Oh…Brother! as in Black Dagger Brotherhood *swoon*

Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1)Keeping up with my HALLOWEEN theme I’m discussing a Hallow’s Eve staple:  Vampires!!

See, I’ve heard a lot about J.R. Ward’s multi-volume vampire romance series. Frankly I was a little leery–because TWILIGHT.

I mean, you love it or you hate it.

For me, well, I’m not TWI-HARD. I respect what it did for opening the YA bibliosphere, but it ain’t no fave. And, yes, I read all of them–more than once. Gotta study what sells, and all.

As such, I approached DARK LOVER with extreme caution.

How silly of me!

Delight–pure and simple.

The story opens with Damian, a Brother, asking his fellow Brother–and vampire king–Wrath, to watch over his halfling daughter Beth. She doesn’t know what she is, and Damian fears her change to a vampire will be dangerous. Wrath refuses. He detests halfbreeds. Then Damian is murdered by lessors, the mortal enemy of vampirekind, and Wrath knows he must honor Damian’s final wish.

Beth isn’t exactly what Wrath was expecting however. She’s gorgeous, and opinionated, and independent. She doesn’t know why Wrath is stalking her, but he does–and not only because Damian asked him. He’s obsessed.

Meanwhile the lessors are hatching plans to capture vampires using dead hookers as bait. The cops think Wrath is involved and the lead detective on the case, Butch O’Neill, is hot for a collar–and Beth.

By the time Beth’s change comes, Wrath has claimed her as his mate–and Butch gets caught in the crossfire. Good thing the other Brothers take a shine to Butch’s chivalrous streak and foul-mouth.

So much more happens, but suffice to say there is a real-world feel to this Urban Fantasy. The supernatural elements are well described and there is no world-building-info-dump. We are thrust into the action from the start and the story flows like blood from a vein…ahem.

The sex is just this side of panty-melting, absolutely right for a strong romance.

Another great thing about this book?

It’s been a big seller. Unfortunately that means it’s kinda pricey.

However…you *might* be able to get it at that old school freebie download site: your local library. Mine had it…maybe yours does too!

One more super great thing? Lots of libraries have eBook lending now via OverDrive. If you got an eReader and a library card, you might could get DARK LOVER that way. (I did!!!)

Otherwise: Bookstores–your fave. Goodreads. Amazon. Barnes&Noble.

Let me know if you’ve read any of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I’d love to find out which were particular favorites. I’m into the series neck deep…

As always, keep reading my friends.

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