Transforming into an Unlikely ROLE MODEL–A Review

Hi there! Today I’m sharing a review for a brand-new M/M contemporary hockey romance from Rachel Reid. ROLE MODEL is the fifth book in her Game Changers series, which features two rival hockey players finding love with each other. All the books in the Game Changers series are standalone romances. Check out my reviews for GAME CHANGER, HEATED RIVALRY, TOUGH GUY, and COMMON GOAL to catch up with other yummy stories.

Role Model coverAbout the book:

Troy Barrett has been freshly traded to Ottawa after calling out Dallas Kent during a team practice. He wants to be a better person, and the weird, scrappy energy of the struggling Ottawa team seems like the place to…well. It seems like the only place that will have Troy right now.

Fortunately the Ottawa team includes Ilya Rozanov and Wyatt Hayes, and also includes an adorable social media manager, Harris Drover. Harris is the opposite of Troy in every way: friendly, cheerful, chatty, and goofy with a booming voice, a startlingly loud laugh, and Pride pins all over his denim jacket. Definitely not the sort of person Troy would normally associate with, and yet…

My Review:

Troy Barrett has been a bully and a follower, as well as a skilled hockey player, but he’s done cowering from the bigger bullies in his life: his father and his best-friend and teammate Dallas Kent. It seemed the best way to keep the spotlight off his personal life–not that he has much of one, because it’s really hard to be a closeted pro athlete. He’d been on the hot shot Toronto team for years, but after calling out league golden boy Kent as a rapist, well, now he’s persona non grata, and his team promptly traded him to the cellar-dwelling Ottawa Centaurs. He’s teaming up with all-stars like Ilya Rozanov and Wyatt Hayes, but he’s honestly hoping to get moved someplace else–except that’s even less likely than Kent being non-guilty of the (multiple) accusations against him.

Troy has a bad reputation in the league, behaving badly will do that, but he knows he must build relationships to survive. Thing is, Troy is pretty ashamed of himself, and it makes it hard for him to reach out or ask for help. Also, he’s bruised emotionally because his one-and-only boyfriend–someone Troy had considered coming out for–has just come out to be with another man. Thankfully, the Ottawa players are decent to him–they just want him to play his best hockey. They might not be amped for winning all the time, but they are also not a toxic bunch. In fact, they are super friendly, and–more importantly–they believe he’s telling the truth about Kent, even if Troy’s only going on his intimate knowledge of situations and experiences with Kent–without directly having witnessed an assault. It’s almost too good to be true to be accepted instead of a pariah, and it also comes with an unlikely friendship with the social media manager for the Centaurs, Harris Drover. A native of the Ottawa area, Harris’ family owns a local apple orchard and cider brewery. Harris is the sunniest flower in the garden with flair and flamboyant panache. He’s a consummate smiler and unapologetic cheerleader for all things Ottawa, and Troy lets Harris help him get acquainted to the city, team, and fanbase. And Troy just absorbs Harris’ positive energy for the balm it is.

Harris is way attracted to Troy Barnett, not that he’d ever imaging he was gay–or interested. But, hey, he needs an image makeover, and Harris knows how to do that. Photo ops with sick kids, and puppies, and funny interviews for the fans help Troy see that there are folks in the world who are willing to accept him. Troy starts using his own social media to raise awareness for sexual assault survivors and domestic violence victims. He takes it a step further and begins actively donating to those charities. And, he’s finally playing up to his full potential, helping to lead Ottawa closer to a playoff berth. It’s also awesome that Troy and Harris connect on a more personal level.

I loved Troy learning to love himself, and being an awesome human–and finding real love for himself. His relationships with his mom and dad are multilayered and divergent–which was important to see. His mom is amazing, while his dad is NOT, and Harris’ family are entire delight. But, specifically, I think this is the first book that really shows a player coming out and then continuing to play during the aftermath. I know Game Changer had a coming out, but it was late in the book. Troy’s situation was more fraught, especially with the vitriol he’d already been facing over the Kent issue. This made his HEA all the more sweet, I felt. Plus, life-threatening situations always add interesting conflict, and that was 100% true for Troy and Harris, who clung to one another rather than walk away.

This was a great catch up book for the series, with lots of close-ups on Ilya, who is a perennial fave of fans. Also, as more and more players come out publicly, it seems like we have another Ilya-centered book in the offing. I cannot WAIT!!

Interested? You can find ROLE MODEL on Goodreads, Carina Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books and Kobo. I received a review copy via NetGalley.

About the Author:
Rachel Reid is the pen name of Rachelle Goguen. She chose it because it is much easier to say, spell and remember than Rachelle Goguen!

Rachel writes cute, romantic smut, mostly about hockey players.
Rachelle co-hosts a comic book podcast called Living Between Wednesdays.

Rachel/Rachelle lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. She has always lived there, and it’s looking like she probably always will. She has two boring degrees and two interesting kids.

The first two books in her Game Changers m/m hockey romance series, Game Changer and Heated Rivalry, are both available now from Carina Press. Book five is coming soon!

You can catch up with Ms. Reid on her website, Goodreads, and twitter.

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Hi there! Today I’m sharing an excerpt for a contemporary M/M romance from new-to-me author Leigh Lennon. MY ONLY DEFENSE is the third book in her Love is Love series, and features a guilty sportswriter and the Navy SEAL he fell for but inadvertently wronged. It comes out August 19th.

About the book:


Love sucks! There I said it. I’ve never looked for it, nor do I want it. All it seems to do is cause open wounds. I already suffer from the guilt of a horrific accident. I won’t let love suck me down the rabbit hole. But Murphy’s Law is a diva out to destroy my life. Someone sees me for more than just a one and done and though I’ve pushed men away for years, he’s refreshing. But remember that diva I told you about, she’s sort of a b**** too. Yeah, love more than sucks but since I can’t use the words I want, I’ll just stick to that because the man I want has a connection with me, no one knows about.


I met a man. Sure he’s a little detached and cynical. Though, try telling my heart he’s all wrong for me. I’ve been over it with this particular traitorous part of my body. And, I do the one thing I never do with my hook-ups. I give him a way to reach me. But it’s more—I almost beg him to call me after my next deployment. Oh, yeah, forgot to mention, I’m in the military and am shipping out. I want him to be my welcoming party, when I come home, yet, when I unravel every complicated part of Garrison Fisher, I find more and more I should run from. But I can’t. He’s broken, but after my time in the military, I’m broken too. Can we fix one another and heal the wounds that may very well tear us apart?

How about a little taste?

I haven’t had enough beer or scotch or bourbon or rum to endure the I’m concerned for you speech I get from this crew of people. It should make me feel secure in the friendships of so many who care for me. But it doesn’t.

Making my way through small groups of people mingling together, I see many teammates huddled up, partaking in different conversations. I hear Ryder’s voice carry through the crowd. I’m on my way to him in an attempt to bow out for the night. I’m tired, grumpy, and want to go over some more statistics before I fall asleep with my laptop open.

I have the Uber app pulled up on my phone and blindly walk over to find Ryder.

I’m overcome with this searing feeling I’m being watched. Darting my gaze over to the set of eyes that I can feel are on me, like the sun on a clear day, I’m met with the one person who I’ve been trying to forget for way too long. Charging toward me is the handsome and familiar face of Lawson Solaritez, and he’s anything but happy to see me. Oh, fuck!

I’m paralyzed, unable to move, his eyes piercing me, and the entire group he’s a part of stops, staring at our interaction. With Crush near his husband, I hear him ask, “Did you know, Ryder?”

But nothing fazes the angry Navy SEAL. His entire gaze is ready to set me on fire. With the heat in his eyes, the kind I’m not accustomed to, I turn on my heels, taking my leave. I won’t come clean with him, not in this house, not ever. He’s been hurt enough, and by the flames ready to destroy me, he’s already one step in the right direction. But the memory of his family being lowered into the ground will only hurt him further.

I’m around the corner of this mansion type of home when the strong arms of Law pull me back to him. Six months we fucked, and I’d know his touch anywhere.

We’re just far enough away from everyone, and we have privacy when he backs my body against the farthest wall, his one arm pushing my shoulder against it and the other over my hand.

“What the fuck?” These are his words.

“No hello?” Yeah, I’m an asshole—it’s the only way I know when I’m met head-on with a crisis. “It’s the normal way to greet people.”

“Hello, asshole.” His eyes widen, and his words are just as cold. “Now, with our pleasantries out of the way, want to explain ghosting me?”

I choke on the air, attempting to explain the ridiculousness of his little tantrum. I clear my throat, and I seem to breathe normally again. “Are you serious right now, Law? I believe your words were something along these lines—‘I know this isn’t what we do, but the ball is in your court.’ This is my paraphrase, but I think I’m pretty fucking close. So, don’t act as if you have a reason to be upset.”

He lets go of my shoulder, but his body is still pressed against mine. I’ve dreamed of him every day since saying goodbye to him six months ago. And there’s nothing I’d rather do than allow him to ravage every part of me.

“Give me something, Gary. We had a connection and, by your reaction, I know you wanted more from me. I didn’t give you a chance to answer, but I expected something. Yeah, my words were just words because I felt it, here.” He places his hand on my heart. “Here, Gary—right here. I didn’t imagine anything, and I’m left to wonder why the hell you’ve changed. I have the right to know. Fuck, you know my name. I know nothing about you. Just tell me your name. I know it’s not Gary. Give me something so that when I dream of you, I’ll know it was real, if only for a second.”

“It doesn’t matter what we felt here.” I give myself permission this one time to touch him, and I place my hand over his. “I don’t have any right to care—catching feelings for you.”

Interested? You can find MY ONLY DEFENSE on Goodreads and preorder it in advance of it’s release on 8/19 on Amazon.

About Leigh Lennon:

I am a woman who loves to share all my imaginary friends with the world. My characters become as real to me as those I call family. I am a girl, who loves pretty nails, spikey hair and large earrings. Coffee and wine call to me daily, depending on the time of the day. I am a mom first and foremost and my kids are the breath of my life. I met my husband while serving in the military and I am proud to say he’s kicked cancer’s ass! I write real life issues that reflect a little of my own little world. My family tolerates the seventh member of our family, my computer, as I lug this vital piece everywhere I go.

Catch up with Leigh on her website , Facebook, and twitter.

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Casual Hero OUT OF CHARACTER–A Review

Hi there! Today I’m sharing a review for a contemporary M/M New Adult romance from Annabeth Albert. OUT OF CHARACTER is a sequel to the bestselling CONVENTIONALLY YOURS.  Here we have a gamer teaming up with a former friend to recover both lost cards and their broken friendship–and more. 

About the book:

Jasper Quigley is tired of being everyone’s favorite sidekick. He wants to become the hero of his own life, but that’s not going to happen if he agrees to help out his former best friend turned king of the jocks, Milo Lionetti. High school was miserable enough, thanks, and Jasper has no interest in dredging up painful memories of his old secret crush.

But Milo’s got nowhere else to go. His life is spiraling out of control and he’s looking to turn things back around. Step one? Replace the rare Odyssey cards he lost in an idiotic bet. Step two? Tell his ex-best-friend exactly how he feels—how he’s always felt.

Jasper may be reluctant to reopen old wounds, but he never could resist Milo. There’s a catch, though: if Milo wants his help, he’s going to have to pitch in to make the upcoming children’s hospital charity ball the best ever. But as the two don cosplay for the kids and hunt for rare cards, nostalgia for their lost friendship may turn into something even more lasting…

My Review:

Jasper Quigley is a gamer and cosplayer and all around humanitarian. He’s an out-gay college senior about to finish his degree and might be taking his first job working for Odyssey–his fave card game–as a game designer. He has an in with a gaming friend who currently works there. But it would mean moving away from his hometown in New Jersey, and his family. This wouldn’t normally seem an issue, but he’s devoted to his younger sister, April, who has a congenital immune deficiency that continues to send her into the hospital. It’s why Jasper and his cosplay pals, including April when she’s well enough, dress as Odyssey characters and visit the children’s ward at April’s hospital each week to cheer the kids and play the game with them. Right now, April is bummed that one of Jasper’s pals is on a study abroad mission, because the popular character of Prince Neptune is MIA for several months.

Milo Lionetti is a man in search of redemption, and rare Odyssey cards. He was Jasper’s best friend for years, until high school and the GSA-club made Milo shun him. Jasper had a loving and supportive family. Milo had an alcoholic, homophobic and abusive dad, a browbeaten mom and an older brother who escaped to the military. He may have felt the same as Jasper did about boys, but he certainly couldn’t own it. But, not only did he hide his feelings, he didn’t intervene when his colossal-idiot friends bullied Jasper for his brains and his sexuality. Well, it’s all water under a bridge someplace, right? At least, it’s been years since Milo saw Jasper–but now he needs his help. Because the game shop where Jasper works could sell him a set of rare Odyssey royalty cards to replace the ones he just lost to a scumbag cheater. The cards that were his brother’s, who’ll be returning home from his tour in a matter of weeks. The cards, Jasper has just informed him, that are worth thousands of dollars…and are also not “for sale”. One needs to win them, or find them in decks.

Milo is crushed, and Jasper isn’t one iota sorry. Well, okay, maybe a single iota. Because he did like Milo’s brother, and he does hate the dude that torched Milo and fleeced him of the valuable cards. But, well, Milo can just take a hike, right? Except he’s still so attractive, and being around him is rekindling a confusing mix of sadness and attraction, as Milo was Jasper’s first crush, the boy he’d loved in secret until Milo’s betrayals cut too deep. So, yeah! See ya later, Milo! And, by later, Jasper means in a week, because he agrees to help Milo with the impossible–score FOUR ultra rare Odyssey Royalty replacement cards–if he will join the hospital cosplay nights.

And this bargain between “enemies” leads to romance.

I loved this story from the start. We met Jasper in CONVENTIONALLY YOURS, as one of the players on the Gamer Grandpa vlog who had to drop out of the cross-country quest when April got hospitalized and he feared she might not make it. He seemed a sweet guy, willing to bend over backwards to help anyone–which is how Milo knows that asking for his help will actually yield results. Milo is restarting his life after a bad car wreck, and dashed college dreams. The dark shadow his dad loomed over him is now gone–having died a couple years back. He’s living with his old high school friends, who are just as vile as before, with the poetic justice of them being lowly custodians, while Milo is scrambling for steady work, and maybe art school? He’s been an avid doodler for years, though his dad discouraged it.

But now, seeing the vibrant lives of Jasper and his friends, well, Milo is more than willing to try some new things, including being honest with Jasper about his true feelings for him. I loved the “quest” these guys embark upon, and how they are easily able to fall back into camaraderie, building a mature friendship that includes forgiveness, and even kindles love. Both Milo and Jasper have some demons to lay to rest, if they are going to move forward into adulthood. Milo needs to love himself, and it’s Jasper’s support that gives him to courage to do so–and come out. In the meantime, Milo also needs to take responsibility for his actions, or INactions, something he didn’t do well as a kid. As a man, however, he’s making far better decisions, and that includes an HEA for himself, and for Jasper.

If you enjoyed Conventionally Yours you’ll probably love this one, too. 

Interested? You can find OUT OF CHARACTER on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Kobo.

About the Author:
Annabeth Albert grew up sneaking romance novels under the bed covers. Now, she devours all subgenres of romance out in the open—no flashlights required! When she’s not adding to her keeper shelf, she’s a multi-published Pacific Northwest romance writer.

Emotionally complex, sexy, and funny stories are her favorites both to read and to write. Annabeth loves finding happy endings for a variety of pairings and is a passionate gay rights supporter. In between searching out dark heroes to redeem, she works a rewarding day job and wrangles two children.

Find Annabeth online on her website, Goodreads, twitter and Facebook.

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The Right Choices SOMEDAY, SOMEDAY–A TBT Review

Hi there! Today I’m sharing a Throwback Thursday review for a contemporary M/M romance from Emma Scott. SOMEDAY, SOMEDAY is a book I read a WHILE back, but never had the time to blog about. It features two men with terrible family situations surviving rough experiences and finding love just when they need it.

About the book:

How long would you wait for love?

Max Kaufman was kicked out of his home as a teen and his life has been an uphill battle ever since. From addiction and living on the streets, to recovery and putting himself through nursing school, he’s spent the last ten years rebuilding his shattered sense of self. Now he’s taken a job as a private caretaker to Edward Marsh III, the president and CEO of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Max soon learns Marsh’s multi-billion-dollar empire is a gold and diamond-encrusted web of secrets and lies.

The longer Max works and lives with the Marsh family, the tighter the secrets tangle around him. And his heart—that he’s worked so hard to protect—falls straight into the hands of the distant, cold, and beautiful son of a dynasty…

Silas Marsh is set to inherit the family fortune, but his father is determined his heir be the “perfect” son. Before Silas can take over the company and end its shady business practices, he must prove himself worthy…and deny his true nature.

Silas must choose: stand up to his father by being true to himself and his undeniable feelings for Max. Or pretend to be someone he is not in order to inherit everything. Even if it means sacrificing his first chance at love.

Content warning: contains scenes of conversion therapy, homophobia, and parental verbal abuse of a neurodivergent character. Readers are advised to proceed with caution.

My Review:

Max Kaufman ran away from home as a teen, once his family made it clear that his sexuality would not be welcome or tolerated in their home. He spent years on the streets as a hooker and drug user, but met a man who helped him clean up and get enough education to be a nurse. He’s returned to his hometown of Seattle, Washington to reconnect with his roots. He’d worked in the ER before being recommended to a lucrative position as a private, live-in, caregiver to Edward March III, a billionaire pharmaceuticals CEO. It’s a tetchy assignment because he’s gay and Marsh is a vocal homophobe. Well, he’s a vocal a-hole, he’s got plenty of slurs to spread around his whole family, including his beautiful, dutiful son Silas who is running the company, and his eldest son, Eddie, who has Down’s Syndrome. Marsh is dying of MS and spiteful as all hell. But, he’s been that way a long, long time.

Silas March hates his father, but he hates himself, too. He was only ten when his loving and devoted mother died of a stroke, and whatever humanity his father had disappeared. With his heir, Eddie “compromised,” he took exceptional interest in Silas becoming his perfect replacement at the company. So, when he got the idea that Silas was gay he shipped the teen boy off to an abusive gay-conversion camp in Alaska. The damage was immediate and long-lasting; Silas has a deep aversion to touch, and has never had any intimacy–or even arousal since. He’s hired a woman, Faith< to act as his girlfriend and maintain the pretense that he’s a virile and functional heterosexual man to his father, even though he’s neither. Faith is a stalwart confidante, happy to accept the money and gifts Silas gives her–at least for now. But, Max is so deeply giving and so willing to help him, as well as Marsh and Eddie, well, the emotional bonds form nonetheless.

Silas knows that his company’s cash cow drug is an opioid painkiller that hooks people into dependency–he knows because he got hooked himself, when he was trying to find something to take away his pain and nightmares over Alaska. Knowing that Max is clean, and an NA sponsor, helps Silas confess to his past addiction, but also to develop a plan to remediate the opioid dependency his company has fostered. He’s going to be the CEO someday, and he doesn’t want his legacy to be one of profiteering from pain pill addictions and heroin overdoses. Of course, his manipulative father is holding the company hostage, insisting that Silas marry Faith before he signs over control. And then, he wants Silas to become a father, and then…and then…

So, yeah, it’s a big mess, especially once Silas begins to recognize that he and Max are more than friends, they are soulmates. And, well, Daddy Dearest has some more nasty surprises to hamstring Silas. Both Silas and Max are good men. They have deep family trauma, and they each work through it in methodical steps. Silas needs to outsmart not only his father, but also insiders in the company who’d love to capitalize on Marsh’s failing health and avarice. Max has to forgive his family to find closure that helps on his recovery journey. It’s hard, because they do not really see themselves as at fault for Max’s trauma–he could have chosen differently, right?

Silas and Max make choices that are the right ones for them in the moment, knowing it can hurt the other in that moment. Marsh likes Max, and trusts him implicitly, but his abuse escalates to the point that Max can’t take it any longer. And that means a forced separation is in order. Adding all the machinations going on at the company, Max has no guarantee that Silas will ever be able to be out, or love him completely. It could even lead to a relapse for either of them. It’s still tough to get through, especially while trusting that their life paths will converge eventually.

I loved this one. It’s definitely challenging and triggering, so please know there will be scenes of verbal abuse, and recollections of prostitution, domestic violence, conversion therapy situations and drug use.

Interested? You can find SOMEDAY, SOMEDAY on Goodreads and Amazon. I received a review copy via NetGalley.

About the Author:

Emma Scott is a USA Today and Wall St. Journal bestselling author whose books have been translated in five languages and featured in Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, New York Daily News and USA Today’s Happy Ever After. Her first MM romance, Someday, Someday won the Utopia Con Award for LGBTQ Book of the Year. Emma writes emotional, character-driven romances in which art and love intertwine to heal, and in which love always wins. If you enjoy emotionally-charged stories that rip your heart out and put it back together again, with diverse characters and heroes who treat their heroines like gold, you will enjoy her novels.

Catch up with Emma on her website and twitter.

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Besting the Bad Guys: BRICK–A Review

Hi there! Today I’m sharing a review for a new contemporary M/M romance from M. Tasia. BRICK is the first book in her new Fire Lake series set in good ol’ Texas. This odd couple romance features a retired Navy SEAL inadvertently setting up a whole new business operation when he’d only planned to recover and renovate the property he inherited from his great aunt.

About the book:


Ahhh, the good life. Goodbye Navy SEALs, hello rehabbing a rundown lake house he inherited. Being a former Lieutenant Commander will come in handy for Brick Matthews. He gets to boss himself around while tearing down a dilapidated shed and re-roofing his new home, among a hundred other things.

First he has to get rid of the smarmy real estate agent who’s been trying to buy the property for years. Sounds easy, until Brick uncovers layers of secrets, including attempted murder.

In the middle of the intrigue is a buttoned-down CEO with amazing blue eyes. Roman Furrow is so far from the type of man who hits Brick’s radar, he doesn’t see what’s coming until it’s almost too late.

Having never given away his heart before, Brick is damn sure not going to let anyone or anything hurt the man he’s fallen for. He’s been trained for this – he’ll protect him with his life.

My Review:

Brick Matthews has returned to Fire Lake, Texas to retire and pay homage to his Great Aunt Sophia–by rehabbing the house she bequeathed him when she died two years before. As a Navy SEAL out on missions, he hadn’t been able to return that often, but he loved Sophia deeply, as she was one of the few people who’d cared about, or for, him as a child.

He’s not pleased when a young woman enters his crumbling home, posing as a realtor, and ready to service any of his “needs” in order to get him to sell. First, he’s gay, and second, he’s not going to sell–not even if a woman’s trying to (poorly) seduce him into it. Turns out, she’s a broke single mom working for the realtor as a secretary, and he’d threatened to fire her and blacklist her through town if she didn’t get Brick to agree to the sale–one the scumbag was trying to arrange for years now. Brick’s lakefront property is highly coveted by his neighbor on the other side of the lake, a deplorable human by the name of Stephan Furrow, former CEO of Furrow and Son Investments.

It seems that Stephan is all about strippers, coke and riding around in his cabin cruiser on Fire Lake. His son, Roman, has him on an allowance, ever since he’d gotten the shares needed to wrest control of their company from his father’s mismanaging hands. Roman is a decent man, and has worked tirelessly, and thanklessly, for the past few years to restore the portfolios of their investment holdings after his lust-hungry father nearly bankrupted them. Some of daddy-dearest’s minions still work for the company, though, and they make trouble happen to see if they can destabilize Roman’s operations. When Brick comes after Furrow and Son for their shady tactics to take over his property, well, Roman is ashamed. He had no knowledge of Stephan’s involvement in coercing the secretary–who Brick has hired to help manage his construction projects.

Meanwhile, a few members of Brick’s old unit need some place to stay and something to do, so he puts them on renovation duty. Soon his house is a bustling place. Well, maybe not exactly bustling, but the bedrooms are filling up. Even has some room for Roman when his car breaks down near the property during a storm. The forced proximity of hiding in a storm shelter breaks open some raw feelings for both Roman and Brick–because they each see the deeply good core of the other during mutual rescue attempts. Beyond that, well, Roman and Brick get to talking. Seems Roman has had an inordinate number of “accidents” that coulda-shoulda incapacitated him. Were these just coincidences? Or, is there a plot to take out Roman, returning power and money into Stephan’s greedy paws.

This was a new-to-me author experience. I’ve read a lot of SEAL romance, and veteran romance, so I thought I’d really enjoy it. I kinda felt as though there was a lot of coincidence that overwhelmed me, giving me the sense that I already knew–or could reasonably anticipate–exactly what was coming next. All the bad guys were too sinister, and all the good guys were too heroic, making them all feel a little one dimensional, and the plot gimmicky. The pace of the romance felt too quick, as well, without sufficient time for Brick and Roman to really develop a lot of chemistry. It seemed like Roman was outstandingly naive, and his father cartoonishly malevolent. This book is a clear set up for the cadre of former SEALs that come to Brick’s aid to later find their own romances. I’m usually okay with that, but I think it was a little heavy-handed in this story. I might try another book in this series, just to see if I got a bad vibe on this one.

Interested? You can find BRICK on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. I received a review copy via NetGalley.

About the Author:

M. Tasia is an mm romance author who lives in Ontario, Canada. Michelle is a dedicated people watcher, lover of romance novels, 80’s rock, and happily ever afters (once the MCs are put through their paces), who grew up with a love of reading. She’s a firm believer that everyone deserves to have love, excitement, and crazy hot romance in their lives. Love should be celebrated and shared.

Catch up with Ms. Tasia on her website and twitter.

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