TAKE ME, My Nights with Sole Regret (3/5)

Take Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #3)How does the lead singer of a rock band seduce his ex-wife’s sister?

With complete abandon.

People, TAKE ME, the third installment of the One Night With Sole Regret novella series by Olivia Cunning, really swings. As in sex swings…

Jacob ‘Shade’ Silverton is notorious for his wild nights–usually involving more than one frisky lady. In fact, I’d decided to just plain hate on the womanizing bastard, but when he finds himself begging his vindictive ex-wife, Tina, for just five minutes of visitation with their daughter for her birthday that lump of “Men Suck” ice in my heart absolutely melted.

Amanda Lange, Tina’s older sister, has had a secret crush on Jacob far longer than his marriage to her sister lasted. Since his failed marriage, Jacob never builds relationships with women. Yet, his friendship with Amanda is comfortable. They tease each other and get silly. Amanda hates the way Tina abuses Jacob and wields child custody like a weapon, and offers to drive Jacob home, which turns into an extended visit–for movies. Just movies.


Unfortunately, Jacob’s home isn’t empty. One of his regular gals has let herself in, and Jacob’s desire for a quiet night with an old friend is nearly set off-kilter. Amanda is almost out the door when Jacob insists she stay and sends his sure-thing back home.

Jacob and Amanda are adorable together. He wants her, but knows he risks losing any chance of seeing his daughter if Tina finds out. She wants him and knows he risks losing seeing his daughter if Tina finds out. They nearly tumble together in their awkwardness, and then they convince each other that no one will ever, EVER, find out.

Except one thing:  Jacob’s house seems busier that Grand Central Station on Thanksgiving Eve.

The only member of Sole Regret who doesn’t witness this ‘secret fling’ is Kelly.

And yes, Gabe, Adam, and Owen all agree: Shade is one dumb dude.

Still, the passionate night between Jacob and Amanda is more than a love song. It is a power ballad EP–that’s Extended Play for the non-audiophiles. Oh, and it comes with bonus features.

Can I take a nap on Shade’s bed? I’d love to see if my butt looks big on his Jumbotron.

There’s a reason the man never takes off his eyewear, but Amanda has a knack for knocking the megastar to his knees. And he’s absolutely brilliant there.

You can pick up TAKE ME solo or as part of a TRIPLE PLAY.

If you like it, come back and let me know!

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