Makenna James is an overworked accountant whose cell phone takes a catastrophic leap as she enters the elevator, thankful for the small mercy that SOMEONE held the door. She needs to get home. Her date with her couch and a bottle of red is way overdue.

The copiously-inked paramedic who holds the elevator, Caden Grayson, finds the harried red-haired woman in front of him…amusing. Who doesn’t like a woman spitting obscenities?

And then the power goes out.

HEARTS IN DARKNESS, a novella by Laura Kaye, explores the ‘chance encounter becoming more’ story in elegant alternating viewpoint.

Caden, survivor of a wreck that killed his mom and brother, suffers from claustrophobia and the blackness of elevator has him strangled with panic. It’s Makenna’s hysterical laughter which snaps him back to reality. Over the course of several hours in the dark, Makenna and Caden talk to keep his demons at bay.

Fave colors, foods, first times…you know, all the stuff you’d spill to a stranger in a confined space.

Through all the confessions, they develop a bond that goes far beyond the physical. When the power returns, Makenna is stunned to discover the pierced, tattooed man who has captured her heart is as gorgeous as she imagined. And, she’s surely too plain for him, right?

Caden senses Makenna drawing away and can’t figure out why. He’s determined to keep her close however he can. And the result: ¬†passion, baby.

I loved the flow of this from the first scene. It’s a great read with heat that steams, not scalds.

It is available for Kindle or Nook.

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