Who Doesn’t Love SEXY BERKELEY?

Sexy BerkeleyI had the pleasure to pick this Dani Lovell title up recently and I’m glad I did.

It’s THE HOLIDAY, without the cheating bastards…

So, yahoo!

Here’s what happens: Londoner Bea takes a spontaneous vacation with her friend Tilly to LA to visit Tilly’s sister. Bea suffers panic attacks in flight—particularly surrounding take-offs and landings. While she’s gripping the headrest in fear, a strong hand clasps hers and a connection is made.

Thankfully, that strong hand belongs to Daniel Berkeley, who is sexy, as the title proclaims.

Daniel invites Bea to the lounge for a drink and chat while the trans-Atlantic flight hustles on. And the chat ends with a more-than-pleasant ‘pash’ (That’s a ‘make-out’ for the Yanks). Skittish of holiday romantic entanglements, Bea turns down Daniel’s request for a date. Never fear—fate steps in to reunite these lovely folks two days later. Sparks fly, not just for Bea and Daniel, but for Tilly and Daniel’s BFF Luke Summers.

Bea is overwrought knowing that she’s developing serious feelings for a man that she can never truly have; she’s unwilling to move to the States, and Daniel’s a big wig at his father’s corporation. So, despite two passion-filled days and nights—she breaks off more visitations.

NO! How could she refuse to see Sexy Berkeley? you say.

Well, she does manage to drunk-text him the Friday before she leaves for London…

And the fire is even hotter.

In fact, the magma-like chemistry between Bea and Daniel eventually melts her objection to ‘trying’ a long-distance thing. Bea won’t concede to being long-distance lovers, but she agrees to chatting and texting every now and then, at least, until they work each other out of their systems…

But, Daniel doesn’t want Bea out of his system. And that’s probably the sexiest part of him.

Loved this. Hated that Bea would never relent to Daniel’s desire to simply be hopeful for a future, no matter how realistic her fears. See, I wanted her to throw caution to the birds and let them devour the scraps, but she just WOULDN’T! And yet, her stubbornness was decidedly what gave this story its satisfying ending. Also: Can I thank you, Dani Lovell, for creating a male lead who is attractive and uber-wealthy and yet not a kinked-out Dom? It’s nice to read a vanilla with sprinkles of heat for a change. (Not every book has to Out-Fifty, FIFTY, folks!)

SEXY BERKELEY is free at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It’s a perfect summer read.

Also, Tilly and Luke’s big fling sets up the next book in the SEXY series—SEXY SUMMERS. I have a feeling we’re going to find a new arrival to the States in that tale, in more ways than one.

Looking forward to it!

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