Catch the Fever–DARKFEVER

In honor of October’s SPOOKTACULAR, it’s time for another Urban Fantasy Series–this one by Karen Marie Moning.

Now Ms. Moning had a great thing going with her Highlander romances. And I mean great. They freaking rocked.–from a romance standpoint. Delicious, burly, sensitive, considerate lovers, some with mystical Druid powers, all falling for smart, confident, not-quite-perfect-bodied, women-many displaced in time to the seventeenth century…

Money, pure and simple.

But no, Moning wasn’t content to churn out more category romance.

She went Dark.

Darkfever (Fever, #1)DARKFEVER is the first in an on-going series surrounding the MacKayla Lane, a party-girl turned warrior.

In this first book, Mac, as she is called, travels to Dublin to find her sister’s murder. Not as if she is remotely qualified to do so. But, she heartsick–missing Alina as if missing her own left hand.

Still, upon arrival Mac learns that her life has taken a step into the ether. Everywhere she looks she sees strage-looking people–well. not reall people. Fae. As in the mystical, mythical race my Irish ancestors called “wee folk”.

Ain’t NOTHIN’ wee about the creatures she observes draining humans of theirbeauty, or innocence, or life, however.

Lost in a world she can’t understand, Mac nearly dies herself–those flesh-sucking Shades are a sure excutioner–but a run-in with Jericho Barrons’s provides clarity and confusion in equal measure.

The dude is intense, and his desire for Mac is barely chained. She senses there is something dark within him, and it keeps her pushing back, even when the sensible thing to do would be to seek his protection.

In contrast to Moning’s earlier romances, DARKFEVER only drips with innuendo. No sex to be found, though it’s lurking, much like Barrons. It’s a great start to an urban fantasy series that holds many sensual delights down the pike.

You can find DARKFEVER in  your library, GOODREADS  AMAZON  Barnes & Noble

And, as always: Keep reading, my friends. 😉

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