Being There For BEDMATES–Review and Giveaway!

bedmatestourHi there! I’m super excited to share a release day review for a contemporary New Adult military-vet romance from Nichole Chase. I’ve enjoyed FLUKES and THE ACCIDENTAL ASSASSIN, so I couldn’t wait to read BEDMATES, an enemies-to-lovers romance that features the President’s daughter and the VP’s son!

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BEDMATES_CoverAbout the book:
From the New York Times bestselling author of Suddenly Royal comes the first in a sparkling new series about America’s favorite royal—the First Daughter.
Everyone makes mistakes, especially in college. But when you’re the daughter of the President of the United States, any little slip up is a huge embarrassment. Maddie McGuire’s latest error in judgment lands her in police custody, giving the press a field day. Agreeing to do community service as penance and to restore her tattered reputation, Maddie never dreams incredibly good looking but extremely annoying vice president’s son, Jake Simmon, will be along for the ride.

Recently returning from Afghanistan with a life-altering injury, Jake is wrestling with his own demons. He doesn’t have the time or patience to deal with the likes of Maddie. They’re like oil and water and every time they’re together, it’s combustible. But there’s a thin line between love and hate, and it’s not long before their fiery arguments give way to infinitely sexier encounters.

When Jake receives devastating news about the last remaining member of his unit, the darkness he’s resisted for so long begins to overwhelm him. Scared to let anyone close, he pushes Maddie away. But she isn’t about to give up on Jake that easily. Maddie’s fallen for him, and she’ll do anything to keep him from the edge as they both discover that love is a battlefield and there are some fights you just can’t lose.

How about a little taste?

“Have you been crying?” Warm fingers touched my cheek and I jerked in surprise at the sparks that danced through my blood. I couldn’t remember if he had ever touched me except for obligatory dances at celebrations and fund- raisers. “What happened? Are you okay?”

“No, I’m fine.” I stepped out of his reach and rubbed under my eyes. Tearing my gaze from his I leaned over and picked up his cane. “It’s allergies.”

“We’ve known each other too long for you to lie to me.” He let his hand fall back to his side. I handed him the cane and stepped back. “Someone told you that I was on my way, huh? We all know how much you hate me. I’m surprised you didn’t jump out of the window.”

“It was an option.” I rolled my eyes. I guess I wasn’t the only one that remembered our last meeting hadn’t been pleasant. “I also considered hiding in the closet, but was too slow.”

There! Take that, perfect Jake Simmon. I was quick on my feet today.

“So, you know why I’m here.” The way his eyes ran over me as if taking stock was obnoxious.

“I’m your body guard. When the crazy women start running after you, I’m to dive in the way.” And damn if they wouldn’t come running when they saw how he looked all grown up and rough around the edges.

“I’m glad they have a plan.” He scratched his chin. “Getting bombarded with underwear and bras is a health issue.”

“If they got to know you, it wouldn’t be a problem.” I rolled my eyes.

“What does that mean?” His head cocked to the side.

“I thought you lost your leg, not your brain.” My eyes widened, but it was too late to take it back. Why was it that I said the most horrible things around him? Even when we’d been younger I’d had diarrhea of the mouth. Especially around Jake.

He threw his head back and laughed. “I don’t think they’re after my brain, Maddie. Thankfully the part they’re most interested in is still fully functional.”

His lazy smile and sparkling eyes had me swallowing hard.

Heat crept up my neck and I fought to not look away. “Well, good for you.”

My Review:
Madeline is a college senior when she’s apprehended for a foolhardy attempt at releasing scientific lab animals from a pharma company. While being the First Daughter comes with lots of responsibility, perks include getting pulled out of a jam without any real fuss. Well, to make amends she’s “requested” to assist the agency that’s helping returning war veterans get settled state-side. It wouldn’t even be a hardship except she’s working alongside beautiful, broken Jake Simmon, eldest son of Vice President Virginia Simmon. Let’s just say that the VP does not approve of Maddie.

Jake, however, finds Maddie to be even more charming and beautiful than he’d thought before shipping out to Afghanistan. He’s home now, and operating well with his prosthetic leg. He still suffers nightmares from the helicopter crash that claimed all his comrades, save one: Cyrus–who’s adapting to a prosthetic leg and hand, and trying to help raise his growing family. Cyrus and his wife Kyla will move in to the very first home Jake, Maddie, and the team complete building, and Maddie’s all extra-effort. It touches Jake, and he’s finally empowered to do more than watch. Maddie and Jake can’t fight the attraction, but they know they have to keep it somewhat quiet. There are always haters in the weeds, and one of them is Mama VP. She’s used to wielding her political might, and she’s threatened to prevent Maddie from helping out the lab animals, if she doesn’t pass muster.

In the midst of this, we get an unfortunately up-close and personal look into Jake’s PTSD, as well as what plagues Cyrus. Like many in this world, we don’t see the inner darkness shielded by these battle-hardened men. It’s a tragedy, and it breaks something between Jake and Maddie.

I really liked the considerate way that Maddie and Jake build their budding relationship. Maddie’s a sweet girl, who really means well. She wants to fix problems, and save the world–and I’m not going to discuss the whole “release the lab animals” premise, because it’s not a Real World option. Maddie does take advice to heart that enables her to help more than the few local animals that she may have “helped” (it’s my experience as a scientist that such shenanigans are actually far more harmful, but I digress). And she wants to help Jake, and Cyrus + family, but mental illness/depression is a tricky foe.

Jake realizes that his life without Maddie really isn’t as comfortable as it had been before he’d gone and done something ridiculous like fall in love. Some friends reach out and save him from himself, which is really awesome. Jake’s a good guy, and he’s had it rough for a long time, even before his injury. That said, getting help he wants isn’t the easiest for a man whose mother controls so much power. The resolution was very sweet, and the reunion extra spicy. Lincoln bedroom anyone?

For a New Adult romance these two have tons of baggage, but they are strong enough to heft it well. Expect hard truths, dirty talk, sex-filled moments, broken dining tables, and one unsexy incident with mashed potatoes. Also, an HEA.

Interested? You can find BEDMATES on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and BAM.


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NicholeChaseAbout the Author:
Nichole Chase is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Suddenly Royal, The Accidental Assassin, Flukes, The Dark Betrayal Trilogy, The American Royalty Series and several short stories.

Nichole lives in Georgia with her husband, energetic daughter, two rescue dogs, Sulcata tortoise, and two cats. When not writing, you may find her reading, painting, crafting, or chasing her daughter around the house while making monster noises.

You can catch up with Nichole on her website, Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads.

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Antebellum Heat LOVE ME CRAZY–Review and Giveaway!

love-me-crazy-bt-banHi there! Today I’m sharing a review for a New Adult contemporary romance from Camden Leigh. LOVE ME CRAZY unites two people who found the strength to rebel against their parents’ plans.

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love-me-crazyAbout the book:
“We’re broken in the most screwed-up perfect way. It was inevitable we’d end up together.”
Cassidy Beck is focused on one thing, and one thing only: planning the Southern wedding of the century in Lucas Hill, South Carolina. Fresh from a tragic breakup, Cassidy’s not in the mood for any distractions. But when antebellum hottie Quinn Covington arrives in all his sexy, tattooed glory, he might prove to be the biggest distraction of them all.

MIA ever since his father’s death, Quinn doesn’t plan to stay any longer than it takes to start his dad’s vintage truck. But the sight of Cassidy trying to fend off his family’s pet turkey sends him for a loop. Red-haired and fierce, she’s just as broken as he is. But even though Cassidy’s past makes her the only one able to understand Quinn’s own scars, they also make her wary. After all, how can she trust him with her heart when everyone else she’s ever given it to has thrown it away?

Sexy, heart-wrenching, and full of Southern charm, this new contemporary romance from Camden Leigh shows just what happens when two people who are perfectly broken end up piecing each other back together.

My Review:
Cassidy is a girl who wants to live her own life. She’s a math whiz, but really wants to focus on her true passion: art, which is why she refuses her college tuition and Boston Blue Blood role, instead going to art school. To help pay for expenses, she takes a paid internship in event management, and her first client is her prim boss’ daughter’s wedding. In Lucas Hill, South Carolina. While staying in Covington Manor, Cassidy is swept off her feet by Quinn Covington–prodigal son who only returned to retrieve his late father’s vintage truck.

Quinn feels as if he’s responsible for his father’s death. If daddy hadn’t been overwrought because Quinn wanted to study photography, he never would’ve died, right? Plus this provincial Lucas Hill life is not what he wants. He likes to be out and about, catching the latest image on his camera, not tied to a home or the family he let down five years ago. Cassie’s the only glitch. She’s a girl with a spine, and the only woman he’s ever seen stand up to his formidable mother. The way Cassie takes care of his younger sisters–makes Ellie’s wishy-washy dreams a reality and calms Kat’s fiery temper. It’s what he should have done, and he’s drawn back into the home he fled, if only to stay near Cassie.

This is a New Adult romance that gets hot before it gets sweet. Cassidy’s got issues, because her life has often been dictated to her. She’s standing on her own feet, now, and trying to make a success of herself on her own terms. That’s admirable. A deep betrayal from a former fiance has left her little interest in love, though she does enjoy sex, and Quinn is a sexy-sexy beast. He’s willing to let her call the shots, to a point. If he can’t tie that girl down, her desire to please his sisters is a strong lasso. Even though it upsets Mrs. Covington greatly.

I liked the story, though I felt the situation was a little “old” for the character’s ages. They are in their early twenties, and Quinn is mighty settled in a career it seems. That felt off; at 23 most people are barely getting started–like Cassie. Also, I couldn’t understand why the Covingtons live in the fab plantation house, but their mother is never, ever, there. The youngest child, Kat, is only 17. So, why is she left to her own devices so much? There were hints to a housestaff, but I never saw them on the page… I’m sure there’s another book coming with Kat and Wes, two college freshmen, and I’m wondering how that will all work–the friends-to-lovers angle. That said, the pacing of this book seemed slow to me, and I wasn’t really grabbed until the second half. That’s when all the manipulations and hinted truths began to be presented and unraveled. Before then it seems a lot of youthful angst and moaning about goals and dreams not coming true.

Interested? You can find LOVE ME CRAZY on Goodreads, Bloomsbury Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Google Play.


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camden-leighAbout the Author:
Camden Leigh is a sucker for first kisses, first hook-ups and anything that adds the unforgettable first sparks of love–humor, seduction, hot-n-sexy bods, angsty determination…what have you!

Her stories expose the real dirt, grime and grit that befalls a seemingly perfect relationship, the heartache as a result, and the growth, perseverance and strength it takes to make flaws work for her characters. She wants her characters to experience love that wraps around their hearts, turns them into sizzling flames and results in a grand finale of fireworks.

When Camden isn’t writing, she’s either crafting, flicking through images of gorgeous paper, saturated palettes or…um, lip-lickin’ washboard abs. When feeling guilty, she attempts to keep up with her energetic kiddos by beach combing, kayaking, golfing (can it really be called golfing if a seven-year-old beats you?) or being that crazy person at a concert. Her addictions: chocolate covered raspberries, real southern sweet tea (not the fake stuff with the sugar crystals hanging out in the bottom of the cup), her pups and pretty paper she’ll never use.

Catch up with Camden on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads and Pinterest.

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True Hearts OVEREXPOSED–A Review

Hi there. Today I’m sharing a review for a fantastic contemporary M/M romance from Megan Erickson. OVEREXPOSED is the fourth book in a series, but I swear you’ll love it even if you haven’t read any of the previous books. I did. It was fantastic.

overexposedAbout the book:
Love runs wild on the Appalachian Trail in the latest from the author of Out of Frame and Focus on Me
Levi Grainger needs a break. As a reality show star, he’s had enough of the spotlight and being edited into a walking stereotype. When he returns home after the last season of Trip League, he expects to spend time with his family, only to learn his sister is coming back from her deployment in a flag-draped casket. Devastated, Levi decides the best way to grieve will be to go off grid and hike the Appalachian Trail—a trip he’d planned to do with his sister.

His solitary existence on the trail is interrupted when he meets Thad, a quiet man with a hard body and intense eyes. Their connection is stronger than anything Levi has ever experienced. But when Levi discovers the truth about what Thad is hiking to escape, their future together looks uncertain, and uncertainty is the last thing Levi needs…

My Review:
So…I haven’t read any book in this series before, and though it’s book FOUR I didn’t feel the lack. It was amazing, and I can’t imagine liking it any more than I do.

Levi Grainger is a recent reality TV star hiking the Appalachian Trail in memory of his sister, Layla, an army gal who died on deployment. Levi idolized his elder sister, and it was her dream for them to hike the two thousand miles together. She’d planned and strategized and had tons of research on where to go and where to camp, and Levi’s so adrift after her death that he hopes to connect with her spirit on the trail.

Who he connects with, however, is Thad, a strong, capable hiker who’s as surly as a July day is long. Thad rarely speaks, but what he says to Levi is earth-shattering. That this behemoth of capability is gay is further stunning to Levi. That Thad desires Levi is surprising to both men–Thad’s demisexual. (On the spectrum, simply put, it means he only finds attraction to people with whom he emotionally connects. It’s probably an oversimplification, but I’m accepting his words.)

While they traverse the tough terrain, Levi’s overcome with grief over Layla, and he’s not sure if he’ll ever get over her loss. Plus, he’s confused over Thad’s interest, and Thad’s tightly guarded words and past. Thad could go entire days without speaking, it seems, which is antithetical to cordial and chatty Levi. Their budding relationship explodes, however, because Thad’s secrets can’t be held back–and that breaks Levi’s heart.

Unfortunately, it’s also a moment of craptacular family problems, and Thad’s Levi’s rock through out the entire ordeal. Levi’s forced to see Thad for more than his job, and that’s a good thing. Thad has a real problem trusting people; his one and only boyfriend was a cheater. He doesn’t think Levi would do that, per se, but there’s a big separation coming due to Thad’s job, and it’s the worst kind of scenario for Levi. Should they cut their losses before they get more attached? Thad thinks so, but Levi’s a scrapper, and he’s willing to fight for the love he deserves, even if Thad doesn’t think he’s capable of giving it.

The tension and love her is so high! I fell into lock-step with these guys and loved every moment of their loving, and agonized every moment of their turmoil. Both Levi and Thad are great guys in a rough patch. There are bits of humor woven in, especially when Levi is recognized by fans at perhaps epicly bad moments, but that’s so AWESOME. Because the book is intense.

I really enjoyed Levi and Thad’s story, which felt raw and real and fantastic. There are other couples present in the end, and I’m sure they are from previous books which made the HEA more sweet for the series readers. For my part, I was captivated by this story, and would highly recommend.

Interested? You can find OVEREXPOSED on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. I received a review copy via NetGalley.

About the Author:
Megan Erickson is a USA Today bestselling author of romance that sizzles. Her books have a touch of nerd, a dash of humor, and always have a happily ever after. A former journalist, she switched to fiction when she decided she likes writing her own endings better.

She lives in Pennsylvania with her very own nerdy husband and two kids. Although rather fun-sized, she’s been told she has a full-sized personality. When Megan isn’t writing, she’s either lounging with her two cats named after John Hughes characters or… thinking about writing.

For more, visit Megan on her website, Facebook, and twitter.

Thanks for popping in, and keep reading my friends!