days and weeks when the depression was overcoming me and it FELT like there was a 250 pound weight on my chest. Each breath hurt, crushing tears from my eyes at any moment.


I’d like to say those days are over. But, they aren’t. They just don’t come as frequently anymore. Mostly, because I won’t let them. I have survived the darkest days in my life, and I take courage from that. I decide that my days will be more positive than negative, and I find faith in that. I look for the beauty that surrounds me, and I find joy in that. It helps. A lot, actually. Reading is escapism in it’s purest form, so reading has been a big part of my daily depression management. Maybe it’s that way for you, too. If so, I hope some of the books I’ve suggested were winners.

Okay–so most depressing birthday post ever, huh? Well, I got a silver lining. Or, a gift card lining anywho.


In honor of my birthday I am sharing some of the love I’ve received in my 40 years. I’m giving away a $40 USD gift card to ONE winner–you choose the e-retailer. This is international. I can’t convert currency if the winner is outside the US, however so there’s that. 40 USD–whatever that amounts to in the country where you live.

And, to a second winner, a box o’ books off my shelf. Whatever I can stuff into one of those flat-rate USPS mailers–so this one’s US/Canada only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So, thanks for being here. Thanks for indulging me. I hope I entertain and bring new books to your mind and heart.
Best wishes to all of you, and thanks for popping in and keep reading my friends!

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